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October 13, 2019

Hi there! It feels like many people today
think that a good photo is the one adjusted by aids of Photoshop. Feels like just smiling
into the camera is not enough anymore. One might say that basic Photoshop skills are
essential in the modern world. But you know what, no matter how hard designers try to
make those photos look beautiful they still make mistakes and many of them are very silly.
So if you guys wanna have some laughs, let’s have a look at 55 hilarious Photoshop mistakes.
. Oh, I bet with hands that long, this athlete is at the top of the swimming league. Not
to mention her incredible ability to get stuff from top shelves.
. What a lovely little girl. So young, pure and innocent. Wait a minute, who’s that
in the mirror? Her twin sister from another dimension? I don`t suppose mirrors work that
way. This kids piano doesn`t seem like something
children should mess around with. It`s like a thing from a thriller film.
. That`s a great shower. Can`t say the same about her neck though. Thehelliswrongwithit?Itlookslikeit`smadeofrubber.
Somebody call the doctor! .Goddamnghosts! Tryingtolooklikenormalpeople.
Hey, you’re not fooling anybody! We know your secret! You don`t have any legs! Let
go that dog, perverts! . Sometimes, when you don`t have access to
Photoshop, you just have to utilize paint. .The man who kissed the rock. Is that blood
on his back? What`s the story there? . Oh my God, The clone war is near! Just look
at all those people. Hey, let`s count them you guys! Let`s see how many twins you guys
can find. . What? I always thought you were supposed
to use selfie stick the other way around. . Check out those arms you guys! With hands
like these you don`t need a spade. Shout out to vault boy from Fallout.
. Never leave your kid alone. Floating hands are all over the place, you don`t want those
to hurt your children, do you? . I wonder how long it takes to learn to twist
your legs like that?That girl must be some kind of ballerina.
. Sometimes you just want to add some special ingredients. Even if you can only do that
digitally. .What a hell? Where s her jaw? She looks like
she`s about to eat her friend! . Woo-hoo! I just sold my house… For 9 dollars!
. Oh no, what`s wrong with that guy`s old chap? It says latest style at the bottom.
If that`s what latest trends look like, I don`t wanna know.
. Alright! 25% off! Wait a minute, what`s the deal with that sleeve? Is that how you
wear a tuxedo now? Wow, that`s fresh! . Man, there’s some weird stuff going on
between those father and son. I think they both like plastic surgery too much. And the
mom looks like her mouth never shuts and she has that expression wherever she goes.
. Now that`s what I call a family! That`s pretty spooky actually. I mean what was wrong
with their faces in the first place?I m sure they re not that ugly. That`s a very interesting
approach to photography. . One of those Bad Judge posters. Arethoseherlegs?
I`mnotsosure. Maybe she just sits on someone`s shoulders under that dress?
. A funny incident happened at La Redoute. They forgot to wipe the naked guy from the
back of one of the photographs. Good thing I got rid of him, imagine seeing a random
flasher! What a sight to behold! .Nothing special here, just a couple of dudes
with super powers. . Levitating pudding. Or she pierced it with
her finger and now wears it like a ring. . This is lama and this is retriever. Here’s
what happens when those two meet. . If you see that from the plane window, I
guess it`s the right time to panic. . Nice eyebrow tuts! So you just put them
on or off, yeah? .ThisPictureWasOnMyPastaBox. What Did They
Do To Her?! Well, looks like they turned her into an elf,
dude. . Honestly, it just feels like she`s giving
you a big *uck you. . What a hell is up with that guy`s bones?
Yep, that`s what golf does to you. . Do you really need high hill shoes with
legs that long? . Those waffles are supposed to look delicious
and yummy. I m not entirely sure if they were cooked. They just look raw. Apart from that,
this pic looks totally normal. . What`s with the babies’ legs? Is this
okay? Are there two children under the blanket? .Have you guys noticed the size of that Ready
Player One guy`s legs? In real life it would look pretty funny.
. A giant flash drive with very little memory. Definitely not the best deal out there!
. Johnny three hands. God, that woman looks like she hates him.
. The more hands you`ve got – the more successful you are.
. Another extra hand in the shot! Jesus! . Apparently, those eye drops help you grow
arms. I mean look at that woman, she doesn`t have a hand!
. What a lovely little girl! Is it just me or does it look like she`s about to bite her
mom in the neck? .Verycool! A 500 000 dollarbill! But doesn`t
it suppose to cast a shadow and reflect? . Cute doggie but does it poop? It has no
asshole. .Don`t worry honey, they said, we`ll Photoshop
you up! .Hmm… Noheadbutbothhandsareintact. Looks
very strange. .Have a good look at this picture guys! You
have 10 seconds to figure out what`s wrong with it!
See those reflections in the water? There supposed to be umbrellas up there.
. Somebody forgot that horses have bodies. .If you look closely, you`ll see that that
guy has a bit of a trouble with his suspenders! Well, it`s not unusual, it happens quite often
when you travel through time and space. . Why does photographers say that long female
necks are sexy? So many long necks! They re not giraffes, are they?
. And they usually quite flexible if you’d pardon the pun.
.Whereisthatguy? Can`tseehiminthemirror. Also, what a hell are they doing? They re not very
busy are they? . How do you like that arm from out of nowhere?
Although maybe it belongs to someone underwater. . When your fingers are designed exactly according
to the physics of spinner. . Jesus, that`s a bit much.
.Seems like Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey both have a few extra limbs
. Everybody knows that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have many children. But those editors
felt like adding another one to the bunch. . What? Where the hell is that car going?
. Okay, let`s just say we didn`t notice any Photoshop in this picture.
. Don’t know what`s happening here but that woman`s hip looks like it`s been stung by
bees quite a few times! . We all knew Jennifer Aniston started doing
yoga but who would expect such amazing results! . Oh, yes. That`s what a real man should look
like. Big brain, the most erotic muscle. . Oops, a little error at the bottom here.
Hey, maybe it`s one of those billboards that shows the future of smartphones?
. Headphones that don`t mess up your hair. The dream. That headphone stripe on top is
always so annoying, isn`t it? . The title should go: How to clone your Labrador.
.Ahm, I think that hat is supposed to be smaller. . Look at that girl`s left hand, it`s monstrous!
Well, what do you want, it`s cosmopolitan. . And what a surprise! Gisele Bundchen doesn`t
have a belly button. . Yeah, I would never eat that pizza. Alright you guys, that’s all for today,
hope you had some laughs. If you like this video, press the like button and don`t forget
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