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[Adobe Creative Cloud] Adobe Kuler 아이폰 앱 소개

September 5, 2019

hi there let me show you a cool new app for the iphone it’s called adobe kuler and basically what adobe kuler does it lets you get color inspiration while you’re on the go and then get that inspiration back into adobe illustrator so let’s have a look at adobe kuler what i have here are a few swatches that i’ve already created in cooler but let’s create a new one basically all i need to do is to press the the camera here and i have different types of choices i can use the camera mode basically what the camera mode does it will take a picture of your color inspiration and let’s do that for a second and actually allow you then to go into the picture itself or if you touch the little flower icon here you can choose the bright colors out of that image the muted colors the deep colors or the dark colors for example so cooler will automatically choose that the the colors that you’ve selected inside of that image and you can create this color swatch and save it back to cooler let’s cancel out of this one and check out the other way that you can create cooler swatches is by using the live mode the live view here and basically what this does is as you move around in in the in space you can actually choose the colors that you want to include in your swatches and this cooler does without actually taking a picture without saving it back into your mobile device so once I’m happy with that or if I’m happy with the image that i have here by tapping on the image i can freeze the image and then go back into the image itself and choose other colors simply by moving these little dots around and making sure that i’m actually working with the colors that I intended to capture in that specific image and of course I can select the various colors from up here okay and you see how the little dot becomes bigger and will allow me to move the color around with this little preview of also the before and after the that I’ve started actually moving the color around okay and then when I say okay to this this whole theme will be saved back into cooler now there’s a couple of things I can do there still I can go back here into the sliders and actually start playing around with these RGB sliders directly here on the image and I also have the information about the hex code of the color that I’ve selected and I can use that directly in my website for example or use that hex code in Adobe Illustrator I can of course select various different colors from the theme that I’ve selected and just fine-tune it by moving these little sliders around the other thing that’s very interesting and if you go up here in the color wheel is that I can access these exact same colors inside of this color wheel and if we touch this little area here I can also choose to work with only analogous colors monochromatic colors a triad of colors all the way down to different shades of a single color so let’s choose triad for example a triad in the color wheel or color is taken from three opposite sides of the color wheel itself and when i move the Triad around you see that the colors change in this in this third taking thirds inside of the the color wheel itself and then of course I can also choose how bright or how bright or dark I want my colors to be simply by turning this wheel and then go back save that to my swatches or simply say also that I don’t want these changes to be to be saved back to my theme of course if i click on information here i can give my theme a name and let’s give this theme the name flowers okay because these this is the inspiration that i had while i was on the go hours okay i can choose to make this color publicly accessible on cooler that adobe com which is the the the the web application of cooler and when I say return I can also add tags for example the names of the flowers that I’ve used to create this color theme and then save this and basically once this is saved and I go back to Adobe Illustrator here what i would do is click this little cooler icon and open the new cooler panel basically what the new cooler panel in Adobe Illustrator shows you is only your own private color themes the ones that you have created and if I touch or click this little refresh button here it will actually sink back to cooler and download the color theme that I have just created on my mobile device and here they are flowers and these colors are ready to be used in the past you may remember that you would have to take these color swatches and actually drag them into the swatches panel in order to use them what that is no longer the case because I can select elements on my artboard now and choose the colors directly from the cooler panel ok so I don’t need to to repeat the colors that i have in cooler inside of my swatches panel so i hope that you will find this new cooler app on the iphone very useful to grab inspiration from the outside world and get those colors back into adobe illustrator to be used immediately

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