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February 11, 2020

hey everybody welcome back to the
freedom motivator Channel thanks for coming back today hey I’ve got something
really good for you today I want to give you four places online where you can get
a job in case you’re needing some money and you’re out of a job and you’re broke
and you need some money you can get a job today right online working from home
and have an income coming in alright so stay tuned we’ll be right back in just a
moment thanks everybody welcome back to freedom motivator Channel I’ve got four
places for you today I’m going to show you where you can get a job working from
home online if you need some extra money alright let’s get right to it here one
of the places as you can see here is called eyewriter calm eye writer their
company that you can get involved with who will pay you anywhere from upwards
of $20 an hour working with them and it can be a full-time job probably starts
out part-time to begin with them until you get better but if you have any kind
of any experience writing like freelance writing or writing any kind of texts or whatever just any kind of
stories or whatever doesn’t matter as you can see right here you can build
your own client base up and you can earn up to $80 per 500 words once you promote
yourself up to the ranks course end it looks like anywhere else you start low
and you work your way up through the ranks as you get better and your writing
gets better what an honor it’s a long and so forth you can write as much or as
little as you want each day and here’s here’s one that’s a really good you can
choose your own topics that best match your background or what you what you
love to do if you for example if you like to write for sports you know you’re
a big like me a big football fan and you like to write sports articles and things
like that you can do that you can do any kind of back background or it kind of
passion that you have you can write articles and write for them and they’ll
pay for it so that’s a good thing there had no doubt that’s a good company get
involved with that’s I write or comm you can get involved with them and you can
sign up for that right today they’re looking for people right now so yep
that’s one of the ones you can get involved with right there it’s a really
good company alright so one the next company I want to show you about is is
called site L the site L group and you can get involved with them and so they
have careers here you can comply and if you’re ready to make a difference in
your life and others you can get a job with this
company here they do sort of look like tech support if you’re good with
computers and internet and devices particular like Windows or Macintosh or
tablets or phones or what if you’re good with those and with tech support on that
you can get a job with this company making making a difference for their
clients and their their companies that they’re involved with so that’s another
good company there that you can get involved with and make a difference
there so that’s one of the ones I want to show you also another one is called
Mike Munter comm they do SEO for companies if you’re into like search
engine optimization and that kind of thing you can get involved with them and
can help them and so on and so forth work with them and make their money with
them also so that you know a lot of people need search engine optimization I
mean it was a lot of businesses out there most I would say probably many
some percent of businesses are online today and they need this they need
people that know search engine optimization and that kind of thing so
you can certainly help them with that if you have a passion for that maybe they
need help with like for something like Facebook Ads
or something like that you could help them with their Facebook Ads and how to
target their market form and so on and so forth and you SEO for them in certain things maybe you
moved google ads too you can do SEO through Google ads for Baba these these
dis companies clients as well too and make good money doing it
that’s another company together get involved with their a marketing firm the
internet marketing firm parent says and so that’s one of the things they’re good
a good company to get involved with there too so I’ve showed you so far a
three places let’s go to the first one here which you probably already know
about most people know about this place it’s fiber you of course can
get a job with them actually as a freelancer and where you’ll hire out
your services I mean you know if you’re into graphic and design there’s a lot of
graphic and design is in big demand today you can get you know jobs doing
that people will come in here and hire you to do these things and I’ve even
seen where people on here have gotten involved with fiber and as a part-time
thing and it ended up becoming full-time because they liked it so other making
such good money and with fiber it’s it’s like you know you build your way your
thing up here with fiber fibers down on a review basis as you do work for people
they can leave reviews about your service if it’s good bad what not
indifferent or whatever you can build your reviews up and get your star they
do a star rating and your stars star rating goes up then so does your work
more people will hire you because they see that you’re good and you’re you’re
referenced referred by other people to do this because the because of your
reviews I mean that just a matter of you know building up
your clambakes yeah because you’re you’re good at what you do you know so I
mean there’s lots of things involved here like graphic and design here this
is big demand here you can do all kinds of things logo design Photoshop editing
for good with Photoshop you can get a job here sell your services and making
graphics for people or whatnot with gifts moving pictures or whatever you
know t-shirts designs all kinds of things here that you can get involved in
there’s digital marketing if your is SEO again if you like SEO social media
marketing influencer marketing content marketing domain research email
marketing mobile advertising all kinds of things web traffic analytics that’s
Google doing Google Analytics and doing market research for people and writing
ads or or whatever Google Ads for people if you like that kind of thing Facebook
Ads they do those too and web traffic if you’re good at driving traffic to
people’s websites they’ll hire you to do that and get traffic to what’s their
businesses and help them get leads and sales and so on and so forth if you’re
into like again here’s like what I’ve showed you with eyewriter if you’re into
like freelancing and writing you can get into writing and translation here with
Fiverr all the kinds of things here resumes and cover letters proofreading
translation cover writing business copywriting research and summaries legal
writing if you like legal law that kind of thing you do that here too
transcription and press releases people need all kinds of things here to help
their business and a lot of times the reason they do is because they don’t
have time to do it themselves they need to hire you to do that for them if you
have you have the skills and the knowledge
and how to do that they’ll hire you to do that man you can and make good money
doing that is of course is your your skills get better your reviews get
higher your your marks go up and you can charge more money and make better money
doing this – there’s video and animation there’s music and audio programming and
tech you’re like again if you’re into like like I was showing you a side tale
there a tech technical support company you get a job with them or you can come
here and use your services here for people that need tech support different
applications anything to do with computers and tablets phones and you
just name it any device if you’re good with it you can certainly get a job here
doing this and businesses things – having fun lifestyle there’s all kinds
of greeting cards that you can do make viral videos get into astrology
spiritual healing genealogy gaming if you live in the gaming I know most
people are is a lot of people in the gaming you can get in a offer your
services here to help people with gaming maybe server side settings or server
side programming or something for their gaming that they mean to have we may
need help with who knows so you you know get involved with it and see so folks
that’s about it that’s some through four places right there that I wanted to turn
you on to today that you can make money and get a job and make money right now
from home that’s eyewriter Saito Mike Munter comm internet marketing
front and then fiber so there you have it I just wanted to do a quick video and
give you these things here to help you out and this would give you some good
value here when you it will help your life out people get
involved in these and get yourself an income if you need money okay so thanks
a lot for coming to the freedom motivator Channel we appreciate you
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also there for my number one recommended online business that you can get
involved with also it’s only thirty dollars to join and you get an
incredible amount of education on how to do online marketing it’s just incredible
thing to get involved with so thanks a lot thanks for coming back we’ll see you
again next time okay alright bye-bye now appreciate you

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