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$50 Over and Over Make Money Online Free Secret Method

November 10, 2019

okay so in this video I’m going to show
you a secret method that no one else is teaching this or knows about this other
than me on YouTube right now I found this method
by doing a search it’s a way that you can make probably a killing and make
about fifty dollars over and over and over again I decided that I’m going to
share it with you guys today and allow you to have opportunity to jump in on
this needed thing in the market right now something that I found alright so
you guys need to sit back relax stick around and watch this whole thing so
that you can get the details that I’m about to show you all right I’m gonna
get you started on that here right now all righty guys welcome back to the
video as I said in the intro I found something here that I could easily just
keep to myself this is not anybody that’s doing this that I’ve found so far
but I decided to share it with you guys so that you guys could have opportunity
to make money on online as well with this it’s a pretty well secret thing
apparently not many people doing this at all if any so what I wanted to do is
share this with my subscribers today so that you guys can have an opportunity to
take advantage of this and make money so now first of all my name is Kevin Lena
with Kevin laner Kevin – laner dot-com and this is your
first time here – my videos or you’ve been here before and you’re still not
yet a subscriber well I’ll tell you what with all the value that I’m putting out
on this channel particularly with this video here today you should reach that
and right now while you’re thinking about it and I’m talking about it just
click that subscribe button down there and don’t forget to click the bell so
that you get notified when we upload new videos which we do fairly regularly here
alrighty alrighty guys well with that out of the way let’s get started in on
this anxious to show this to you what we’re gonna do is come over here to a
site similar to a fiber I don’t know if you ever heard of this or not it’s
called conquer Kon keer you see it up here in the address bar
it’s Concord dot IO okay conquer dot IO now when you get to this site you’ll
notice it’s similar to fiber you have people that are selling their talents on
here in different things to people anybody that needs a service right for
their whatever it may be for now and here’s what you do you don’t conquer
touch and get things done people who love what they do help you get
everything done in an unbeatable value and you can start selling what do you do
best create your gig and start selling it’s free it only takes about five
minutes to set alright guys so it’s this can be done
for free this is 103 and can be done anywhere in the world okay now and Trust
and safety and that talks about your account and transactions are all secure
and everything so the first thing you want to do is you want to come over here
to conquer dot IO first thing I have to do is join on here on the site first so
we click on join and it comes down and it asks you for an email address and/or
a username an email address and a password and then make sure you click
this little I’m not a gadget tick here again and then just click sign up and
they will send you a confirmation mail okay I’ve already signed up to this site
already and then what you’re going to do is after you go through your
confirmation email you can get it’ll just log you you know when you click on
that leg to confirm your email address it will just straight up blog you
straight in straight into your account here okay so anyways I’m going to go
ahead and sign in here now I’ve already done done went through all this already
and how my account set up here now on this site can question down here and
there we go on this site what we’re gonna do is
we’re going to click on SEO here up here at the top you see where it shows SEO
right here and then we’re going to come down here and we’re going to in the
column on the left here we’re going to click on YouTube SEO here okay now I’m
going to go ahead and load up a bunch of these right here it says load more
heroes keep scrolling down it should keep loading more and more and more of
these not going to go through the whole list but I’ll go through enough of them
to show you what I’m talking about here this is the secret thing that I found
out here on this side so slowed up a whole bunch of these okay
all right that’s quite a few of them right – actually I think that’s problem
well there’s more loading out there okay now I’m gonna scroll back up to the top
of these and what I want you guys to pay attention to here is pay attention that
there’s something missing there’s something that’s not being done on this
website that needs to be or there’s a whole open market for this all right all right now what you’re going to do is
we’re gonna scroll down through here and I want you to look for there’s three
things are gonna mainly see that people are offering that sellers are offering
on this site but there’s one that there isn’t and that’s the one that’s the
secret that I’m going to share with you guys now keep in mind like I said I
could keep this to myself but I decided I want you guys to know this too okay
now three things you’re going to notice that people are offering here but
there’s one that there isn’t that needs to be three things one is a video embeds
video views and then the other one is subscribers you’ll notice that people
can get subscribers from this channel too which is not recommended to buy
subscribers for your channel okay but you’re going to see these three things
but now I’m going to point out what to you is not here that should be here or
if it’s you know if it should be here because you can make a killing with it
okay now pay attention here so if we scroll down here you see people offering
video embeds now don’t get me wrong this all of these texts SEO YouTube SEO
techniques that you see here are all viable and good but there’s one that’s
primary that needs to be there it isn’t so look down through here you see
youtube views get it get that okay and also backlinks another thing is
backlinks so four things four things you’ll see it being offered here but
there’s one isn’t look down here there’s views
YouTube views all right SEO video promotion embeds views again views
ranking one video or one or two videos at a time as you see what we’re looking
for here you see all these views again embeds backlinks things like that are
being offered they’re all good those are all viable SEO techniques for for videos
okay so as we go down through here what do you guys see can you guys guess
what’s missing here just take a moment to hear and think about what’s missing
here of what should be offered here on this page or this YouTube SEO on this
site what should be but it’s not here see if you can guess what it is ranking
videos video SEO YouTube views here there’s one thing that you’re not seeing
here that should be here video SEO backlinks embeds see that there’s one thing that’s
missing what do you guys think it is and you guess you can purchase a thousand
subscribers here it’s not recommended to do that but it’s here embeds YouTube
video optimization again subscribers again views again plenty of views
backlinks subscribers video optimization one or two videos but there’s something
here that’s missing have you guessed it yet still not yet right well I’m going to
tell you now this is the secret here that nobody is doing on this page or on
this site in this concur on youtube SEO yeah all the other kinds of optimization
is here but this one is not channel optimization YouTube channel
optimization that’s the one that’s the most primary of all you can get a
channel set up but that’s the first thing you should do is optimize your
YouTube channel for like your title your graphics and other meta tags and things
like that and tags for your channel that has not been done here nobody is doing
that here alright so that’s as we scroll back up I’ve been
through quite a few of them here there’s nobody that’s doing channel optimization
here so as we scroll back up you’ll see that there’s none of that there was
nobody here doing channel optimization alright so we got plenty of embeds and
in video optimization we got subscribers we got views but nobody here is doing
anything about channel optimization now that is the thing that you could do here
on this channel and make it killing but I’m going to show you today how to do it
without doing any work on your part so let’s get into that now that you know
what this site or this particular concur io needs to have on for a youtube SEO
now let’s see we how we can do it so what you’re going to do is is when
you’ve come in and you’ve signed up or joined with the site like you just saw I
showed you in the beginning here then you’re going to click on start selling
right and that brings you up to here now the main thing here is you want to make
sure that you have a PayPal email if you don’t have PayPal go
to it’s easy enough to sign up with a good email there and have a
free account with PayPal so that you can get your money from this website okay so
make sure you put your paypal email in here and then click activate it and that
will set you up to sell on this channel the rest of this is if you want to
update your when you joined your email address and your password and so on and
so forth that’s all you need to be concerned with this make sure your
paypal email address is in here alright so then we come back what you’re going
to do is you’re going to set your gig up here on concur to offer channel YouTube
channel optimization for new YouTube channels or any existing YouTube channel
alright and set your price at $60 if you look down through here that’s a that’s a
good reasonable price I wouldn’t price it real high don’t price it too high $60
is a good a good place that’s why I’m telling you’re gonna make 50 dollars
over and over here again I’m going to show you how to do this so I’ve said it
since I’m the only one offering YouTube channel optimization on this site I
would set my price a little bit high at about $60 alright so you create your gig
create a good picture if you if you need to put a picture to setup your gig with
you can go to and create one there for yourself or if you have a good
photo editing software you can create your own picture for your gig and so on
and so forth and set it up that you’ll do channel optimization now what kind of
channel optimization and how we’re gonna make money with this alright guys so now
you know you set up the channel YouTube channel optimization gig on copper here
and I can see now that you guys are going to be jumping on this quick I’ll
tell you that whoever gets this first is gonna probably make it kill him with
it because it’s not offered here and it should be and I’m gonna explain to you
why here’s how we’re going to make money with this now what we’re going to do
let’s say we’ve got our channel set up here we’ve got our gig set up here on
this site Kankuro to do channel optimization for YouTube
channels we’re going to come over here to our favorite Fiverr website alright
if you’ll notice that it fiber I come over here to see if anybody was doing it
on fiber sure enough there is now I typed in their search engine YouTube SEO
here you see right and I scroll down and I’m looking for a good seller with a low
price all right so I scroll down there’s quite a few people here that are doing a
summer Hawaii higher price and others also you see the same things here that
you saw unconquered two people doing ranking videos and so on and so forth
and but I found this guy down here as I scroll down this one right here
knowledge inside see it right there and he’ll do set up a YouTube channel
with art and complete SEO optimization here alright for starting at ten dollars
for just ten dollars ok so I clicked on this gig right here and here’s what it
brought me over here to this right here here it is right here it’s the same one
I will set up YouTube channel with art and complete optimization but look what
he’s doing here and see says full set up and optimization created YouTube channel
this is channel optimization which is primary and the first thing that’s it
needs to be done or it can be done with people that already have channels that
need their channel or want their channel to be SEO optimized to the best of its
ability the full ability of it alright so for ten dollars
you’ll do one channel one platform included for ten dollars so what you’re
going to do you see how this is going to work now you’re not going to do
or karlie other than setting up your gig here on conquer alright you can see some
of these people that you know there’s sales are happening here you can see
what’s going on and their prices and stuff so you’re going to set up your
channel and set your price at sixty dollars that would be a good a good
level price to set of that because you’d be the only one on here at this point as
of right now anyway so you’ll set up your channel 4 channel up your I mean
your gig for channel optimization and when you get an offer or you get a
customer which I would imagine it’s probably going to happen fairly quick
because you’re the only one on here offering YouTube channel optimizations
nobody else here doing this right they said I see and I don’t think you’ve
seen it anymore any or either unless you’re oh they’re looking at you tell me
if you found anybody doing it cuz I don’t see anybody doing this okay
alright alright so you set your gig up charge 60 bucks to do channel
optimization for people you get an order from a customer you simply come over to
fibre and you hire this guy right here for 10 dollars to do a full and that
your customer gives you the channel the login information for their channel you
know your your email address and password for their YouTube channel you
bring that information over here to this guy right here for 10 dollars he’ll do
it you might find somebody that’ll do it even cheaper on here you you don’t know
you can you can look for yourself on Fiverr if you hire this person to do the
job he does the job lets you know when it’s finished and gives you a in you get
sort of a receipt from it or something like that and then what you’ll do is you
come back to concur and you’ll let your customer know that your that his channel
of their channel her channel whatever has been optimized and so on and so
forth and you’ll give them a receipt and they’ll pay you $60 so it costs
you $10 to have it done that person’s channel optimized and you’ve made $50
and this can probably be done over and over and over again I would say until a
bunch of people get on here and are offering this but right now one of you
guys could be the first one to do this because nobody’s doing it here on on
conquer and you’re gonna make in you have an opportunity to make a killing
here and actually there’s even room for many other channel optimization gigs on
here because that’s it there’s nobody here doing this right now you see I’m
the only one that saw this nobody else on youtubes bring it pointing this out
to you guys and I wanted to share that with you guys today so that you can have
an opportunity to make some good money all righty all righty guys now also
don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and click the bell down there don’t let
nothing stop you go ahead and do it right now while you’re thinking about it
also if you want to make some high ticket sales where you can make anywhere
from 300 to $4,000 per day click that link that you see right up there at the
top of your video come down in the description and click where it says
mentor with keV come on over and get signed up and for checking out the
business you’ll notice that there’s over $3,000 and bonuses to go along with it
and have yourself an online business up and running in 15 days or less and get
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boss and getting told what to do and get your time and freedom back for yourself
with high ticket sales and a business of your own for sure alrighty guys check
that link got downtown mentor with keV calm guys I’m going to let you go with
that go make sure to comment down there in the video if you like this video give
me a thumbs up over there too and also comment any ideas or comments about this
and I will let you go and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days or so on
the next exciting video alright see you guys later bye bye that


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