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Adobe Aero | Realidad Aumentada | Primeras impresiones

November 14, 2019

Hi! how are you? Welcome to Emiliusvgs Adobe Aero just arrived to iOS and has generated a lot of interest from the community of developers and artists and this why? Because Adobe Aero allows use the full Adobe suite, for example Photoshop, Ilustrator and Adobe Dimension to create inmersive experience of Augmented Reality without coding This is a great idea because Adobe already had a large community of designers and artists and now putting a tool of augmented reality can generate a lot of synergy But you have to know, that this is not the first tool about it For example, Reality Composer has been appear some months ago Will Adobe Aero be better than that tool? Is Adobe Aero related to Spark AR? Learn more about it in this video On November 4, Adobe Aero was announced at the Adobe Max conference This as part of Adobe Creative Cloud. Aero is a tool that allows designers build and share immersive experiences in AR without know how to program The main keyword here is SHARE You can share the work we have done through a video, a link preview and even export it as aero experience reality file by reality composer and USDZ (The extension file by excellence of augmented reality in iOS). Adobe Aero is a free mobile iOS application for phones and tablets. Adobe’s premise is: Expand your creative canvas. For example, you can use the same layers that you work in Photoshop to put it into augmented reality and create a great immersive environment. Adobe Aero has a powerful technology, for example surface anchor (or surface tracking) is very accurate and allows you to create realistic experiences. It also has intelligent lighting, with this we will obtain real results in a simple way. If you want to use your files you will find it in adobe creative cloud or have it previously in your folder This is a great initiative that will allow many artists work with Augmented Reality To my it as a tool to prototype experiences which will undoubtedly, it will generate a great boost Let’s go to the Adobe Aero introduction tutorial When we enter we need to find a surface to create the experience. That’s why I prefer to focus the floor Now we will add a 3d object The adobe aero tutorial tells us to select the astronaut’s toy. Once selected, we will wait for it to load the environment. Now we can scale or move it within the experience with ease. then we will add the other 3d file that will be the background of the experience … We need to enter behaviors to generate simple movements or interactions. We will use the “touch” interaction and the action will be “spin”. Once we have all the experience we need we will select “preview” and look at the augmented reality Now, I will make a change about animation This time, I want that when we tap or touch the astronaut bounce this way with a very interesting but simple animation we’re going to try it One of the experiences that I find simply great is to create animations of static objects. I mean, you can create animations related to the movement path and have as a route as this wooden helicopter does We can use this other animated object and launch its default action The graphic quality is very good Adobe Aero supports glb, obj, dae, fbx and many more … Let’s make a small example to demonstrate the “lighting” let’s add a tree and also small objects around We can add animations, but I want demonstrate: how this tree, if we enlarge it, is projected a natural shadow that gives the feeling of having interacted with the environment An interesting feature Making this initial or preliminary video of Adobe Aero I can conclude that it is a great tool but it is still in the process of being very powerful as Reality Composer (which is much more technological. It provides many more services and functionalities) Adobe Aero has a great dynamic because it allows Sharing. That way of sharing as link url or a video is fantastic; and outperforms other tools. But it doesn’t beat Spark AR because Spark AR has a large community of end users that use filters We are at a very interesting and decisive stage where there are many platforms or tools for the end user We must wait the next few weeks to measure the evolution of these technologies If you liked this video, please share it, give it a “thumbs up” and subscribe to generate more related content about Adobe Aero That’s all for now. Emiliusvgs says goodbye byeeee!


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    Más información sobre Adobe Aero ->

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    Muy buen video, gracias

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    Buenazooo, siempre con las novedades!!

  • Reply Pedro Ramirez November 10, 2019 at 9:40 pm

    ¿Aun no se sabe si tendrá una funcionalidad en tiempo real como Spark AR?

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    Súper Adobe Aero!

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