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Adobe in Cheap Price

October 31, 2019

Hey guys.
I just found this because I’m both a US student and a Hong Kong student.
I want to buy Adobe CS6, so I check out the official website of Adobe.
It turns out like a shock to me. Let’s see what’s going on. This is the product page of the US store.
The CS6 master collection costs you 26 hundred bucks.
How about the student? It’s 10 hundred bucks.
Yeah, old news is so exciting. Do I need you to tell me that? Well, let’s go and take a look at the Hong
Kong store. 24 thousand Hong Kong dollars.
And 21 hundreds. Wow. Such a big difference. As I go on and on and find out about other
countries, this is France, this is Japan, and this is
Taiwan. All are mac version, in English (except Japanese
students), and could be downloaded directly.
I collect the data, and convert them into US dollars.
Then I get this. All right, as a personal customer, the US
price is the best. I don’t know how it works,
but students in US definitely are not under such an advantage.
You may want to buy CS6 as a Hong Kong or Taiwan student.
Check out the link below and you can find this spreadsheet.
Anyone with the link can edit the document, and I welcome to comments and new discoveries.
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Thank you. You may also consider the Adobe creative cloud.
Click this link for more.


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