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5 More Keyboard Shortcuts for Lightroom CC – Lightroom Tutorial by Barry Callister Photography

October 29, 2019

Five more keyboard shortcuts for
Lightroom cc is what you’re about to see. Don’t go away. Hi there. Barry Callister for Barry
Callister Photography with you again, giving you hints, tips and tricks for
better nature photography. On this channel I do gear reviews camera
tutorials Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials and so much more,
so if you’re new consider subscribing. Be sure to check out the video description
underneath for more information about me, Lightroom CC, or anything else you see me using in the video today. Let’s jump into it for 5 more keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom CC. The first keyboard shortcut we’re going
to do here is relating to the overlay of your filters. So I’m in the Develop
Module here with this flower photo and let’s say I want to up the contrast on
just the flower here. So I’m going to do an Adjustment Brush, and I’ve got it set
for Contrast over here. So I start painting on the flower and as you can
see, I can’t really tell where I’m paint.. where I’ve painted because Lightroom is
not showing me. So down here, there is this checkbox that says “show selected
mask overlay.” Of course you can click on that and Lightroom will bring up the
overlay for you so you can see where you’re painting. The keyboard shortcut
for that is O. Pressing O will bring up the overlay, make it visible, and then you
can paint and see where you’re painting. So the shortcut for the overlay for your
filters is O. This next keyboard shortcut is in
relation to the one we just did with the overlay for your filters. This one is to
change the color of your overlay. So I’m working on this same photograph here, I’m going to just paint a little bit in there. Now this is a perfect example this
image because this flower is actually a reddish color, and my overlay is
currently red. It can be hard to see exactly where you’ve painted
some areas because the colors match. So to change the color of your overlay, you hold Shift and press O. That will change it from red to green. O again, white and
black. So red, green, white, or black. So that’s really handy in case your image
is the same color as your overlay. Keyboard shortcut for changing the color
of your mask overlay – Shift + O. Alright, shortcut number three for this
video is to do with your brush size. So if
you’re using something that uses a brush, like your Adjustment Filter, or your
Spot Removal Tool is another thing you can use with this. This is to make your
brush bigger or smaller, you use the square bracket keys. So the right square
bracket key will make it bigger. The left square bracket key makes it smaller. You
can tap it to go in increments, or hold it down and it’ll go bigger or smaller. So brush size shortcut key is your left or right brackets. Okay, shortcut number four and number five, I’m doing two in one here. This
first shortcut is for copying your develop settings so that you can then
paste them to another photograph. So I’m in my Develop Module here, I’ve done some editing on this photograph, and I want to copy it to this photo down here say in
the filmstrip, or I might want to copy it to a number of them. You can actually
do it to more than one. So what I do in order to copy the settings that I’ve
made to this photo is Ctrl + Shift + C. So that’s Command + Shift + C on a Mac. And that brings up your copy settings window here and you just select….you tick all the
boxes of the settings that you want to copy and you click “copy.” And this leads us into the final keyboard shortcut for this video which
is the paste. So I go over to this photo Ctrl + Shift + V or Command + Shift + V, and as
you can see that posted the exact same settings. And you can see over here it’s
done “paste settings” in my history panel so that you know it’s done. And you could
do that to a number of other photos if you want to by ctrl-clicking them, you
can post to two at once, three at once…you can select a whole range and post it to
them, which is extremely handy to do that sometimes. So the keyboard shortcut for
copying your develop settings is Ctrl + Shift + C or Command + Shift + C.
And to paste, Ctrl or Command + Shift + V. So there you are – 5 more keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom CC. If you know of some other ones that I haven’t mentioned in any of my keyboard
shortcut videos, please post them in the comments section below. I would love to
hear about them, and I’m sure other people would too. Be sure to check out
the links in the video description for more information on myself, Lightroom CC, or anything else you’ve seen in the video. I’m Barry Callister for Barry
Callister Photography. Get out there and take some wicked shots. I’ll see you soon. (music) Everything about you is just beautiful Laiken……welcome to the world

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