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[Adobe Creative Cloud] Behance와 Adobe Creative Cloud

September 5, 2019

creatives from across industries use be hands to gain an exposure for the work get feedback and get inspired by others and that’s the exciting part for me the ability to showcase my portfolio get feedback from others and gain global exposure millions of people including top brands and agencies visit Behance every month to find talent so really you’ll never know who will discover your work and the best part is the integration with Creative Cloud makes it seamless and easy to share work and get feedback if I open a file in Adobe Photoshop CC there’s an option to post it publicly directly to behance you’ll be able to do this directly with more of our desktop apps in the future this file will then get uploaded as a new work in progress so I will give it a title here also some tags and post a comment to start a conversation then I’ll crop a cover image and before I know it it’s live on behance I can also share this work in progress through social media and what my friends would see is this page right here in Behance now that was pretty seamless but you can also post a file from Creative Cloud in fact all I need to do is add a file to my Creative Cloud folder it then gets synced to Creative Cloud notice you can send the link to anyone with an email address and they don’t need to be a Creative Cloud member to view but really what I want to do is post this work publicly to the Creative Cloud community on the hands just select and you can share as a new work in progress or as a revision to the current one but the great thing again is the integration with Creative Cloud because you don’t have to keep coming back to this page to see if any of your friends have commented at any time I can check out my portfolio of work in progress and completed projects in the behance section I can also browse the work of others in the creative community inspiration right on my desktop and when you’re ready you can create projects on Behance that display your final work as part of your portfolio when you create a new project you can include files directly from Creative Cloud simply select that from Creative Cloud option in the project editor and then select the files you want to include in that project you can add as many projects as you’d like and when you’re ready you can use Behance pro site to create a personal portfolio site that displays your projects and all Creative Cloud paid members get a pro site included in their membership at no additional cost and it’s really easy to set up you can start with a pre-built layout and then fully customize it to achieve the look and feel you’re going for even added custom pages that can pull in content from a blog for instance even customize the URL all of this without writing any code there you have it Behance integration with Creative Cloud going from your desktop to a creative community where you can get inspired and show off your work in something as simple as a work-in-progress clear through to a full portfolio site without writing code all as part of your Creative Cloud membership so check it out today and feel free to come follow my portfolio at Behance net ford slash paul tranny

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