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7 YouTube Lessons that got us to 250,000 Subscribers!

October 31, 2019

– Thanks to all of you, we’ve just cracked 250,000
subscribers on our channel. So, in this video I
wanted to share with you the seven biggest YouTube lessons that we’ve learnt along
the way that got us here. (chilled music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video, where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button, and all the links to everything
we mention in this video, you can find linked in
the description box below. So let’s jump into it. So the Primal Video YouTube channel has just crossed 250,000 subscribers and both Mike and I
wanted to first off say a massive thank you to the
entire Primal Video community. And as part of that, also
take this opportunity to share the seven biggest
lessons that we’ve learnt, in not just hitting that milestone, but also building a
multi-six-figure online business off the back of it. So first, thank you
for all of your support for everyone who’s liked, who’s watched, who’s subscribed, engaged, commented. Mike and I really appreciate you and we definitely couldn’t have done this without you, so thank you. For those of you who
are on the same journey, maybe just a little earlier on, and you might be struggling to succeed, or maybe you’re just not
growing as fast as you’d like, these are the seven biggest things that I wish we knew when
we were starting out. And while I’m going
through my biggest tips, let me know in the comments, what’s your number one
lesson that you’ve learnt in your YouTube journey so far? All right, so the first lesson is that YouTube is a search engine. You wanna be creating optimized content so that your content gets found, and create content that
people want to see. Now I do have a video and
I’ll link it up in the cards, talking this in more detail and showing you how you
can get your videos found and ranked in YouTube
and in YouTube’s search. But if you take the approach
that YouTube is a search engine and you’re creating
search optimized content, you’re gonna grow much much faster. Not only are you creating content, this is gonna show up in
people’s search results, but you’re creating the exact content that they’re searching for. So you already know that when
you’re creating your videos that there’s an audience
actively looking for your content before you create the content. Instead of doing what most people do and creating their videos, throwing them up on YouTube and hope that people find them, and hope that people search for them, and stumble across them. The second one I’ve got for you is the importance of thumbnails. Now this is something that I know that most people overlook. They invest no time and no strategy around their thumbnail images. Which means that you can
have the best video ever and it’s not gonna get any views if people don’t click on the
video to watch the video. So you wanna create videos
that grab people’s attention. Have some strategy and thought into them to make sure that they stand out, make sure that they pop, make sure that you’re getting that click. So over time, what you can do
is test different strategies and improve on your thumbnails. See which ones of your videos
are actually getting clicked, getting views. And see what works and what doesn’t work and build out a strategy from there. But this is something that
when most people start is they’ll just be either
letting YouTube automatically pick a thumbnail or a frame
grab out of your video and using that as the
thumbnail for your video, or you’ll be trying to
find something later, while you’re editing, and scrubbing through your footage and trying to find somewhere
where you’re kind of smiling maybe between sentences or
maybe in the middle of a word, something that you could
use as your thumbnail. Instead, get strategic. At the end of filming your videos, just do a few poses and
point and pull silly faces. Whatever it is, whatever you’ve
got to do, to get attention. And at least then when
you’re going through and pulling out a frame
grab or a freeze frame, you’ve got some things
that are going to work, and a few options that you’ve got, to be able to test and see what’s going
to be the best for you to get people clicking on your videos. The third one is baby steps. And what I mean by this is, don’t compare your channel
to other people’s channels that are much much bigger than you. You’ve really gotta
focus on your own videos, your own processes, your own content, and aim for 1% improvement every day, or on every video, and every upload. Don’t procrastinate. Just keep moving. Don’t dwell on things
that might have worked and didn’t work. It really is about just moving forward and dialing in your processes and only making your mistakes once. Learn from everything. Everything is testing and growing and focus on that 1% improvement, either every day or on
every video that you upload. Over time, that 1% is going to add up. You’re gonna get faster at filming and faster at editing and faster at getting
your content out there and faster at looking at what
your audience actually needs and creating that content for them so that you will grow faster. And all of this will stack
up and build and compound and you’ll end up with a
really efficient process and a system for creating videos. And a big part of that is number four which is planning up front. You really don’t wanna be
doing any or much thinking when you’re actually standing
in front of the camera. More thinking is going to be
more filming time, more stress. It’s gonna make the process
of filming much much harder, while you’re working
out what you wanna say. Which is gonna to more editing. So planning up front is
gonna make the whole process of creating your videos much much faster. Now if you wanna see how we run our entire video creation process from idea through to scripting
and keyword research, through the upload and release and working with our team as well, then I’ll put another
video link up in the cards, covering that off. There’ll also be a link in
the description as well. But planning, I would say,
is the most important things that you can do if you wanna
make the entire process much much easier. Now when we first started
making videos on our channel, the level of planning that we
did, at least in comparison, was pretty much next to nothing. We’d maybe come up with a title, we’d definitely come up
with an overall topic that we were gonna cover, but there was really
nothing more than that. Everything, all the
thinking and everything was done on the fly. I thought that’s how
I would be best suited to creating videos. I know the topics, I’ll just
talk off the top of my head at whatever the topic is. But that really didn’t work and those videos weren’t
resonating with our viewers and they also, without
that research up front, they weren’t filtering into the algorithm because they weren’t matching what people were searching for. So it really was about planning up front, not just the keyword research stuff, but also what to include
in the actual video to make them more engaging
but also to make it easy for your viewers to follow along with and actually learn what it
is that you’re showing them. And following on from that, the fifth one is to batch create. Now this is an obvious
one when you hear it, but a lot of people freak out about the idea of batch
creating their content. I know that when we started out, we were basically shooting
one video per week, and it would take almost the entire week to come up with our topic. And to put the time into
filming and editing. It literally was taking us
a week to film and to edit and to release a video. So the idea of someone saying, yeah now go and shoot 10 at a time, it was just incomprehensible. And I can understand why
a lot of people freak out when the idea of batch creating
your content comes through. But just think of this. If you can actually plan everything out and do all of those things
that we’re talking about, do your keyword research, get your topics down first, and you just lock out a few days or however long it takes you for the content you’re creating, but block out some time
to create multiple videos, and shoot multiple videos at once, then you’ve got so much more
in the back catalog then to be able to edit down in bulk, to be able to invest some time so that you’re off that
content hamster wheel. You’re not worried about gee what video am I running
out this week or today and I haven’t shot or filmed anything yet. You can take some pressure off but it’ll also then helps
you bring in other people to help you out with that stuff. Because you’re not running
on that last minute oh I need to upload tonight, or I’ve told people there’s
a video coming out tonight but I haven’t even filmed it yet. We’ve all been there. And once you get out of
that content hamster wheel, it is just amazing what
you can actually do. So if I asked, we’ll actually
batch create our content, I’ll film in blocks of
eight to 10 videos at a time so that then we’re sorted, we release one video a week so we’ve got eight weeks so 10 weeks worth of content that we can then drop out over that time. So if you’re freaking out
about the batch creation stuff, and you still can’t see
how it’s possible for you with time and everything
to be able to do that, think of when you’re planning. Don’t just plan out one
video, plan out multiple. Then when you’re shooting your videos, allow a little bit of extra time and try to at least do two
videos instead of just one. Even the flow on from creating two videos at a time instead of just one, it’s gonna free up a
heap more of your time. You’ll be much much smarter and effective with that time that you’ve got. The sixth one is to create
videos in the best way or the easiest way for you. Again don’t compare
yourself to other people and say oh that person
doesn’t even have dot points or doesn’t even have a written script, or doesn’t use a teleprompter. So I have to do exactly the same. It really is about you. What is the easiest way for
you to get your content out? Is it just speaking to dot points? Is it having a full written script that you might refer to
and read a paragraph out and then present it to camera. Or is it using a teleprompter and reading out your
scripts word for word? Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about sharing your information, getting your message out there, creating content that
resonates with your viewers. Whatever the best way is for you to do it, the easiest, the fastest, the most stress-free way for
you to create content, do that. Because there is no
right or wrong with this. And for us, we actually do a mix. Some of them, are just dot points with all the research and
everything done first. Some of them we have
a full written script. And others, I’ll have a teleprompter. So even for this video that
I’m shooting right now, I have a teleprompter where
I can see my dot points written right there on the 6screen. And I know that I don’t
even have to refer off to a piece of paper. I know the topics that I wanna cover but they’re just dot points. I’m just speaking to them and I can speak around the topics but if I want something that
is really really on point, and word for word, and I
don’t wanna miss anything, or say something the wrong way, then a teleprompter could
be the perfect tool for you. Now if you’re interested
in finding out more about teleprompters and
how you can use them, without people actually
knowing that you are reading, I’ll put another link up in the cards now and below in the description,
showing you how to do it. And the seventh one or the seventh lesson, is to diversify off platforms. What I mean by this is
not putting all your eggs in one basket and just
growing on the one platform. What I would strongly recommend, is that you grow an email list. This is something that
you own and you control, and if something happened
to your YouTube channel, to your Facebook page, it doesn’t matter, if something happens to one of your social media profiles or accounts, you’ve still got a way that
you can directly communicate and connect with your audience. So growing an email list
will let you bring in new revenue streams. It’ll let you build deeper relationships with your subscribers. And also bring in targeted
leads into your business or to help you grow your brand as well. Now I’ve added a link down the description to our free email growth workshop, taking you through step-by-step
the whole strategy around growing your email list and how we are able to grow our email list from YouTube and how you
can do exactly the same. And we take you through
step-by-step how you can do it. Now if you take one thing
away from this today, please make this it. Start now whether you’re ready or not. Whether you believe email is
going to be the best thing for your business or not, take an hour. Go through this free workshop, it shows you exactly how to start and how to set up your email platform, setting you up for major
growth in the future. This is one of the biggest reasons that we’ve been able to build
our multi six figure business driven almost entirely from YouTube. So there’s a link on screen now to access the free Email
List Growth Workshop. I strongly recommend it. It’s been an absolute game changer for us. And again, a massive thank
you for all the support in helping us reach 250,000 subscribers. And I’ll see you in the next video.


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