A Day In The Life Of A Manila-Based Part Time Model + Influencer ♡ | Denise Heredia

October 30, 2019

today I’m going to show you guys how my
day goes so keep watching This is how you get greeted ‘Good Morning, Stormie!’ I don’t know how we’re gonna do this Hi nice to meet you where is… This is the everyday makeup tutorial Are we ready for this? Yeah we are. It kind of – it smells like paint in here, guys so they want fierce I don’t do fierce!!!!! Be mindful of your back, you want to keep it straight… automatically you want to put your head
up like because when you’re slouching like they stick in it you put it up and
then that follows as well but that might look at this..super cute in one hour show can we do this? okay we are done with the shoot we are bringing everything and we are now heading to our next event waiting for another Grab So glad I’m done with that shoot I’m so tired, and I’m sick… okay we’re now here at the mall on to
our next event oh what a day guys we are now in Nailaholics for their event we’re gonna have a hand spa treatment, I think? Look who’s here to eat early dinner with me! here at the furniture store event Done with the event and these two girls got milktea… so yes guys I am back home finally after
how many hours I think more than 12 hours of being out of my house
I am finally back in my room actually guys I’m super tired when I was sick the
whole time and I feel like I’m gonna get more sick tomorrow so let’s drink my
meds already but before that we take out our makeup and everything and we get
ready for bed so now it’s time to edit my photos and then plan my feed in my
phone I’m actually thinking about posting because I need to post picture
from that event the while ago and I was thinking of posting this photo yeah so
planning my next photo for my current feed probably I’m gonna teach you guys
how I edit my photos in the next video but yeah I’m just gonna do this for a bit usually before I end the day I like
writing in this book it’s called do one thing every day that centers you and in
this book it’s like different things that you can write in a day it’s like I
really like this book because it really centers me and I think that writing is
one thing that people can do because it just makes you more human and it brings
you back to your senses sometimes I just like to sit down and think about what
happened throughout the day and be grateful for you know being able to have
the chance to represent a brand and model for them
I’m shocked though with how many clothes I had to model coz that was a lot it was an
experience definitely and I’m also very grateful that I get to attend the events
that I did and be able to meet new people and you know just sit there after
the others but I’m grateful though that I get to know take off all of my makeup
and everything and not be judged by anyone except for you probably who’s
watching this but I mean this is how many day goes and I hope you guys
enjoyed what you saw and what you watched so please subscribe if you wanna
see more and please comment if you have any other suggestions or other concepts
or videos that you want me to do so I will see you in my next video! Bye guys!

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