Adobe Audition CC Review

October 13, 2019

Hello, I’m Mike Russell from
Well today is the day that Adobe Audition CC has been released! I’d like to do a quick
review of what’s new in Adobe Audition. Take a look. Welcome to the cloud! This is Adobe
Audition CC part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package. Fantastic news is it means you get
bug fixes and updates and anything that’s critical as soon as they’re released. Now,
fantastic new features I’m gonna run you through a few of my faves. Let’s drag in a voice over.
Here it is “Music Radio Creative Podcast”. If I want to apply an effect to that like
for instance one of my favourites from the effects menu modulation, flanger and I click
this button in the top right I now suddenly get two waveforms and you’ll notice if I move
this out of the way they look slightly different. That’s because I’m seeing a real time preview
of what my new audio will look like. I can also change it here to mirror what I’m doing
upstairs so like so or be independent so I can zoom in and out here but not change the
preview view and also zoom to selection so it will zoom right in on your new audio. I personally
prefer mirrored. Now you can see as you change the different presets you’re gonna get different
looks here in the waveform view so you can really see what’s going on before you apply
the effect. Let’s apply it “Music Radio Creative Podcast” and then I can switch off the preview
editor by clicking here. Something I’ve shown you in the previous video
is how to record your favourites in Adobe Audition. Here in the favourites menu I’ve
got my favourite voice filter. If I wanted to change that I’d have to start recording
a favourite all over again in previous versions of Audition. Here I can just hit edit favourites
and it gives you a box here with all of your favourites i’ll find voice filter there and
it shows me every single step in my voice filter much easier to change one simple effect
like for instance normalize I can double click and bring up the normalize window and change
it to normalize to maybe 50 percent instead of 98.8 percent which is the way i have it
usually set, save and it’s saved straightaway into your favourite. Now I’ve just demonstrated
the preview editor and the favourites editor. They’re all very well but what about audio
production and radio imaging features? Well one of my favourite features is back and improved.
Take a look at this part “Podcast” Ok podcast, now this is a common feature on radio imaging.
If I go to the effects menu time and pitch pitch bender process, it’s a brand new process
in Adobe Audition to bend the pitch of any audio. Let me choose one of my favourites
Turntable Losing Power and you’ll see straightaway in the preview there it is. Now let me playback
“Podcast” and you see it sounds like a turntable losing power but I can draw on envelope points
here and play with the turntable losing power “podcast” and I can move them across and move
them in and make gliding pitch stretch faster “podcast” and everything you do on the pitch
bender can be seen in real time in the preview window “podcast”. So let’s apply that effect. Next in my Adobe Audition CC review I’d like
to show you the improved generate noise feature. Let’s create a brand new audio file. Let’s
go into the effects menu generate and not only you’ve got tones you’ve also got noise
here as well which means you can generate different colours of noise brown, pink, white
and grey most common for that radio tuning sound effect is your white noise. Let’s click
ok. Generate that noise – but not only you got that fuzzy noise now you can go to the
effects menu time and pitch, pitch bender and who wouldn’t want to do this you can draw
around on a pitch bend to make your noise sound super cool. So some really cool sound
design effects in Adobe Audition CC and finally let’s take a brief look at the multi track
which is much improved. So I’ll start a new session there and then going to my files and
the first thing you’ll see is the ability to colour code your different tracks so for
instance I can make vocals red, I can make sound effects as colour blue and I can make
my music beds yellow and then anything that I drag in is going to colour code depending
on which track you drop it into. Lovely and beautiful isn’t it? Not only that but did
you notice now when you drag sounds in they appear straightaway rather than just the orange
bar as in CS6 and the final improvement of many in the multitrack is that you can drag
in multiple clips and the multi track will just intuitively organise them. Let me just
drag in a load of audio here and select all of those audio files and look at that it’s
organising them all on a single track ready to be edited. Let’s drop and then the first
time I do this Audition ask me if I want to add all the files with the same track or put
them all on their own track. In this case I’ll say the same track you can always change
it later in preferences or by holding down the option key. And there we go, all of my
sound files on track 2 ready to edit. I didn’t mention the spectral frequency editing. I
didn’t mention the frequency band splitter, the SoundCloud integration and so much more
with this new package but I do intend to cover all of these features in more detail in my
channel soon. There you go just a brief overview of Adobe Audition CC some brand new feature
some old school features revitalised and a whole load of stuff I haven’t even started
to explore yet that’s gonna be great for audio production. If you’d like to watch more videos about Adobe
Audition CC hit subscribe on my channel now.

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