5 AMAZING SNAPMATIC MAPS (Community Created Jobs) GTA Online

September 1, 2019

hey what’s going on guys Knifeguy coming
at you with another GTA 5 video this one here guys a little bit different we did
a stream not too long ago about snap Matic locations and created jobs by the
community of GTA so if you guys do want to see some of these wicked locations
try them out yourself get some snaps here are five amazing snapmatic maps
created by the GTA community if you guys enjoy it drop a like and subscribe and let’s
get into it alright guys so the first location the
first job we got created up here is Pirate Bay what I’m gonna do guys I’ll
show you guys how to get into the job this one is a race created one as you
can see it is the full pirate ship out in the actual cold so if you guys do
want to try it out like I said I’ll leave all the links down in the
description to all of these jobs you guys want to try them out big shadow
tell the craters as well part of the community as you can see for the pirate
ship one guy’s the creator of this one used a lot of different objects used
everything from the horse cart so you can see the wheels these plumbing from
sewers they use everything from dumpsters to buckets to even pickaxes
and all that kind of stuff so as you guys can see there’s a lot of work
created into this one it looks absolutely amazing it’s wicked four
little shots and snap Maddox at the top end for the actual little I guess bird’s
nests they use some of the farming equipment stuff because some of the
fencing and of course they do have to have a pirate ship head steering wheel
let’s get onto the next one guys alright guys so the second job we got
lined up here another created one is called old town so it’s gonna be a
country style job essentially there’s gonna be a little area where you can go
over to great near the actual train station for some reason there isn’t an
actual train there but it’s gonna be more of a creative train so as you can
see it have everything from money stacks again with the horse and buggy carts you
can do a couple different setups here we decide to do one of those five paces
turn and Fire but it’s just a small little town they also set it on fire
which just got to give it a little bit better graphics and just look all around
bunch of cactus everywhere again guys go ahead and shoot around with these shots
see what kind of country western cowboy themed ones you could come up with go
ahead and tag me on Twitter if you want to guys let’s get into the next one location we got lined up here it’s going
to be the one hikers work so it’s going to be over up near hooky which is what a
little biker bar is hanging off the highway passport zhang’s we do it to the
top left the map before you get up to grape seeds but if you guys want to try
this one I would go ahead and dress up with your bike grab it grab whatever
bike you want it is a bike race too so we’ll start out like that but as you can
see it’s over at bookies they pretty much just covered cookies bar with a
bunch of wooden crates and wooden objects all around it added some smoke
in there added some bales added some little propane tanks a little bit of
fire in a couple vehicles as well guys so another wicked locational wicked
mouth you want to get some static shots maybe shoot some footage for an upcoming
video or anything like that if you guys do ever post videos or any kind of
snappamatic you can go ahead and tag me on it be there on twitter or on facebook
for points down in the description as well but this one here I really do like
guys and let’s get on to the fourth location now alright guys so for this created
community job it’s gonna be more of a horror style slash Halloween it’s called
Hell’s Gate so this one’s gonna be located up in the mountain fence area
pretty much great with that little location as you go underneath the tunnel
as you guys can see here they do have the little bridge is set up a bunch of
lights they do have a bunch of branches and everything so it already has quite a
few stuff around the location that does make it look good but they added quite a
few extra features like the actual gates to the tunnel the burning flames and
you’ll notice here it looks almost like Lightning style so you can get some
absolutely amazing shots with this one I’d say out of all the ones so far this
is probably my favorite one but I’m still gonna have to go with the pirates
one let me know guys as well in the comment section you guys want to
continue out this series we still have one more job to show you guys but I just
found out that these are some pretty cool ideas we get some wicked shots with
it and everybody in the crew seems to enjoy them guys so either way lift it on
to the last and final job alright guys so for the last one we got
lined up here is gonna be the one that’s gonna be over at the Playboy Mansion so
in the middle of the city it’s gonna be one call that guy’s party mansion
essentially what it is the job name though itself is gonna be rich gang snap
Matic it’s gonna be a capture job again you can follow to any kind of weapons
you want if you want to have some weapons the characters do not run away
which is nice in this one they don’t get freaked out they don’t run away they’re
kind of just hanging out having drinks talking with amongst each other you guys
can get some wicked shots with this one too there is the grotto located nearby
and the president also actually did locate some jet skis in the water and
there’s also some cars and buggies as around as there’s also some cars and
buggies located around the map as well so if you guys are gonna go mess around
with this one too it is a pretty fun location but like I said guys this is
something new I figure to give it a try a lot of people like doing snappamatic a
lot of people like doing video so these are some wicked jobs created by the GTA
community by a bunch of the great members so if you guys do enjoy it go
ahead and drop a like on the video subscribe to the channel if you guys are
new follow me on Facebook and Twitter links in the description if you guys
want to try out any of these out links will be right down below as well guys so
I will see you all in the next one later later

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