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Adobe animate animation process

January 26, 2020

[Music] hello youtube this is Rohit here and welcome to my art Channel I’ve always found animation to be difficult for me, One of my goals this year is to make an animated short and I have never animated anything before so I figured I would start something small, one of my favorite characters is spider-man and according to me spider-man into the spider verse was one of the best spider-man movies and the way they showcased the spidey sense in the movie was phenomenal and now here we are in this video me trying to animate for the first time, I began with a quick sketch of spider-man scanned that and brought it into the newly rebranded animate CC made some few changes in Photoshop to give it a bit more clarity. I use a Wacom tablet so I made sure that the pressure sensitivity was on before I begin. I first traced out half of the face copy pasted that to give a symmetrical look then I hand painted the eyes copy pasted that again for the other eye. I gave a very rudimentary lines for the spiderweb on the face then I began giving the shadows and the highlights for the face. Once I was happy with the face I began with the body. I painted the red and the blue shades of his body separately. I’m planning on shrugging his shoulders while his spider sense is tingling. I planned on doing this animation sequence for 1 second so which is about 24 frames but in traditional animation every two frames contains an image meaning I’ll have to paint every two frames which is twelve paintings for one second and this is called animating on twos as you can see here I painted every two frames which is frame one three five seven and nine and this is how the shrugging looks like I’ll have to clean it up a bit later. The shrugging animation goes on for about nine frames The remainder of my animation would be between frame 10 and frame 24. I had the head and its shadow on separate layers so I had to convert that into a symbol so that when I move the head for animating the shadow moves with it. MAKES SENSE? Yes it Does. I wanted a squint from his eyes when he senses the danger so that’s how I’m gonna animate the eyes The second part of the animation would be animated every frame unlike the first part, because I want this to be a quick action so that the animation looks like he takes time trying to realize what it is and once he senses the danger he has a quick reaction to it, Once I’ve done animating the body and the head I wanted to give some shadows and some definition for the body and now beginning to animate the spider sense. the way I planned on doing this is for the spider sense to have a growing effect so I began painting a smaller string and Frame by frame making it grow, so it would look something like this and I duplicated the last two frames so that it would have a vibrating effect, So that it would look like this and I took some time to animate the shadows of the body frame by frame so that it would look clean so once I was done with the basic animation I exported this as a PNG sequence so that every frame is exported as a PNG image that would give me about 24 images I took those images imported into After Effects and aligned it every frame to make it look Instagramable. I had to give it a contrast background and I had some rough edges at the end of his hands and end of his body so I cleaned that up give it a contrast background and exported it. My total animation is only one second long and Instagram doesn’t let you post any video below three seconds so I took it into Premiere Pro clipped off the last frame and extended the duration of the clip to about two seconds so the total video would be about three seconds and I posted it on Instagram and I must say it did reasonably well considering how little followers I have so I will be doing this on a regular basis and posting on to Instagram. You can find the LINK to this post in the description below I had great fun animating for this video this has been a very good learning process for me. I will be animating a story pretty soon so LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you’d like to see such content I have TWO Instagram profiles one from my travel and one for my artwork thank you for watching and as always if you’re new to my channel like and subscribe I try to post weekly videos of the art I do and the clients I work with until next time see you soon [Music]


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