4 Best Online Video Editors – How to Edit Video in Your Browser | Ep. 40

October 11, 2019

Are you looking for a free or free ish
video editor that’s online so you can access it anywhere, no matter what
computer you’re on? Well, this guy did the research! And found the best 4: Headliner, Clipchamp Create, Wave Video and Adobe Spark. If you
want to know why this guy likes it and why you should consider them keep
watching! I’m Alex with Your Local Studio. I’m Evan! And we are excited to share the research on using
online video editors. Now, why would you use an online editor versus “just, hey let
me download a program and have on my computer”? Right! So, a lot of these online
tools are very much the same, the focus seems to be more in creating simpler
videos fasters. A lot of them have social media specific use cases and features
and that sort of thing, and they’re not as robust as say the stuff you download
to your hard drive, like FinalCut or Premiere Pro or one of those, those kind
of things. And some of them are geared more towards teams or brands, so if
you’ve got, let’s say, a team of people working in a company that you work with and
that you’re creating video content on a regular basis, some of these options
might be might be good so you can collaborate all live. Interesting, ok! So
tell me these four again… Yes, Headliner, Clipchamp Create, Wave video, and Adobe spark. Starting with Headliner! It’s the first
one because it’s totally free! Uh! I like free! We’re not sure why, but it’s
free, for now. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. So Headliner is really great,
I’ve noticed, for creating social content so if you’re creating square stuff on
specific social platforms, you know, so if you upload your own video or if you’re
working with something, the timeline it’ll automatically generate captions
for you. Uh! Captions are so important for social media. Yes, so it saves you the trouble of
having to go to some other outside site to get like an SRT file, you can just
kind of do it in there. I tried it, not quite perfect. I didn’t have to do a
lot of like tweaking but so the concept of having to do it all in just one spot
was really helpful. As soon as thing you’re able to bring all the things you
need into one place efficiency goes up. And then auto captions probably
gets you 80%, 85% there, then you have to fix the rest. That’s a
nice feature though. Something I did really like is this was a seemed like the only
place that’s offering this, those audio and visualization videos.
So if you may have seen on social platforms people who upload something
like a podcast file from like a clip from their podcast and it’s like a
static, like photo or something and there’s a little audio bleed for a rap
thing going. So this has a template for creating that you know automatically so
you just upload your audio file and it’ll create the visualization you can
customize “My color” but what the waves look like. So if you’re
creating that kind of content, videoish content from podcasts clips,
this kind of has the solution for you free! That is so probably, we keep
seeing that requests all the times, like I just want I have this soundbite I want
to put it on Facebook or LinkedIn and you can’t just upload an audio file make
it into a visual visualization free using this tool. That’s right! Really cool. So definitely great. Also, like I said, it’s free, so definitely worth
checking out. Ok, next one from that is called Clipchamp Create. This is a
freemium or free ish, which you know what that means. This is very
simple and easy to use, very similar to iMovie or FinalCut, in terms of the
look, like the dark grey and the purple highlighting colors and stuff. So
it’s very similar but everything is pretty much laid out, so if you’ve never touched
an editing platform in your life you can easily just jump right in and figure
stuff out. So it’s pretty intuitive controls! Pretty simple! Ok.
And most of these premium online tools have
access to some sort of stock footage library, so you can just immediately pull
a quick poll, I need a file here that I can put text on or music or something
like that. So, or if you want to create content that’s specifically your
an exclusively stock stuff only, with like text overlays and that kind of
thing, this is kind of an easy solution to make that kind of stuff. You don’t
have to like jump over to this site and this other site, this
file, you upload this file. It all integrates. Again, saving you time, if that’s the type of video that you want to create. Simple, very simple
stuff. So the kicker here is there is a freemium model, so if you want to try it
out you can do it for free and those features are very limited. So we’re
talking like watermark on your video of the company, we’re talking like you can
only export it’s really small, small resolution. So not that great quality!
So if you’re using it for business it’s really just to try it out. You’re
not gonna stay on that freemium. Exactly! But you can test it to explore it! Yes, so
this one starts at $6 a month for a subscription and it kind of has different tiers, depending on what you need and
all of them are like this. There is all kind of like feature based and it
unlocks different features for different tiers. So if you’re interested in these
kind of tools it really is going to pend upon what features you need. If you
need to access to a lot of stock stuff because you use that kind of stuff on a
regular basis, some of the tiers include the unlimited downloads of stock stuff.
It’s kinda like the higher priced one but if you need that there’s that
option. Or if you just want you know basic minimal stuff but a higher
resolution quality, then there’s like a cheaper of tier that allows you to do
that. $6 dollars! Yeah, roughly. Roughly. Nice! Next option this option is Wave Video, very similar, another freemium
model, simple to use interface, pretty much breaks down for you. So again if
you’ve never touched a video editing platform or software this is like the
goodie for dummies to you jump right in and get to work. That’s helpful!
The thing I like about this is there is a hold kind of tabs across the top of
the interface that are social media specific, so if you knew where you wanted
your video to live, which platform: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. And if
you want a specific size like square, vertical or whatever, you just click one
button and kind of format your timeline in your video and everything for you.
Almost sounds like Canvas for photos and stuff you can just…Yes, same
concept but for video. It would automatically resize and reformat the video.
Wow! I ain’t really trapped myself so you might if you were to do that maybe to do
some tweaking if you hadn’t working with a clip or something that’s not quite
format that correctly. But the point is that if you’re creating
content regularly for social media, for specific platforms and specific sizes
this is a really easy way to just like one-click, get what you need, with a lot
of other it’s like software specific editors on your hard drive, those kind of
tools, you’re gonna have to do that manually. So you create a project, you
kind of figure out the size and dimensions and you’re gonna have to kind
of line everything up so this saves you a lot of time, if this program is
does it for you. Exactly! Good, something to consider!
Seems to be aimed more at brands and small to mid-size teams. How so? There’s a way
to like add watermarks, but your own watermark. So if you have a
brand logo you can kind of add that to their video. Kind of you can create
a brand template so for your team to be able to quickly create something
and automatically that branded template can come on.
That kind of stuff. So if you’re working with a team of
people and maybe you’re not the only person doing video but a couple
different people are, then maybe Wave is a better option for you. I’ve noticed Clipchamp creates more like it was aimed at individuals, more so than brands. So
then if you’re have you’re working with a team then maybe Wave might be
a better solution. And this one the other one is free ish and then
it starts at $39 a month for subscriptions. So a little bit more than
that $6 dollars or whatever. But some nice features! Yes, sure. And then we’ll close with the last one which is Adobe Spark, which is
part of their whole Creative Cloud membership thing. So if you have one of
those, you’re already already paying for it. Already in the
program! Exactly, try it out! Very similar to the
other ones and it also has access to stock footage because this is Adobe,
so their Adobe stock is kind of built into that, which was pretty
cool. The thing I liked about this was very interesting way of creating video
is it had templates for specific types of videos, so let’s say you going to make an
educational video there’s an option you click on that’s what I’m making thing
and then it would just open up this kind of like a most like a storyboard than
timeline it would give you suggestions on what to put where. So it’s almost
helping guide you through the process of creating a video, that template and
then you just plug in your content throughout it. So it could save a lot of
time if you’re making videos like that, you can also do it manually so it’s not like
you have to follow that template. But I did like the emphasis on
on storytelling, which is kind of where they start you with, it’s kind of what
story are you telling, that’s how figures out the the template and stuff
like that. So if you weren’t trying to create a specific video like type
of video, trying to get a specific message across through that video then
Adobe Spark makes it really easy to kind of walk you through that process and get
there and create a final finished video. Nice, guided process to the end. Again, the
whole purpose that is trying to speed up, make it more efficient and get it
done faster. So yeah, I’m definitely sensing the trend here among these four
different online video editors, if you need to get it done very quickly and
efficiently and you’re probably producing on a regular timeline and
they’re not that complex videos, there’s a reason to have an online video editor
or maybe a collaborative workspace to jump on other people or multiple people
using this, doesn’t matter what computer they’re on, there’s not just one editing
computer that someone has access to huge stock footage libraries,
you can just immediately pull in you don’t have to buy download and then
upload it or pull in. And then also for social media purpose. That’s probably
the biggest one. Reformatting it to square, vertical, horizontal, whatever
those other formats are into this different places immediately all done
for you. There’s some power behind this! Yes. Now if you want to do more robust
things of major effects or keying or other things are multiple having lots of
multi layer camera or multi cameras, this is not your correct for you.
I’d stick with the big boys: FinalCut, Premiere Pro, that kind of stuff.
But some powerful features in these four online video editors. Awesome!
So if there is an online video editor that you like or a thing that we didn’t
mention, leave a comment below, let us know what it is and why you like it so
we can look at. Thanks so much guys for spending time with us!

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