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[Adobe Creative Cloud] Adobe Premiere Pro CC와 Prelude CC :스크립트를 기반으로 하는 빠른 문서 작업

September 4, 2019

hi I’m west plate product manager for Adobe prelude in this video I’m gonna show you how you can use the new Adobe Story panel in prelude to help you turn your scripts or transcripts into searchable metadata to help you find exactly the right word in this project I have ingested several interview clips we can save ourselves a lot of time by using the transcript of the interview and lining up the words using speech to text analysis so in prelude let’s bring up the Adobe story panel I’m already logged into the Adobe’s story server so I can see here a read-only view of the projects and scripts I have on my account I choose a project and then I choose a script and inside of that script I can view the various scenes here I have a transcript of the interview to associate a scene with a clip merely drag it from the Adobe story panel onto the asset Prelude gives us a little badge to indicate that we have attached the story scene next we’ll do some speech-to-text analysis using Adobe Media encoder to save time I already have Adobe Media encoder running so in Prelude I’ll right-click on the clip that I wish to analyze and choose analyze content now I can choose the language of the speaker the quality the analysis and I can use the embedded Adobe story script as a guide for the analysis finally I’ll choose to identify the speakers when I click OK Adobe Media encoder begins processing the clip turning the spoken words into searchable metadata when the analysis is finished in Adobe Media encoder I’ll switch back to Prelude and open the clip you’ll see that each individual word has been turned into a speech transcription marker the real power of having a script analyzed and turned into text is seen in Premiere Pro with the editor can search for specific words and find those places in the clip so let’s go ahead and select all of our clips and send them to premiere i right-click on the clip choose send to Premiere Pro and the clips then appear in premiere ready for the editor so in Premiere Pro let’s go ahead and open up the interview clip in the metadata we see all the text spoken by the interviewee as searchable text I know in this interview he has a really inspiring words about dreaming big so let’s go ahead and search for the word dream to find the clip I’m looking for here it is I’m going to select the first word and mark an endpoint and then find the end of the sentence that I’m interested in and Mark it out let’s preview this by playing into out perfect let’s go ahead and add this into my sequence so that’s a look how you can use the new Adobe Story panel in prelude to turn your words into searchable metadata to help you find just the right word you’re looking for

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