Adobe Aero: Getting Started with AR | Tutorial

November 9, 2019

Aero is Adobe’s new app that has huge
potential to bring AR authoring to the masses let’s take a look to what it can
do Adobe Aero is currently available for
free on iPad OS and is in private beta for desktop let’s create a new project
when we start we’ve got a view from our iPad camera and it prompts us to scan
our area and we can see it’s adding tracking markers and looking for a
surface to plant our AR objects it’s picked up my desktop pretty quickly so
let’s tap on this pin here to make this our work area now we can add an object
by clicking plus in the bottom left let’s choose from our start assets let’s
select from plants and this pine tree now you can see it here let’s just tap
to place it on the desk now we can see when we move the iPad around this is
tracked pretty nicely it’s actually really good and there’s a lot of detail
and texture here as well we can even zoom in really close and even get inside
the object if we tap on that object we select it and with a two-finger pinch we can scale it down or rotate it and with a three finger swipe up we can lift it
off that plane now this level of tracking is pretty incredible I’m by no
means a tracking expert but I’ve been using After Effects for a while and I’ve
used mocha for some planar tracking and this level of speed and fidelity in
motion tracking is really something and for me we can add a behavior to this
object by selecting it and down here where we can click behaviors and add a
trigger to make the subject interactive let’s make it interact on touch and now
we need to add an action and here we’ve got some choices of actions we can take
I’m gonna select spin and we contribute you can spin on its y axis and we’ve got
a lot of options down here and we can preview with this play button that looks pretty good and let’s click tick now our object is interactive if we go up to
the top left and click preview we can preview our scene it brings up this
record option here so we can record this and save this to our camera roll if we
like and if we tap on the tree it spins you can also add custom animation to
your behaviors as well let’s go back to our edit window select this pine tree
and delete it now let’s add another object from our starter assets and
choose an animated one and let’s select fox hoppings put our fox down here let’s
scale this down pretty small and now we’re gonna select it add the behavior
trigger on touch we’re gonna add the action animate this fox asset that
provided already has an animation built in so let’s click the tick to add it go
up to our preview and let’s click the Fox now this one is incredible the tracking
is great but the character design and animation of this Fox is exceptional I
can really see so many possibilities for this technology in the future maybe a
horror game in your own house with spooky things happening your peripherals
that idea is very sort of basic application that comes to mind trying to
apply this to existing genres but I’m sure there’ll be new AR mediums for
education and entertainment that haven’t even been imagined yet you can also add
your own elements by selecting them from your files or camera roll
here are my logos you can see there’s a bit of artifacting happening and making
the edges of this logo look a bit crispy on the alpha channel and this is a
high-res PNG so I’m not exactly sure if that’s you know avoidable you can also
put a layered PSD and it will separate the layers automatically if we select on it
and click layers down here we have some more options where we can offset it in
z space and even on the y and x-axis as well you can also add your 3d objects
OBJ’s work and adobe list some more file types so it shouldn’t be too tricky to
get your 3d files into here while in our preview mode we can click on the top
right and then we have options to share a link or export as a .real, .reality or a .usdz there’s not much documentation from Adobe about this
software so far so please let me know if you’d like me to continue exploring what
Aero can do put out some more videos about AR I’ve made a short playlist or
some related videos that’ll think you’ll enjoy if you’ve made it this far I’ll
see you in the next video and please consider subscribing if you’d like more
of these videos every week Subtitle: Zoe J Marriott

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