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4 Things to Do When Graphic Design Freelance Slows Down

March 26, 2020

Hi everyone, this is Anne with Graphic Design
How To, and right now a lot of us designers are struggling – maybe some of you have been
laid off from your job or you’ve seen your freelance just plummet, and then a lot of
us are working from home and trying to get used to that. Our profession isn’t really on the front lines
like nurses or other health care workers, but it’s definitely still challenging for
us. Personally, I’ve seen my freelance business
completely come to a screeching halt. My clients’ clients have stopped having THEM
do work, so my clients can’t give me freelance either. So I’ve really had to turn my focus towards
other things to try to supplement my graphic design income. So that’s what I want to talk to you about
today – some ways to make money as graphic designers that don’t include freelance necessarily. Number #1: Sell your designs on products. There are currently a lot of places to sell
your designs on products online. You just have to create your design, make
a high quality PNG file with a transparent background, and then upload to sites like
Redbubble, Zazzle, Society 6, Threadless…and there are quite a few more than that. Those companies put your artwork on a product. They don’t actually create the product yet,
but they show it on their website, what it would look like on a tshirt, a water bottle,
a sticker, a lot of different products like that. Then when somebody orders that, they create
the product themselves and ship it out to the customer. You never have to be involved with the product
itself, which is really great because it doesn’t cost anything. Now the downside is you don’t get a lot of
money. They take most of the cut. So if you were to sell, let’s say, a sticker
on redbubble, you would get anywhere from 50¢ to $1. A tshirt would bring you somewhere around
$3-$5 and then the other products have different amounts that you would make for a sale there. So although you’re not making a lot per sale,
if you have a lot of products out there, that’s going to translate to, you know, a pretty
good income every month. And there’s not a lot of risk. You don’t have to pay to put your products
on the site, and there’s no overhead: you don’t have to buy the products themselves
or anything like that. If you want to learn how to sell your images
and stuff on Redbubble, I do have a video for that and I’ll leave the link in my description
below. #2: Sell graphic design files to other designers. You can sell your files to other designers
on Creative Market and sites like Shutterstock, 123RF…those are all stock image agencies. Designers use these files, they’ll buy them
because they speed up their process so much. And a lot of large and small graphic design
agencies have subscriptions to these sites. So the designers that work there can use them
as much as they want. Your profit from a sale on, say, Shutterstock
or 123RF is going to be pretty low though. Usually it’ll run from 25¢ to $1. So it makes sense to have a ton of images
on the stock websites to be able to pull a decent amount of money every month. Depending on who buys that image, though,
you can see up to $100 per sale on your images. It just doesn’t happen very often. On Creative Market, you set your own prices,
and then Creative Market takes a cut and you get what’s left over. So it can really vary on how much you make
on that site. If you want to learn how to upload your images
onto Shutterstock, I also have a video for that and you can take a look. I’ll put it in the description below. #3: Sell design files to crafters. Although this probably sounds a lot like what
we just talked about, your target audience with this type of file is going to be quite
a bit different. These files look a lot more ‘crafty’ or kind
of ‘cutesy’ almost. And if you want to know what your file should
look like, go out on Etsy and just type in “Files for crafters” and you can see a lot
of what’s selling now. DesignBundles is another kind of digital marketplace
like Etsy, but you already have to have another storefront already set up like Etsy. You can also put a portfolio somewhere online. That is one requirement that DesignBundles
has that Etsy does not. As you may have guessed, I also have a video
out there on how to upload to Etsy. So take a look at that – it’s in the description. Oh, and I almost forgot – the profits for
Etsy and DesignBundles are pretty much up to you. You get to set your own price there, but I
would keep it around $2-$3 per digital file downloaded, otherwise you might not be very
competitive. #4: Teach online. If you’re pretty good at explaining things
to people, you can use your wealth of graphic design knowledge to create courses on Skillshare
or Udemy. Pick something that you know better than anyone
else. So maybe it’s Adobe Illustrator. You can create courses around that. Or maybe you know graphic design theory better
than anyone you know. All you really need to create classes are
the video camera on your phone, a few lights from hardware stores, (that’s what I’m using),
and you probably want to invest in a decent lapel microphone. That’ll run you about probably around $20
on Amazon. With Udemy, students buy your class and you
get a cut. And with Skillshare, they pay for a subscription
to all the classes on Skillshare and you get paid for every minute that a student watches
your class. Now the amount you’re going to get paid on
those two platforms is really going to vary because it depends on the quality of your
class and if people like watching it. But I’ve heard of people making $5 a month,
anywhere to $100,000 a year on Skillshare and Udemy. And of course it makes sense to make as many
classes as you can that are high quality – that will always increase your monthly income. Now I don’t have a video on how to make a
Skillshare class or a Udemy class yet, but maybe I’ll make one at some point. So please let me know what YOU all are doing
to supplement your graphic design income in the comment section below. And that’s my video for this week. If you liked it, please click the “Like” button,
and I’ll see you next week with another graphic design video. Thank you!!!


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