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5 Amazing Tips & Tricks for Lightning Fast Productivity in Adobe Premiere Pro

November 30, 2019

Hey, what’s up boys and girls I’m ignace Aleya from and today it’s a second filmmaking
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new videos we are going to be talking about how to optimize your workflow to
have a smooth and lightning fast editing routine in Adobe Premiere Pro before we
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giveaway and maybe you’re the winner alright so let’s say you have filmed
some footage it’s really important to set up a clear and easy structure that
you use every single time this will save you a ton of time when you make changes
and will keep everything clear especially if you work with multiple
people or in a team or if you want to come back to your own project but later
in time for example one year from now I already have a video on organizing your
video editing structure I will add a car to this video if you haven’t seen that
video I definitely encourage you to go and check that video out first it has
some amazing tips and it will definitely increase your productivity when it comes
to editing now let’s get started with this video when you record it your video
files each camera record in a different codec some are good and some are not so
good premiere really loves to work with video
files with a great codec it really speeds up the editing process and it has
nothing to do with your resolution of your video just how the video is encoded
of course resolution is also a part in the playback speed but encoding your
video file is equally as important if you are not sure that you are working
with the supported codec you can easily transcode them and prove
Pro automatically when you open a Premiere Pro you create a new project
and go to the ingest settings if you toggle ingest settings to arm you have
multiple options here it is best to select one of the presets I would go for
your D and X HD but it doesn’t really matter which preset you choose they are
all optimized for premiere so whatever you like go with that one the downside
on this workflow is that it will likely increase your video files up to five
times their original size and this can take up a lot of storage very quickly so
if you are planning to backup this project it might not be the best choice
instead what you can do is work with proxies and proxies are simply lower
resolution video files that you make from your original files for example if
you have 4k you will lower the resolution and create proxies to edit
with because of the low resolution your playback speed is geniusly fast and you
can fully concentrate on the creative part of editing once you are done you
toggle on your original files again and you can start with the final tweaking
such as color grading to do this you can go to the ingest settings again but
instead of using the transcode option here you will use the create proxies
here again pick a preset the lower the resolution the faster your editing will
be and don’t kill yourself if you have a beef specie like I do it’s still very
interesting to use proxies for example I am working with Abby’s PC from Amazon
with a 10 core processor and yet I prefer to work with proxies as it is
much faster if you are interested in which PC I am using and what’s all under
the hood actually made a video on that with link in the description you can go
and check that out now that you selected the proxies preset you can import your
footage and this will automatically open up Media encoder CC after importing your
video final this is to render out the low resolution video files to use as
proxies in Premiere Pro know that once it is rendered Premiere will
automatically recognizes video files as proxy files and you will immediately be
able to use them in your edit so if you drag them to your timeline you are
immediately working with the proxy video files now you can click on the plus icon
below your program monitor and drag the toggle proxy button in the
menu bar below it toggle in between to switch from the original footage to a
proxy footage and once that is done can go to the assemble work layout here it’s
very handy to assemble everything and keeps everything organized once again
before you start editing preparation is really key when you start on an edit I
like to change my thumbnails to the maximum size and scroll through them by
just hovering over them and see which video files I like and don’t like if I
am 100% sure that I don’t need a video file I will just simply delete it out of
my project it’s unnecessary to keep files that you’re not going to be using
it’s just in the way also because we converted all the files
to proxies scrolling will go a lot smoother and thumbnails awesome in these
thumbnails you can also set your end and add points already which is also really
nice if you can already get like a basic idea of how you want to edit things and
if you don’t know what this is again I would recommend you to check out the
video and organizing as it’s all explained and there the next step is
once you use a video file and it’s already in your edit you can hide it in
the project panel this will make it a little bit easier to see which files you
didn’t use yet and what you did you can do this by simply right-clicking
on a video file and select hide you can always go back and select view hidden by
right clicking in the project panel and select view hidden and now you see all
the video files again adjustment layers and toggling between effects is also a
great way to boost your productivity if you cooperate your footage use an
adjustment layer on top of your video file this way you can call rate multiple
videos at one time and you can always in toggle the adjustment layer for faster
playback if you have a lot of effects in your scene this can slow down your
preview tremendously and sometimes it’s just not necessary to see them while
editing so you just want to toggle them off you can easily go again to that plus
icon that we talked about before in this video and once you click on there you
see an effects button you can also drag this one in the menu of the program
monitor and now you can toggle on and off your effects within the project for
a smooth playback another great tip is giving your videos a label called
and the time line this way you can easily see which shots are wished for
example your intro has a particular courrier midsection has a particular
color and your end section now you can easily see where your intro is and where
your mid part is you can also take it a step further and color code your B row
in a particular core we can also do this in each different project that you do
and now you will always know that red is your establishing shots for example
green is your close-ups gray yellow is your b-roll
everything that is maybe orange is your most important section that’s your main
video and that’s a really interesting way to edit I really love working with
these core labels it keeps everything so organized and I already remember for
example each of my projects all my establishing shots are red so if I have
to change something in the establishing shop I just go to the red location and
that’s really interesting if you are going for more complex videos even in my
youtube videos I like to color code them you can also add these core codes to
particular hot keys on your keyboard so you don’t have to always right-click
label color and then select a color all right so that’s it for this video I hope
you enjoyed watching it if you did give this video a like be sure to subscribe
to the channel for more and also check out our website we have a bunch to offer
for filmmakers the link will be in the description and yeah let me know what
your favorite speed booster is in Adobe Premiere Pro and I’ll see you in the
next one and good bye


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