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October 4, 2019

SO UM APPARENTLY YT LET ME PUT SUBTITLES ON A VIDEO THAT ONLY HAS SOUND AFFECTS AND SONGS. LETS GIVE YOUTUBE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE! … YOU GOOD? ALRIGHT. LETS GET INTO THIS. Yay to all my happy familys out there! I MEANT GIRL NOT GIRL GIRL SKSK. mhm oh wow that must really suck mkmk That says support, alright? Aw sad. Okay, to clear this up, Elizabeth DID NOT AGREE TO THIS. She was forced. There she is ;-; lmao k Because the man said so and you’re living in his house now. Mmm, so many rules. Chill lady. He’s like 17. Because you look ugly apparently. you cute but not as cute as ya gorl madds ayyy damn shes like “get outta here thot” the tissues were intentional damn he imagining other ladies on the first date lisa hi long time no see. why are you looking at the subtitles watch the video! This took 5 days to make! YOUTUBE IS ON DRUGS IT THINKS THERES APPLAUDING GOING ON. Pls rewind after this and watch the video i took forever on. becuz hotties don’t leave home- that made no sence bye- Jesus Madds like control yourself and your editing. stalkersssssss she be running for her mans sassy i likey his ex- jkjk she was his old friend- i hear u new bf ew hes talking about kim again ur mine hottie can i sniff ur hair sis hes mine back the fuck off ah bitch theres shelter behind your cute ass yee ma mans smart wet 😉 GORL THATS MY MANS BACK OFF YES ANGELA STEP IN GIRL SNATCH HER WEAVE DAYMN damn he said shut up BITCH WOW This is NOT child p***ogrophy youtube don’t snatch me- HE MAY BE CHANGING HER BUT ITS FOR A GOOD CAUSE yum its 21 savage over here WOAH PLOT TWIST- bye DAMN SHE CALLED HER A REPLACEMENT- though it is true SIS IM BACK AGAIN UGH MEMORIES AS I SAID NOT P*** THERE IS NO INT**COURSE (not gonna risk it) GOING ON HERE damn that is embarrassing mine HE IS MINE BITHC AH ITS NIKO! check him out in my last gacha. “SHE’S a murderer” 😉 SKSK JORDANNNNNNNNNN Ilysdm guys thanks for watching

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