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Adobe Captivate – Show Hide Glossary Cp8, Cp9, Cp2017

November 4, 2019

Okay so I know what you’re thinking
you’re thinking hey Paul you promised never to do a Captivate 8 or Captivate
9 tutorial, and that’s right I did but this is actually captivate 2017 but what
I’ll be showing is how to create a particular interaction that would be
compatible with Captivate 8, Captivate 9 or Captivate 2017 but I will be doing it
in Captivate 2017 and this is in response to Courtney. Courtney wrote hi
Paul I’m trying to make a click to show feature from my latest course I have
about 10 words and I want the user to click the words and then show the
definition I’m interested in that definition staying up for the rest of
the slide and or hiding once the user chooses another term to read I use the
click box feature in captivate 8 but the success text seems to disappear after a
few seconds also it doesn’t allow the term to be re selected again anyway if
you can think of a different video that might help me for this type of function
it would be very much appreciated not sure click box is the way to go I would
tend to agree Courtney I think click box is not the way to go so what I’m going
to do is I’m going to create a bunch of captions and let’s do this we’ll just
duplicate that these will start on these will be where I put my definitions and
I’m gonna try and fit them all on the slide here how many is that she said she
said we’ve got about 10 definitions here so let me select all of these and we’ll
group them together and I’m actually just going to resize them so they fit
nicely on my stage but not take up more than about that much room okay so for temporary
measure I’m just going to ungroup these but I am going to group them again in a
moment and what I’m just going to quickly do here is type in definition 1 this will be 2 okay so they’re all
clearly and easily identifiable from one another and let’s give them all names
here so this is going to be you know what I’m gonna stick with these because
they just happen to line up but a recommended step is to always label your
objects so that it makes sense this just happens to be smart shape 7 is
definition 7 and so on so just to save time I’m going to keep them the way they
are and here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to group all these objects
together and you can just hit ctrl G on your keyboard here and that will group
them and I’m gonna give this group a name I’m gonna call it definition group
so that we can easily identify it and what I’m going to do now is I’m going to
add some buttons here and what are we gonna do with these buttons now you
could use smart shapes used as buttons and in this case here I’m going to keep
it fairly simple we’re going to just call these definition 1 and I’m going to
take care of a few things here let’s bump up that font just a tad bit and
what else do we need what else would we want here under add
actions I’m gonna select hand cursor and disable click sound right off the bat
and that’s should do me fine and I’m gonna duplicate this and duplicate both
of those so that I end up with about ten of these buttons again I’m gonna group
these is my little trick for getting things to fit is if you group them
together and resize them all at once it tends to help a little bit here but in
this case I’m not going to regroup these I’m going to have them I mean I guess I
could leave them grouped that’s not a problem but there’s no reason to so I
won’t emphasize that as something you have to do and let’s just you know what
let’s do this just so it looks decent now normally I
probably wouldn’t have all of these definitions in separate locations
I might stack them up on top of one another but that’s fine in this case
here I’m going to make these not visible and output and let’s just quickly real
able these here so that they are appropriately labeled this is what I
would call the classic show high situation and of course there we go so let’s start off I’m going to select all
of my buttons and I’m going to go to the actions tab and I’m going to execute
advanced actions and I’m going to create my first advanced action and the reason
I’m doing it this way is that I can just make some small changes and duplicate
each advanced action and make versions for definition to Jeff’s definition 3
and so on so we’re going to call this one
definition 1 and what are we going to do well because we’ve grouped these all
together the very first thing I want to do is I want to hide them all so we’re
gonna say group definition group and then we’re going to show smart shaped 1
and again I would normally real able this with something easier but in this
case here it just so happened my smart shapes and their numbers lined up
perfectly with the individual items that’s it that’s all I need to do for
that so I’m hiding everything then showing just the one I’m gonna save this
as an action and I’m gonna close this so there I have execute advanced actions
definition 1 infinite attempts that’s important infinite attempts because you
want people to possibly click on these buttons more than once let’s go to
definition 2 I’m going to go to see it’s pointing a definition 1 but what I’m
going to do is I’m going to click on the advanced action I’m going to duplicate
this action and we’re going to call this one definition 2 and the only thing
we’re going to change is we’re going to change that to smart shape to update the
action click close and now I’m going to duplicate that man and I’ll make sure
it’s pointing at that new script and I’m going to duplicate that another in this
case 8 more times so that I have the full interaction so again I’ll do one
more just to capture that we’re gonna edit this we’re gonna duplicate it don’t
forget to hit duplicate because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve edited the
existing advanced action and wiped out a bunch of work that I’ve already done so
now that I have a duplicate I can call this definition
three back this up change that to smart shape three update the action click
close and make sure we’re pointing at the third one so I’m going to duplicate
that process that I’ve just done a whole bunch more times for definitions four
through ten and then we’ll regroup and see how it works okay so we’ve got down
to definition ten I’ll just duplicate that once more and just real Abel that and I’ll just get rid of all that stuff
there and make sure I’m pointing at smart Shane ten update action click OK
click close and of course make sure that you’re pointing at the right definition
so there’s ten nine I’m looking here ain’t seven six five four three two one
okay that looks good now I’m going to highlight all of my
buttons here I actually don’t need them to pause so I’m going to uncheck that
from the timing panel I generally will only pause buttons that navigate away
from us find there’s a few other reasons why I might but for the most part I
don’t pause buttons that are there for the user to interact with something
that’s on that paint itself so here we are we’re pretty much good to go I
didn’t even look at what this looked like for a responsive design I don’t
know that it would work out well but it certainly will work out for our purposes
here just on desktop mode let’s do a preview of this project and see if this
works the way I think it will and we’ll play this project here this will open up
in a browser because it’s responsive so here’s our slide
here let’s open up definition one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
works perfectly if you thought this video was useful please share it with
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hiring me my focus is to create effective eLearning that helps you
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  • Reply Courtney September 26, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Paul does it again! Cheers!

  • Reply Stevan Barros November 17, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Hi Paul, your tutorials are great, it helps a lot!
    But today I have to ask for a different kind of help, we start building a eLearning contents (language learning) and after all the practice that the students will take, we would like to make them record their voice, so we can check their pronunciation, but I have been looking in all Adobe community about it, and I realize that Captive Prime doesn't have this widget. Do you think is it possible to develop this function with Captivate 2017 or HTML5 or something else? Thanks

  • Reply Hans Zarkov November 18, 2017 at 5:37 am

    it would be cool do see a tutorial covering importing animate oam files with transparency. i heard it's not possible due to canvas and that people have to use the older adobe edge animate if they want transparent animations. i only have adobe creative suite cs5 so i can't test it out just yet

  • Reply Courtney April 4, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    haha watching this again. thank you!!!!

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