60 Second Photoshop Tutorial : Put an Image in Text -HD-

October 22, 2019

One of the best ways to make boring text in Photoshop more interesting is to put an image inside of it. First grab your text tool
and find the font that has put on the most extra holiday weight. I’ll be using Impact as is nice think font
that will allow us to see a good deal of our image. Next scale up your text. Now place the image you want to use above the
text layer. After that move your mouse between
the text and image layer and hold alt. When the mouse changes click to create a
clipping mask. Or right click the image layer and
select make clipping mask. Now move your image layer around to create an
interesting composition for your text. Next we can add a bit of depth to get
the text up off of the background. Go to the FX panel and add on a small bevel and emboss. Then add on a slight drop shadow. This will pull the text away from the
page. Lastly you can add on whatever
decorations you would like. I have a santa have that I cut off the
picture of a relatives head that should work nicely on our text. Now look at that. We
did that in snow time and I think that our text is looking good enough to throw
on our tacky holiday card. If you liked this 60 second tutorial be
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