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September 6, 2019

Gabe the dog died last Friday, the day Trump was inaugurated into office. So that’s two things to be sad about. There has been one time in my life that I cried about something on a screen. It was a GIF of a dog being reunited with her puppies. And I don’t know what came over me, I just started crying, and I don’t know why I’m telling you this, or how I’m gonna segue it into the next- As dogs go, Gabe lived a good life. He died peacefully surrounded by loved ones, which is how I wanna go. What I’ve learned from this is if you have pets, then love them right now. Give them kisses, give them treats. Aw, pets are great. I just wanted to say that so people on Twitter and Tumblr will stop telling me. Look at all the emails I got about Gabe. I know current events guys, I go on the internet. You don’t have to tell me. Another thing is that I’m going to PAX South in San Antonio, Texas, I don’t have a panel or anything. I’m just gonna be walking around, so if you’re goin’ then try and find me. Don’t worry, I’ll probably Tweet about it. Now it’s time to change the topic of this video and sarcastically A some Q’s. Normally I answer unsolicited Q’s on my Tumblr, but recently the Q’s I’ve been getting on Tumblr were a little below par. I got a lot of questions about Gabe. This guy said And then he says his name, but I’m not gonna show his name. This other person asked: And then he answered his own question, and by the way, by the way ‘omghugocampos’, my favourite colour is DARK blue, okay, get it right. So this time I though, you know what? I’ll just ask Twitter for some Q’s, and hopefully I’ll have some A’s. (doggos growling) Uh, I already have TWO doggos. (doggos growling) You’re gonna have to go on your couch. Hey, stop, stop, stop, STOP IT! I already have TWO doggos. Poppi, you ruin everything. You know that? I was in honors classes since third grade, so I was with a bunch of other smart people, so there weren’t really any bullies. If there was someone in class I didn’t like, we would just be passive-agressive towards each other. I sent Jaiden a message saying: Hopefully she’ll revive her face soon. Aw, it’s a good dog, good doggo! 10/10 thank you. And then she did correct herself to “ever” so I just wanted to point that out. Yeah, there is this one thing my roommate did that I’ll never get over, and that thing was that he watched anime. Oh, I’m so glad you asked that question, so now I can make the title of this video ‘How much money do I make on YouTube?’, and then never even answer the question. On average, how much do you earn from your vlogging- See, I don’t like saying how much I earn- I like how it’s assuming that I applied to YouTube like I put in an application and they called me back, like “Oh you’re hired, you’re gonna be a full time YouTuber, yaaa-” That’s how it works, kiddos. Good question, there’s actually a bunch of places. The first place I applied to was Cold Stone, ‘Cause I thought ‘Oh, I like ice cream, I’d be good with ice cream’ So I filled out an application online, they sent back an email saying ‘Here at Cold Stone, we like to do things a little different.’ Their idea of doing things ‘a little different’ was that everyone who applied showed up at the same time then we were separated into groups, and we had contests about who can sing songs about Cold Stone better. The songs were parodies of other songs that were made with just ice cream terminology thrown in. So my group did a song that was to the tune of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ and just thinking about it is making me cringe. I looked up the full song to prove that I’m not lying. I’m not sponsored by Cold Stone by the way, they didn’t even hire me, tho-those pricks. That’s why they didn’t hire me. Next time you go to a Cold Stone, make them sing that song. I was the type of person at Sooubway with the mind set ‘I’ll do what I want’. I mean, I still followed the rules, but, like I didn’t wear my name tag. And we were also told that whenever someone got a six-inch sandwich, we were supposed to say “Do you wanna upgrade that to a footlong?” but I didn’t really care, and so I never asked people that. So if some manager at Cold Stone said “Hey, every so often you have to sing some awful songs about Cold Stone,” then I probably would have quit. But that’s a long enough tangent, I applied to a bunch of other places. Y’know those big stores that have tiny stores just going off to the sides? Well I would go to those and just go store-to-store and just apply to every single one of ’em. I got interviews at a lot of different places. I applied to be a server at an old person home once, and they said I had to take a drug test. And so I did the drug test, I turned it in and they never got back to me. So… mmmmm. But, I mean, I eventually got hired at Sooubway and I’ve learned that McDonald’s has better sales than Sooubway, but Sooubway has more stores physically than McDonalds. So that means they need more employees than McDonalds which means it’s more pathetic to work at Sooubway than McDonalds. Good question by the way. My first Tumblr followers were my friends from school. But I’m not counting those. I had to make four comics to get one follower that I didn’t know. And it was a porn blog. I tell this to people that are just starting out drawing, but it took me a hundred comics to get a hundred followers. So, it takes a long time with things like this. And you should always be trying to improve your work. I really wish I remember the first person who followed me who wasn’t porn. But I don’t. If you knew me back in my Tumblr days, then man, you’ve been here a long time. In your comic ‘Tree Tattoos’ there’s a big heart with the initials J and R. If J is James, then who is R? Ha ha ha ha! No, not at all, I ALWAYS talk like this! HEY DUDE WHAT’S UP? Pfft, am I recording a VIDEO? No! Heh heh heh. Okay, but seriously, you do have to sound interested in what you’re saying. Alright, so back there, I was exaggerating how much I exaggerate. BuzzFeed. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m just kidding, it’s me. Make 40 total friends. Good question. Let’s answer some questions that people I follow asked. They’re better than you. Luckily someone, answered for me: And again, luckily someone corrected him: To old, that’s what he meant to say, so I’m 20 years odd. Uh, when did we ever lose a war. I was wondering if I should say this story for a video, but screw it. That’s not good, how long has that been like that? I don’t know if this counts as a first kiss but… I was in 9th grade and I was in preparatory school that year And I was a total lady’s man alright? All the chicks love me. There was this one girl though who just hugged me a lot. She would always hold hands and say stuff like ‘James, let’s walk back to class together!’ Looking back, I can see that she was going through that phase where she was just like ‘I need a boyfriend!’ and I was just oblivious to everything she was doing. One time it was before class and she hugged me, and then she closed her eyes, and she did this. ༼ つ ◕3◕ ༽つ With her lips. ༼ つ ◕3◕ ༽つ And then I leaned in… and I asked, ‘What are you doing?’. ‘Im- I’m trying to kiss you.’ Oh, okay, mwah, I-I understand now. I don’t know if that counts as a first kiss ’cause I don’t even remember her name. I bet you never even kissed a girl, Rammy, so ha ha- I really hope I can get this next video finished before I go to Pax that’s kinda why I’m making this Q&A video so you’ll have something, except I have to edit this video now, so that’s more work. Thanks for watching, sorry if your question couldn’t make it in this video, I got about 1000 of them and some of them were pretty stupid. You see, that’s a bad question because they gave me the answer. Don’t give me the answer, let me answer the question myself. It’s a square. So, we’re gonna end it now, wear your seatbelt. (>ლ)


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