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5 Cool Video Effects You NEED To Try!

August 18, 2019

what’s up everyone George here as you
know our channels all about helping you make your very best videos because we
want to empower your inner video creator so I’m gonna use this cool skit that we
made to show you some creative applications of video effects found in
most software’s including film or you don’t have a video editing software yet
and you want to follow along you can try film or a free by clicking the link here
or in the description box below let’s get into in today’s news the Disney Corporation
has acquired the moon don’t be surprised if you see Mickey Mouse in the sky
George five minutes yeah yeah I’ll be right
there I’ll be right there our best friend look at me whoa I’m
George from from work I have a funny ponytail I have a funny time ha ha ha ha
well guess what I’m taking over whoa whoa whoa easy buddy I don’t want
any trouble George hurry up alright alright I’m kind good morning make Hoover I’m your host
George McLaughlin and this is a breaking news update the Disney Corporation has
just acquired the moon no no they need to know about this your reflection may
be trying to end your existence so the first effect I’m going to talk
about is called Moscow we use this trick in filmora for almost the entire skin to
do masking effects in filmora drag the two video clips you want to use into the
two p IP tracks putting the video you want mask out on the bottom most track
right click the top clip in the timeline and select the mask option select the
shape you want to use in this video we use a square shape to completely mask
the right half of the bottom lip with the top corner then drag the sliders
around and completely mask the area you want to cover a split screen displays
two or more Clips together separated into different screens see how we use
the split screen to create tension between me and my mirror self in our
showdown to add a split screen in film or click the split screen button above
the timeline and you can browse and preview different kinds of split screen
frames in the library choose your favorite one and drag it onto the
timeline to drop zones will appear select the clips that you want to use in
your split screen in the media library and drag them on to each drop zone if
the framing isn’t correct you can move the cranes around in this listing element’s overlays transitions and
filters all 2d motion graphics you can use to enhance your videos in kumara to
add any of these motion graphics simply select one from any of the four
categories and drag and drop it on the timeline where you want to enhance your
video clip and this part of the skit we added my very favorite filter chromatic
aberration which you can find in for Moroz distortion filters tab we also use
some overlays in transition from the news preset pack you can add to film or
app through a subscription to a for more effects or just as with other motion
graphics once you have the overlay or transition installed all you have to do
is locate it in the media finder and drag it under your clips in the timeline
green screen is one of the most well known effects this effect helps you
combine videos by replacing a color of one video with the entire frame of
another so to use green screen and filmora first drag and drop the video
clip you want to key a color out of into the p i– p track and put the image you
want behind the keyed out color in the track below it right-click the clip in
the timeline and select chroma key green the p IP window will pop up and this is
where you can preview your clip and key out certain colors now check the make
parts of this clip transparent box then drag the slider to adjust the intensity
level as you can tell the slider will affect the transparency of your clip
keep in mind you don’t have to key out just the green color you can do this to
pretty much anybody the effects are like motion graphics but are 3d and often
combined live footage and digital effects together our video makes use of
filmora blockbuster presets and a scenes where you see the explosions in my
glasses as well as the smoke appear when my clone first appears outside the
mirror you can get VFX by using a subscription to the film or effects
store once you’ve loaded them into the software you can simply drag and drop
the effects onto the timeline move and resize them to fit new clips
look how easy it is to add in the glasses during the mirror showdown text
effects include intros titles and lower thirds which are graphic overlays placed
in the center or lower area of the screen so to add titles or lower thirds
in kumara select the text credit tab above the timeline find the text or
title you want and drag it on your timeline then double click on it to edit
the text thanks for watching everyone hope you
enjoyed those video effects and can make great use of them please hit that
subscribe button if you haven’t already we upload filmmaking tutorials every
week that’s it from us we’re George from filmora we’re here to
empower your inner video creator see y’all next time ciao


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