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Adobe After Effects CC Beginner Tutorial: Intro Guide to Learn The Basics (How to)

September 7, 2019

– [Justin] Hi everyone,
my name’s Justin Odisho and in this video, I’m
gonna go over the basics and intro to Adobe After Effects. So I know this program
can be very confusing to a beginner or if it’s
your first time looking at the program. Or maybe if you’re just
comfortable with Photoshop or Premiere and you never
really got into After Effects. So I’m gonna try to
explain what this all is, how you can demystify it and
what it’s all used for anyway. So you got a whole bunch
of stuff popping up here. Basically, it starts off
with a get started menu and these new updates and from here, you can open new
projects, recent projects. You actually don’t have to
create or open anything, you can actually just
close it if you want too and just pop up with your
After Effects window. So what is After Effects
in the first place and why would you use something like this in comparison to other video
editors like Premiere Pro or Final Cut, you know,
what’s the difference? So the best way that I
can try to explain this to help you understand is
After Effects is kind of like the Photoshop for video. See instead of being a
program like Premiere or Final Cut of Sony Vegas
where you have a timeline and you can drag clips and videos in order on the sequence. After Effects is a compositing
and motion graphics video editing software so that means you can compose many pieces and layers on top of one another
and you can also create different motion graphics
because it has better and different unique
stronger tools and engines in those areas like things
like the rotoscoping brush, camera motion tracking,
different complex effects. But let’s start with our basic menu. This is our composition menu
by the way, this right here which you can usually see the preview in most video editing softwares and you can open a new
composition or drag in clips. So I’ve got a folder on the desktop with a couple video clips
in it and for example, I’m gonna actually highlight
these and throw them in the project media bin which is on the left hand side here. So I’m gonna make sure I have it open and I can actually just throw these clips in our project media bin
and now they’re loaded. We have movie clip 2978 and 2984. So these clips happen to be
1920 by 1080 which I can see when I highlight them
so if I do just drag one onto the timeline, it’ll
create a new composition based on this footage like it says there. So now we have a new 1080 by 1920 standard high definition composition or we could have also went to composition, new composition in the menu on the top and set all these settings. But now that I have the clip here, you can start to see
kind of the basic ways that After Effects is laid out. So you have our layers menu and
you have a bit of a timeline but remember, this isn’t
really working left to right. It’s more so working
up to down and stacking like a composition. So if I take the other clip that I had and dragged that on the timeline as well, you can see we have both of the clips, one on top of the other,
you can’t really see because it goes by layers,
you know top is seen and then the bottom is not
so you can hide visibility and both of these are together. This little green line
shows how long the clip is so this clip of the
flower happens to only be about 7 seconds whereas
the clip of the statues and water fountain happens
to be a little bit longer. And also notice when I
created the composition just by dragging the clip
in, it makes the composition only as long as that clip automatically so if you wanted to change
that, you could also go to composition settings
and you can see here the duration is 10 seconds in this case ’cause the clip was 10 seconds but I could make it 30
seconds and it will be longer. On the bottom, we can scroll left to right and see all that new
space that we’ve added. But what else do we have
going on in our menus? So on the left hand side, we have the project effect controls. On this top side here, we have our menu with tools so the move tool, text tool, different brushes and
rotobrushing which is like a quick selection tool. On the right hand side, we
also have different menus like our brushes tool. If we did have a brush,
we could choose what size and type and paint and color. We also have different effects and presets in this menu and you can also access these in the effects menu so
let’s say I want to add an effect onto this clip,
what I can do is either use a preset that’s set for me
in this right hand side. So these are all different presets. Or I can build my own effect
out and you notice how I did need to highlight this
layer to get that to be active and be able to work on it. So let’s say I just want
to add a simple blur. Let’s add a gaussian blur,
a very basic function that’s in a lot of
programs and you should see once I add this onto
the clip, it’ll pop up in our effects control menu
or panel for us to adjust. So each effect has different
aspects that you can adjust on it so this one has
blurriness which I can increase. And it also has blur dimensions
so I can go horizontal and vertical which will
give us a soft blur, just horizontal or just vertical and these little icons
right here are key frames which you can create animation with. So if I drop down this menu, you can see all the different properties of each layer that you have
and do different things with them so you can see all the effects that are applied onto here, right now just the gaussian blur. You can transform it so
the size, the position, opacity, et cetera. So you know I can turn
the opacity down to 50% and now we get a interesting
blending of these clips. And let me add a simple key frame here. So I’m gonna go to the beginning or wherever I want to start. I can add an anchor point by
clicking on this stopwatch icon and then I can move over
let’s say a couple seconds, make the blurriness go really intense. And you should see a
little diamond is created and then I can move over even more, maybe make it go less intense. So I’ll type in 20 and
this is just one example of some sort of creative
animation that you can do. I don’t know what type of
project you’d be working on but you can see we’ve got the flower
getting blurry, less blurry. I could do the same thing
with key framing animation but that’s just basic key framing. You can look up another
tutorial of mine for more about general key framing principles. But you can see you can stack many effects on top of each other and
beyond just your basic blurs, After Effects has some really
interesting and powerful tools that are not present in your
basic non linear editors like Premiere Pro or Final Cut
so things like CC Burn Film or just random ones like this,
I’ll show you for example, are much more complex in function than a lot of the stuff
you’ll find in other places. So you see this one kind of gives it a burned paper animation
which the same thing I showed you about key frames earlier, you can add the stopwatch
diamonds and make it go from 0 to 100 to act as a cool transition. You can also adjust
different things about this but you can see it stacks
the effects together. You can also drag effects and rearrange the positioning of them
so if I put the blur after the burn, you see
everything gets blurry but if I put the burn after the blur, then the burn is still solid. So keep that in mind. Some more things to
consider in After Effects are that you can create clean
text and motion graphics. So let me go to
composition, new composition to start a new 1920 by 1080
black 30 second composition and it’ll open in a
different composition menu so this is another thing to keep in mind. You can have many
different compositions open at the same time and kind
of play off of one another and they’re all open in tabs down here, kind of like tabs on an internet browser. So in this new composition, I
don’t have to drag any clips or anything in but you
notice that you still have the same project menu so you can have many different compositions
in the same project and have the same media
throughout and the compositions actually pop up as a media object as well but I can click on the
text tool, for example, click there and add text
and move this around. So now you have a text layer that pops up and you still have all the same properties on the text from adjusting the position, opacity, things like that. And just to show you a quick example, let’s go to the effects and presets menu that we pointed out earlier and let’s look for some animation presets for text and we can see there’s
actually a lot of really cool built in presets so for example, we can do animating in
and let’s just choose a fun one here, spin by character. So I can just click and drag this right on to this text object and you can
see it places two key frames two seconds in by default
since this isn’t animate in and if I drop that down,
you can see the animator and all the different
things but if I press play, it’s kind of cheesy looking
but there’s a lot of cool different ones that you
can play around with. Presets are always kind of cheesy looking but here’s a cool one, typewriter. I can click and drag that on and it’ll create the key frames from the point that my timeline cursor was on currently so this’ll add the text letter by letter like a typewriter and you can also go into the effects control of this actual text, the dropdown, and adjust these different animation properties. You can also add shape
layers so if I go to layer, new, shape layer, I can create things either with the rectangle,
ellipse, star, whatever. So I can create rectangles
and then I can use After Effects motion and key framing tools to create animations on these as well so this is a cool way that
you can create lower thirds where things might
smoothly pop in and out, reveal text and all that. So I have different individual tutorials, project by project, little
quick videos for you to check out if you
want to look at creating a lower third or quick selecting an object or learning about camera tracking and different text animation. I don’t want to try to
fit those all in at once but hopefully you’re seeing a little bit of the different tools and menus and you can see the basics of it. We’ve got a preview menu
right here in the middle. We’ve got a layer menu, different tabs of different compositions if we want. Our project media here
which is we can drag and drop things from our desktop wherever. This is where we can keep all
of our media to work with. Our basic timeline, which
we want to be looking at from a top to bottom
standpoint rather than a left to right, yes you can build
things out left to right but it’s not really made for that, it’s a lot less intuitive
to be telling stories with this rather than
making video compositions. So let’s say we want to
export our project or save it, you can always go to
file, save, it’ll save your After Effects
project but we can also go to export, add to render queue. You can see that render
queue that’s been open as a tab this whole tab, it
will add whatever we had sent to the queue and from
here, you can render it. So first you can choose
to output it anywhere on your desktop or
whatever folder you want, you can choose what settings
you want in the output module. So this is actually where
you can get into exporting transparent things in Adobe After Effects especially for motion graphics,
you can choose what channels get outputted, red, green, blue, alpha, red, green, blue and alpha, et cetera, that’s great for exporting lower thirds or different overlays and templates. You can also choose the
actual render settings which you get a lot of
good presets to use here. It depends on what you’re trying to use. You can see this one is just 1920 by 1080, it’s just reading from
my original video clip and kind of outputting
it the best from there. But once you click render,
it’ll actually render out all the different animations, key frames and different things
you did in your timeline and once this blue bar fills up, it’ll make this really cool
noise, probably my favorite sound effect ever is that
render noise in After Effects and you can find the
finished project wherever you exported it or chose to output it to. So this has been a very basic introduction to After Effects, there’s
so many more tools and capabilities that
I didn’t have a chance to get into in this ’cause I
wanted to keep it real simple but hopefully you can see
how the basic layout works. It’s not so scary anymore. You’ve just got the main
things in the middle, your timeline, your layers,
your different dropdowns and key frames and
menus, your project media and all your tools and files and menus. So check out my channel
for project by project different things like camera tracking, the more in depth on key
frames and difference between After Effects and
Premiere Pro and more in depth how to work in between the two. But if you guys enjoyed this video, definitely subscribe to my channel below. I’ve got a video like this
for intro to Photoshop and intro to Premiere Pro if
you’re just starting there and you want a basic
rundown of those programs. And you can also follow me
on social media @justinodisho everywhere on the web like
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter if you want to connect
with me and reach out. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one.


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