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Adobe Captivate 2017 – Convert Blank Projects to Responsive Design

October 31, 2019

today, I’m pleased to announce that adobe has launched the 2017 Edition of Adobe Captivate I’ve prepared a series of videos on my YouTube channel To give you an introduction as to what’s new in this video. I’ll show you how you can convert a blank or non-responsive project into a mobile-ready responsive design let’s get started So here I’ve [got] a pretty basic Blank project that I’ve set up here. I’ve just added a title added a next button and then included some information about Canada’s current prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the next button here we’ve got his official portrait from the government of Canada Website and so I think we’re ready to convert this into a responsive project now of course in More cases than not you’ll probably be converting something a little bit more advanced than this course here but this is just an example to get you started here, and in the past of course if you were working with [Adobe] Captivate 9 or Captivate 8 and you wanted to convert a blank project to Responsive design well there’s there’s really no direct way to do it You would have to recreate a lot of that content by hand manually in this case here It’s very straightforward. We click the file drop-down menu and click save as responsive and You can check of course for the unsupported items, so if there are objects or Images or what have you that are produced? In a previous version of captivate that are not supported in a mobile environment The HtML5 Tracker will pop up at this point and review that information with you, and you can decide what to do maybe their items that you could simply delete from your project or you can replace them with comparable HtML5 compatible items, so if everything is ok let’s go ahead and go forward with that process there So I’m going to go ahead and hit save and We’ll just give this a unique name I’ll put a number after it there hit save it’ll close the project down and open it back up as a Responsive project now of course there might be some [things] that you need to go in and adjust You may find that the text that previously was there won’t line up properly and you might need to make a few changes but generally speaking This is now a responsive design project, so let’s do a preview and see what happens So here we go. Here’s our Canada Trivia title page probably will work fine here Yeah, it seems. No problem. I May have to adjust that button size because it looks a little small and This looks good, too so again you may run into the situation where text items will get You know too small for for them to be displayed properly, but you can always use [the] new feature in Adobe captivate 2017 that allows you to pop out those text items read them on screen And then tap anywhere to return the core to the course and click next to proceed If you this video was useful please share it [with] your colleagues if you need help building your next [e-learning] project consider hiring me My focus is to create effective learning that helps you achieve your business goals Visit my website at [Paul] [Wilson] Learning Com Follow me on Twitter at Paul Wilson Ld and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel


  • Reply Armando Lazcano February 20, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    I am creating a responsive project with characters, narration, and a video demo. How can I save as a video file?

  • Reply healthsongs September 1, 2019 at 11:39 pm

    Hi, Paul, I have a question for you. I want to create a "Fill in the blanks" page with multiple single-word blanks. I am working in the non-responsive mode. I want my students to be able to listen to an audio recording of a word and then fill in a blank next to the play button to show that they have heard and can reproduce. I am trying to do this on a fill in the blank page but I have several problems. 1. I don't seem to be able to make a "down-the-page" list of word (to convert to blanks). 2 The boxes which contain the fill in the blanks seem to be hard to work with. 3. Sometimes the audio plays and other times not.
    Any ideas or am I asking for a miracle. Maybe visit Lordes

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