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October 16, 2019

all righty guys welcome to today’s video
in this video I’m going to show you four websites where you can make easy money
online starting right now all righty guys welcome back to today’s
video I’m Kevin Lehner with freedom motivator
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alright so it’s also this first time here what we do here is affiliate
marketing videos anything to do with making money online videos how-to videos
general feiyu videos and motivational videos we toss it there once a while too
okay all right great well let’s go ahead and get into the content of today’s
video now like I said earlier in an show I’m going to show you four websites
where you can earn easy money online for doing small tasks now by no means are
you going to get rich doing this but if you have some extra time and some time
on your hands and free time do you want to earn a little extra money then this
video is one for you so stick around so you see all four places that I’m going
to show you okay alright let’s get started so the first website we’re going
to come to is called rapid workers comp and you see the address right here in
the address bar up here rapid workers calm basically you come here and it’s
quick work quick little uh test that you can do and get paid a forum it’s free to
sign up so you’ll just click the sign up now link right here and there’s tasks
are completed fast projects are low cost employers are fulfilled workers are
happy compensated properly promptly and most of all it just simply works its if
so at this site you’ll just come here and you can see some of the available
tasks here like here’s a YouTube both for this video it’s ten cent so the time
it takes to do that is only one minute so you can see these are quick tasks to
make small amounts of money and like I said you’re not gonna get rich doing
this probably but you can make some good extra money for whatever thing you might
want to do it might take you take you a month to do this and you might make
thirty dollars or four a month doing this but it’s extra money
right and that’s what that’s what matters
all right you can see down here and like another one just follow me on Twitter
twelve cents it takes one minute here’s some person that wasn’t in insurance
form sign up and they’re gonna pay a dollar fifty for that and it takes five
minutes to do that task so as you can see down through here there are plenty
of tests that are that you can do like upload five videos to a site at 39 cents
for that takes about four minutes vote for another YouTube video ten cents to
follow somebody on Twitter twelve cents for a minute and another insurance
signup form so there’s quite a few things here that you can do and get paid
for and they obviously also will pay you on paypal or with your bank account
MasterCard and or on a Visa I suppose or something like that okay alright so
that’s the first site rappin workers calm okay the next site that we’re going
to talk about here is my co-workers as you can see here my co-workers calm up
here in the address bar and they have employers and workers and you can browse
small ongoing jobs select jobs you like finish task is required by the employee
submit proof and earn your money okay nice thing about this sites you get in
the media at 75 cents sign up Lomas just sign up on this site and they have small
jobs and have ongoing jobs in some of the featured jobs down here you see
featured small jobs you can creative live sign up to get 8 cents for that get
a Starbucks Starbucks home pack now and you get 24 cents for completing that
city every day not sure what that is but sign up it’s 50 cents they’ll pay for
that you can submit your email to win a gift card and for doing that they gave
you 24 cents to do that and discord Nutella link click don’t
think that is signup get 21 cents for that my swagbucks sign up and download
14 cents answer a survey easy simple one survey I guess that is and you get 15
cents is you can see there’s quite a few things down to here and they also have
what they call a excuse me get a little horse here they have what’s called
featured ongoing jobs and you can target task for Keralites I’m not sure what
that is that’s obviously in India which by the way these these job become
websites I’m showing you these little micro tasks jobs these can be done by
anyone anywhere in the world it doesn’t matter where you’re at and they’re all
free to sign up for it okay alright and then you have micro tasks daily 30 cents
per test on that looks like you can make up to around eighteen dollars per month
what’s that one Hindi articles European workers for small tasks daily small
tasks for women create personal videos for their company oh excuse me sorry
about that get sneezy here and create promotional
videos for our company to get a dollar and fifty cents for Ted you can make up
to $45 per month doing that and tipsters sports betting 25 cents per Tanzanian
article content writer 30 cents per task content an article writers 30 cents many
tasks for easy cash 20 cents feel like marketing tasks simple registration easy
day of tasks daily surveys email submits at signups 30 cents and so on so forth
you can see so and they will pay you through PayPal and cryptocurrency and
some of these O’s you get Amazon giftcard and some of these others
payment options as you see here and you can actually watch the workers in real
time completing or the amount of tasks that they’ve
completed – so basically just want to come here click on the sign up link up
here at the top and get started on this and you can start making money with this
in your spare time as well okay again not going to get rich probably but it
does give you some extra good extra spending money right all right the next
tab the next site that we will talk about is called Amazon Mechanical Turk
and basically you’ll just come over here to it and if it’ll let me you know we go
yeah you just come over to em Turk comm you see it right here in the address bar
and it’s it’s Amazon’s Mechanical Turk what they do is it’s little jobs of
small little tasks that people were asking for help for and similar to the
other two sites you’ll just complete those tasks and then they’ll pay you for it
so if you have a Amazon account with a with an email address on the password
you can certainly sign in here as a worker up here at the upper right just
click on that link and sign in as a worker and you can see some of the tasks
that they have here already like for example this top one here flagging
images or something like that it might hit adult content so they warn you about
that but there’s been 51 thousand people look at this
it pays one cent one cent so that was created 41 seconds ago so that’s pretty
new and then you can click here to qualify some of these are already
accepting work you get one cent for this task
market research survey and as we come on down you can see some of these will pay
up like here 65 cents for this job this person wants a TV show video description
65 cents for that some of these you qualify for which the qualifications are
just simple I just want to be sure that your I guess some quality in other words
you’re able to do the job that the little task that they’re asking about
it’s public pretty simple and then some of these are already automatic just
accept and do the work and complete the task for money and there’s several pages
as you see there’s 895 pages here of people that need help for their tasks
that needs you to help them alright and I will even pay you for if we come
over to this next page there I won’t take a lot of time go through of course
890 pages of it but as you scroll down through here we see here’s one little
page three dollars and 15 cents and tells you a little bit about it and
stuff and and the other one here is one for four dollars and so you if someone
will pay quite a bit of money and some are just usually a few cents under a
dollar okay so yeah come over here click on sign up
at Amazon Turk comm oops I went too far backwards
you can sign up there as a as a worker here sign in as a worker of course if
you click on that I’m sure it’s gonna ask you to sign up if you don’t have an
account right and but mine and mine’s already I’m already signed in so let me
just make sure that for you here yeah you can create your Amazon account if
you don’t have an Amazon account just create one and then you can get started
with Amazon Mechanical Turk and earn some quick money and easy money that way
too okay alright so great so the fourth and final site that we want to talk
about today is called micro workers micro workers comm you see the address
up here in the bar and you can come here and register all this is free works
anywhere in the world and you can see plenty of the tasks that they have down
here now these are for people that need tasks work to create tasks for people
like you and I who would want to do the work and make the extra money so you can
see that some of the things that people create projects for or ask for work for
is mobile phone specifications demographic surveys image categorization
dress dresses classification review classification on
restaurants moderation of an image and video scoring application testing
questions and answers and it just goes on and on on it this down to the list
here so I would think that you would not have any problem finding something to do
on this website where you can make some easy and quick money with this site
right here as well alrighty well guys that’s what I had for you
today with these four quick little websites where you can make easy money
in your spare time and get paid through PayPal and so on and so forth okay
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checking that out ok all right guys I’m gonna let you go and I’ll see you here
in another day or two on the next video you guys have a great day talk at you
later now bye bye

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