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Adobe After Effects CC 2020 | Responsive Design time

October 27, 2019

After effects 2019 responsive design
time hello what’s up guys welcome to my youtube channel digital creations and
today in this video tutorial we are going to learn how to create and work
with responsive design in After Effects CC 2019 the new features of responsive
design time in After Effects CC 2019 so let’s get started I’m just going to open
Adobe After Effects CC to 2019 so I’m just going to create a new composition
and after creating a new composition we’re just going to create an intro and
outro to understand you the responsive design time so I’m just going to take
the following example of animation I’m going to create a tax animation with a
scale and and scale out so we need the animation to be as long as the sequence
so the animation consists of two taxes a scale in a scale out so I’m just going
to create intro and outro to show you the responsive design feature in Adobe
After Effects CC 2019 you know I’m just going to create a new
shape layer just create a shape with this over the tax and after this we’re
just going to drag it down this layer this is very simple text intro I’m just
going to create to show you the responsive design feature very quickly
and here I just check the trim part option so I just select that trim path
option right click here trim path to apply in a stroke of this shape so I
just said the start point and end points said that he frames and adjusted so in this way we just I’m just going to
set this tax so motion graphics involves a keyframes
and when the length composition you see here in a responsive design feature we
just now guys after making this intro and
outro simple text animation in After Effects CC 2019 so I’m going to apply
responsive design features so we can apply responsive design
just click the marker icon at the right side of the timeline and create a
composition marker so in the timeline panel just double click the marker to
open the composition markers setting dialog and set a duration and enable the
protected region option so now guys news you see here we just double click here just create a protected region after this we just add this animation to
another composition so we said the after the protected region intros an outward
in our animation so we can add them to another different composition I just
going to create a composition – and just the composition for example the
composition one I created enter an outro and I just create another composition
and open I just I’m just going to open the composition – in the timeline just
drag and plays the composition one in over composition – so timeline display
the protected regions as shaded in as shaded in blue and I said this purple
area you see this is the protected region often close and out rows to shoe
show in the timeline so hold the end point of composition one and drag it to
my standpoint of composition – so when you preview the composition the
protected region and animation take the same amount of time to animate and only
unprotected regions are stretches you see this so we can work with nested
composition with multiple protected region as well now guys I’m going to export a
composition with protected regions as a motion graphics templates so then the
exporter composition web protected region as a motion graphic templates and
and add this in a sequence in Premiere Pro CC 2019 so we can adjust the length
directly without doing time remap so we can drag the in and out points of the
clip to time stretch the compositional state of trimming or in an out point so
that duration of the protected region is preserve now guys if you liked my video hit the
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watching digital creations


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    What's the specification of your computer system?

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    GooD JoB Keep It

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    Seem like Responsive Design time in After Effects not work in premiere…

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    That's why you should have a desktop computer.
    By the way, esential graphics needed that capability.
    However, it is a pitty that they want us to stop using windows 7.

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