60 Second Photoshop Tutorial : Color Balance Adjustment Layer -HD-

September 8, 2019

There will be times when editing photos in
Photoshop that you want to make quick changes the colors of your image.
Adjustments such as curves give you this result, but can take a good deal of
fine-tuning. While curves and other color correction
adjustments may offer more control, the color balance adjustment gives an easy
to use interface, quick results, and control over the lights, darks, and all
hues. So as you can see, this image has a
little too much green at the time. So if we go to the adjustment button at the
bottom of the layers panel and select color balance, some options will appear.
As you can see, we have control over shadows, midtones, and highlights. We also
have the opposing colors and their sliders at the bottom of the panel. So we are first going to start with the
middle panel. I’m going to be taking and dragging in the middle towards the magenta side to remove some of the green. Then I can go to the bottom in order to
take and add in a little bit of blue. So once I’ve done that, the last thing
to do is go up to the top slider and I’m going to be taking out a little bit
of red. So once I’ve done that you can see with
the color balance adjustment we were able to quickly improve the overall
color of the image. So this has been a 60 second tutorial by River City Graphix. Be
sure to subscribe, rate, and comment for more!

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