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Adobe Launches a New Product Comp CC For iPad

November 1, 2019

Adobe launches a new product Comp CC for iPad American multinational computer software company
Adobe has launched a new product-Comp CC-for its iPad, which makes it easier for designers
to take their design ideas for websites, mobile apps and print from the iPad to production. According to San Francisco-based
website, Will Eisley, principal product manager, said that with Comp CC, designers can start
the design process on mobile, use their existing assets in Adobe Cloud to take the design beyond
basic wireframes and then continue that process on desktop in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Adobe has created a set of gestures that the
app automatically translates into specific layout elements. The app lets you switch between this drawing
mode and an editing mode that makes it easier to move these frames, shapes and text placeholders
around the page. The edit mode gives us access to our existing
assets in the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries, which can come from other Adobe mobile apps
or the desktop apps. So besides drawing these basic layouts, we can immediately see what
the final product will look like. This includes images and shapes, but also color themes you
create in Color CC. Adobe started working on this project at the
end of 2013. In late 2014, it showed a first prototype of this app then called Project
Layup at its MAX conference. (ANI)

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