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A’dan Z’ye Photoshop 1/10 – Youtube Eğitim Seti – Photoshop Eğitim Seti

September 5, 2019

Hello friends. In this video Photoshop training, we will begin with you. This is our first video. Friends, your friends youtube Channels this training kit is a mid-level or high-level I took a training series to ensure that you use Photoshop. Will consist of 10 videos. The reason I’m pulling is this: they’re trying to give people something Photoshop training, how are they trying to give? To the upper level, start very simply and they’re trying to bring the rest of the series. That is being done to so many people say this is done like this if people are bored, they don’t enhance watching. The purpose of this, no one helps. People who can’t find a good Photoshop tutorial, so I put a limit of 10 bi videoluk. I’ll say you were here, you came here to say that we will. Fast, we will describe the materials used in a simple way. What are they? So there is no need for me to tell if the user is working on a Photoshop layer. Don’t aim to fill or empty the video telling people to provide information. First, the user will use simple level tell me, what man let out program You’re doing it and go from there, the color values are changing, there is a logic to say you’re creating a super visual. The user is already a top-level knowledge of Photoshop does not have or really wants that. What you want is this: I dropped my teacher my work. And off, don’t bother me very much. A simple way to have done this to me tell it how it is. I’ll tell you this. So you are User A 0, 10 when you’re watching the video you have opened Photoshop, you can see your own work. You’re able to produce content on YouTube and it’s done. Super. Now we’re opening up our Photoshop program, I open it. Even close, I’ll open it again. Let’s see the beginning of Bi. Adobe… let’s stop there. Creative Cloud Photoshop cc so it’s said that are Opened friends. I use Turkish. I think there are those who obsess also English, same with the audience watching movies with subtitles. Men unpatched CS4 after themselves Turkish broadcast delivers okay? There is a Turkish option, the Turkish sounds program. What’s the point of diretmen in English The company has already submitted the Turkish option. Itself Energy. Because it is not a sentence error or something I’m also using Turkish for a while. I would recommend using Turkish. Now opened in Photoshop. Get to know the menus immediately. At the top there’s a menu friends, well there menu the Tools menu in the fixed menu.Behold, the name of the menu containing Below is the Tools menu in the panel on the left section of the water vehicle so you have them when I select any of the above changes is provided. In the right side panel. All of this can change, but that are the default settings. For instance, I could take this and put it here, but we are familiar with Photoshop so hard as his: right side panel, left side tools. If you want to enlarge by pressing the small button and you can make out clearly the smaller You can move us so Photoshop offers this feature. I’ll get it in there if I want, I’ll get it here. Back here later to create a workspace file section by saying I’m new to trying to open a document I’m gonna keep this section very short, the water in the training videos they say the water is working. Immediately quickly… We write our name any topic section already. It usually is not a problem so we can open it as untitled, but now let’s first lesson Document type: custom or have default values, for example, when you get to a photo, the photo photo this little present values of when the film came out on video here from the movie or the capacity of, for example, 1920×1020, 720p, 2K, 4K, 8K options automatically provides us. Here in Photoshop is the default value. The values in this paper A4 or something , there are standard values here. 1920 1080 a study on default, we open tell Resolution resolution is the value of, i.e., 1 inch, some number of pixels. This is the standard pixel/inch from 72 or 150dir 72 use We’re going to use RGB, digital RGB color that is used in I don’t need to tell them all, I mean the pressure that we got the paper JMAK So, we can’t get like this when outputting the RGB values. We need to choose values so that we can capture the real jmak. We will try RGB. You don’t need to care too much about others. OK, by saying our work we have created. Now a few of the tools on the left side before I met him, get to know our next class. In this lesson, what do we use of these panels?’cause I let you define. Here for instance we closed on a panel when this panel is how are we ever gonna come back? We need to get to know all of the above menus. Our elementary classes to olacgai to get to know more but is enough. In the water area of the window section in that chapter. The opening and closing of the panels in here all of us does. For example, in the past in the past is automatically opened when clicked. Out of here I click the brush panel the brush is automatically opened. For example, if I want to keep it here. For example, here there are no more than 6 panels, these are all not open. For example, paragraph styles as you can see I wasn’t active here, sorry was active. Like let’s choose a different one. Tell roads, roads that had, for example, added. Channels, layers, layers section, and we use most here. Now go to layers. Layers is the following: For example, the first layer. For example, the bottom layer of my water right, water. I’m the first layer. On top of it when it comes, how it creates an image. This is happening on? If I get to the bottom of it but it looks like this. It’s the logic that by creating layer on top of the image, creating an illusion as if you were I can give you an example. For example, this first layer or background layer. This is standing in front of it, but You like it, you see it like you’ve fused to the 2D logic. To summarize briefly now. Here’s my selection tool, when clicked on sub-tools. From there tell the frame after selecting a square, I’m doing a selection like this in a very simple way. From there, the fill tool, we’ll see about the tools already. I made black. Afterwards, I’m coming to the upper layer, guys, while I choose a department in the top layer. I’ll make it just by changing from white. As you can see white on it When I move it, it comes on top of the Black. Black if I get to the bottom of it disappeared. Why? Ok for white. So, the logic here is: do the pictures on the top that we can’t see the difference with us and 2D us, already seems to have formed an image of a single piece of. Apart from that the BI layers of tricks. Here there are several properties of the layers. For example, that shrink. Kuculttuk, isn’t it? Here you can change the opacity value as desired, you can change the value or saturation. Again, present a variety of settings. What are they? From here you have locking capabilities, for example, when you click on this, this layer can’t move any more when you click on it or the whole thing crashes. clicking on it or move but can be shot locking features available, such as brush strokes cannot be friends. One of the features that can be used again in the Layers panel of the layers relevant to the selection of the color the intensity of the colors here notice it is already white but now our layers because we can’t say. Again, if I don’t first talk about the features of the Selection tool, you press CTRL+A when you select the entire page. In this word is the same, everywhere the same. After selecting, here is one of the things that you will use “auto-select”. The more comfortable we’ll see this in later lessons. But now I’m going to show the alignment. So when you press right, actually if we change the color of the water are understood to be a little more comfortable. Let’s do this, Ctrl+A all with I chose. Align it to the right when I say the right side, aligning the top align to the top when I say. This is usually the writings, textler when you align to a place where we use this. If I don’t talk about vehicles first. Other first we describe the training what would it be? The first training is starting to tell me things now because I got the urge to be a little more the initial. Other courses to go a bit more quickly. So this training. Our next training we see the remaining 9 education. Good-bye. Subscribe to the channel and like this video. Baybayin.


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