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5 Best Video Editing Software in 2020

February 9, 2020

Hello Guys! Welcome back to another video. In today’s video, we’ll be taking a look at
the five best video editing software of 2020. Be sure to check the links in the description
down below. So let’s get right into it. Filmora
Filmora is an excellent video editor if you are just getting started with video editing. It comes with advanced features like 4K Support,
background noise removal and a massive library of built-in filters, titles, special effects
and royalty-free music. Filmora’s interface is easy to get used to,
and it renders videos pretty quickly. It is available for both Windows and Mac. A lifetime license with free updates retails
at $59.99 for Filmora 9. If you need professional audio editing and
video effects, you can opt for Filmora Pro for $149.99. Link: Vegas Pro 17
Vegas Pro 17 is a professional-grade video editing tool with an efficient and modern
interface. It has some much sought after features like
360-degree video editing, planar motion tracking, multi-cam editing and advanced video stabilization. The software accompanies an extensive library
of filters, effects and plug-ins. Vegas Pro 17 works on Windows and is available
in 4 editions with prices starting at $399. Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro is the granddad of professional video editing tools. It is built by one of the biggest names in
the industry and is used by professionals all-over. It has a clear interface, and the software
is fast and powerful. Notable features include unlimited multi-cam
angles, advanced video stabilization, 3D and 360-degree editing. Adobe Premiere Pro works on both Windows and
Mac, and you can import videos from literally any source. Adobe Premiere Pro is available via a subscription
to the Adobe Creative Cloud at $20.99/month. Final Cut Pro X
If you use a Mac, Final Cut Pro X is hands down the best editor you will find. While the interface may look simple, it’s
a professional-level video editor capable of handling complex video projects. Built by Apple, it makes the best use of the
powerful computing capability of mac processors and delivers fast, seamless performance. Top features include multi-cam editing, unlimited
video tracks, advanced color balancing, 360-degree editing and great organizational tools. Final Cut Pro X works only on Macs and retails
for $299.99. Davinci Resolve Studio
Davinci Resolve Studio is a spectacular video editor that’s packed with features like facial
recognition, stereoscopic 3D tools, advanced color correction and dozens of plug-ins and
effects. You can produce flawless video clips in various
file formats and upload them directly to your social media pages. Davinci Resolve Studio works on Windows, Mac
and Linux and retails for $299. We hope you found this video helpful. Which video editing software do you think
is the best? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe
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    Which video editing software do you think is the best? Let us know in the comment section below.

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