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November 4, 2019

[Cinecom’s intro] Hey folks, it’s Jordy here for
and welcome to Creative Tuesday, a weekly series where we
think outside of the box and capture some nice camera,
lighting or editing tricks. Today we’ll create five very popular
visual effects inside Premiere Pro that are so easy to make that every
trick is explained within a minute. So, let’s get into it! The first one is the car crash. Film your
subject crossing an empty street, now when you reach
the middle, make a movement like it seems
like a car is hitting you. Then also film a real car driving
through on that same spot. And you wanna film everything
from a tripod, because in Premiere Pro we’ll
blend the two clips together. Put your subject shot on top
of the riding car, with that clip selected head
over to the Opacity property and click on the Pen tool to draw
a mask around your subject. Then enable the animation
for the mask path and change your
mask over time. Now, when the car approaches, you of course wanna make sure that
the mask will not come over the car. When the car hits the subject, you wanna change your mask so that
it wraps perfectly around the subject. At this point, you might also wanna
follow him for a couple of extra frames. Then add a cut
into your clip, right-click on that right part
and choose Frame Hold. Then elect the two parts, right-click
and nest or group them together. On that nested sequence I then
add the Transform effect, from which I can animate
the position of that clip to make it follow the
hood of the car. And, as a final touch, I’m also disabling
to use the composition’s shutter angle and set one of my own to get
a natural motion blur. [Quiet street ambience sound] [Car crashing sound] On to the second visual effect! And that is a set extension. Again, film from a tripod
to make it yourself easy. And by the way, if you stay
until the end, I have a super simple solution to take
the edge off those static shots. But for now, just
film something. If you have a subject
in your shot, then also make sure that he or she
fits completely within the floor. If Yannick here would stand up
and cross the horizon, then we need to key him out with
a green-screen or something like that. In Premiere Pro you can already
put your shot on the bottom and top of there I’m going
to add some stock clips, which you can find
all over the internet. Now, I’m using Videoblocks,
which is a huge library full of stock clips, b-roll, After Effects
templates and so much more. I can download unlimited
files for a single price, and I also have the rights to use the clips
in any personal or commercial project. Videoblocks is one of the main
sponsors here on the channel, we’ve been working together
for a long time and absolutely love
their services. You can find out more by clicking the
first link in the description below. So, place your downloaded clip
on top of your shot and draw a mask around it. Usually you can do this pretty rough
and just feather the mask to make it blend better. Then scale and reposition
that layer so that it takes a natural
shape within your scene. And you can add some more
of these stock clips to it and design a set of
your own choice. Now because you’re mixing
different clips together, you might need to color correct them to make
them match better with the environment. And you can use Lumetri for that. And what I also do is decrease
the sharpness a tiny bit for objects far in the distance. [Sound of wind blowing in the background] Next up is a teleportation effect! And again, film your subject
from a tripod. You can make a teleportation move or
do a 360° flip on a skateboard. Now take your camera
to another location and try to retain the same camera height
and distance towards your subject to make the transition
work best. You can do again your teleportation
move here or that same flip trick, but important is that you do this on
the same spot as you filmed before. In between the cut, you
already wanna make sure that your movement
seamlessly matches. Now since time and
space are bent, we’ll visualize that by adding
a distortion to the transition. To make it yourself easy, I’m adding
an adjustment layer over the cut. On that adjustment layer I apply
the Turbulent Displace effect and animate the amount going
from 0 to 50 on the cut and then back to 0. To add some wiggle into it,
also animate the evolution from 0° to 360° over
the entire effect. [Tele-transportation
sound effect] And for those Harry Potter fans: Lumos
is actually a quite simple spell. Here’s how to do it. Just film
your subject in a dark space, and when your actor says ‘Lumos’,
a dedicated person turns on a light above him. Inside Premiere Pro, you add
the Lens Flare effect to the clip, enable the animation
for Flare Center, and the idea now is that
you make the flare position follow the end-point
of the wand. And, to make it yourself easier, you
could increase the blending mode to have a better visual
on the cross air. Go a frame forward, adjust the point,
go again a frame forward and so on. It takes some time, but the
results look pretty cool. And by the way, from the Lens
Type drop down menu, you can chose how you wanna
have your light point look like. [Eerie ambience sound] -Lumos! And then finally is
a fake gun shot. Film something where you’re either holding
a gun or pretending to hold one and of course fire it. We’ll now need a muzzle flash,
which comes out of a real gun. Again, you can search the
web for one of those clips. In Premiere Pro you then
wanna place that muzzle clip on top of your shot, head over to the opacity and change
its blending mode to Linear Dodge. Then scale and position
that muzzle effect near the loop
of the gun. And that’s it! You can now do the same
thing with the victim, just here you wanna have
a blood spatter to it. Again, you can find them
all over the web. Only here, we change the
blending mode to Screen. Because blood doesn’t glow
like a fire flash. Then just reposition and
scale it to the right spot. Now, since these muzzles or splatters
just take up one or two frames, you don’t need to track them
with the movement of the subject. [Jordy Whistles] [Gunshot sound] [Jordy continues whistling] And those where the five super simple
visual effects inside Premiere Pro. But like I mentioned before,
we actually have a… …free handheld preset pack
on our website, which you can find a link to
somewhere in the description below and that will take the edge
off those static shots. There’s a dedicated tutorial
within that page on how to use that effect. Thank you all so much for watching,
make sure to subscribe, and, of course, join the notification
squad to see us twice a week! But most importantly, stay creative! [Jordy whistles] -Ha, ha, ha! -Ha, ha, ha! -Let’s never do that again!
Never! [Jordy whistles the cinecom’s
intro melody]


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