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August 31, 2019

This video is brought to you by Audioblocks What up, you guys! It’s Yannick from
and welcome to Copy Cat Friday! It’s a series where we recreate effects
from movies and music videos. And today we are recreating the new music
video from Drake and Travis Scott, Sicko Mode! Nice one, Yannick, you’re gonna do
a great job next week! I have no idea what Lorenzo
is doing, though… Now, things are getting
weird around here! [Cinecom’s intro music] Hey guys, It’s my last day
in Belgium today. In a few hours I’m heading off to Iceland. So, I’m probably leaving
half way this video. Anyways, I’ll be back in ten days,
but in the meanwhile Yannick and Lorenzo are gonna keep making awesome
videos for you. As for today we’re obviously having a look
at Sicko Mode from Travis Scot and Drake. It’s jam packed with dozens of video effects
so we just had to recreate them! There are even so many incredible effects
in there that we decided to make two parts. But for now, let’s start
with recreating the set! [Badass rap music] The music video Sicko Mode is packed
with a ton of great effects, So, that’s why we’re going to
do this in two parts. First up we’re going to build a set that
looks kind of similar to what they have. It’s raining outside for the next few days,
so that’s why we have have to do it inside, But that’s ok because we’ve
got a nice studio! Let’s do this. [Music fades back in] So, here we have it, it almost looks exactly
the same as in the clip, isn’t it? Except for the Berlingo, maybe,
but that doesn’t matter. We’ve got something that looks similar. Let’s see how we can create
those 3 effects right now. The very first thing that you
have to pay attention to is that you have something
that lays in the foreground. We’ve got this spray can
right here and this box, for the rest, nothing is important,
only these two things, because we’re going to use them
to track our shot later on. You could also work with tracking marks,
etc., but then you have to remove them. So the easiest thing is to work with stuff
that may be visible in the shot. That whole zoom motion is done
by creating multiple pictures. That is what yannick is doing right now. You wanna start off way in the distance,
zooming in onto your subject, and look for a point on your display that
you can align with something in your set. We have this box and this can over there
which we are going to use as tracking marks. But we can also use that
to align our camera to. And that way we are sure that
that specific part right here it’s always in the middle of our frame. Then just move up a little bit, Yannick
is doing that on the skateboard, because it’s just easier for him. And then you wanna zoom out
slowly each time, which is kind of the same as the famous
Hitchcock zoom or the dolly zoom effect. But we’re actually going to zoom
a lot more than usual. So, you really wanna zoom in
as much as you can in the beginning and once you come close to your set,
zoom out as much as you possibly can. Now, before we start I’d first like to thank
Audioblocks for sponsoring us today. Audioblocks is an amazing library where
you can find music and sound effects. The cool thing is that you only have
to pay a single price per year, and with that you can download unlimited
clips from their growing library. So that means you can try out different
sound effects and music clips, before you are going to finish up your video. And you can use that for either personal
and commercial projects. So, definitely make sure to check it out. You can do so by clicking the first link
in the description below. What makes the effect so sick is that we can see Travis
not changing with the perspective. So, that means Travis
sits in a different layer. And that’s why we’re going
to set up the green screen. So, let’s do that! It’s gonna be very important
that your green screen shot is going to match with the background. That’s why I will always recommend to setup your green screen
in the same environment. For example, if you’re shooting outside,
then also setup your green screen over there. As for here we’ve got a big
tungsten lighting in the back, which is why I will also have
the same lighting here coming out behind the green screen and that way we’re getting
that same nice backlight. Also, we’ve got a magenta light
there in the back as well, so, that’s why we also have
that coming back right here, so that we have the subject with a little
bit of magenta here on the back. As of the legs, we did have
a little bit of trouble, because the legs or the feet
of yannick were too dark, and we would see a bit of green in his feet. And so we are adding a tiny light here,
the Aputure M9. A small LED light to lift up
the shadows right here and so the keying will go a lot easier. So we’ve got photo sequence
and a greenscreen shot. Let’s fire up After Effects! The first thing we’re gonna do
is import the photo sequence. I’ve got all my photos in JPEG files, so by right clicking in your Project Panel
and choosing Import: File, I can navigate to my photos
and select all of them. Before you click Import, make sure
to enable ‘Import JPEG sequence’ and then hit Import. We can now go ahead and drag the JPEG
sequence into a new composition. After Effects will see this
as one normal clip now. The zooming effect goes back and forward, that’s why we’re going to hit control
or command D with the clip selected to make a duplication. Then right click on that duplication,
go to Time and choose Time Reverse layer. Move the clip up to the right
and by holding down Shift, you can make it snap to the clip below. Then select both of the clips, duplicate it
again and move them to the side. Keep doing this for as long
as you want the effect to take. When you’re done, select everything,
right click and choose Pre-compose to group all of those layers together. This is already your background,
nothing more has to happen with that. But since there’s a big movement,
we’re gonna have to track it. So with the pre-comp selected,
open up the Tracker window. If you can’t find it, you can always
locate it form the window menu on top. In here, enable Position and Rotation. Which gives you two tracking points
that we are going to place over the box and the spray can. The middle square defines the point
and the outer, the searching area. Then simply click on Analyze Forward
and let After Effects do its thing. But do pay attention while
the tracker is running, there’s a chance that the tracker goes wild, and you’re gonna have to pause
and adjust where needed. When you’re done, go to the menu on top,
select Layer, New, Null Object. This Null Object doesn’t do anything, but
we can use it to store the tracking data in. So, form the tracker window, I’m
going to click on Edit Target and make sure that the Null Object
in there is selected. You can then go ahead and press Apply, and from the box that appears
you click OK. Then comes the next part,
which is your greenscreen shot. Import that into the composition and with
it selected, click on the Pen tool form your toolbox. This allows you to draw a rough
mask inside of the greenscreen. You wanna get rid of the surrounding. Next, go into your Effects Library
and search for the key light effect. Apply that to the clip and head over
to the Effects Controls. From here we can use the color picker
to select and remove the green. You can then further tweak the keying
from the key light options. When you’re done, reposition
and scale the clip to the spot you want your subject to stand. To keep it in that exact same place, we’re gonna use the pick-whip tool
from the layer options. Simply drag it to the Null Object. This way the clip is gonna stick to the
tracking data and keep it on the same spot. Depending on your floor, you might
wanna create a reflection too. To do that, simply duplicate your green
screen clip, right click on the one below, then go to Transform
and choose Flip Vertical. Move the clip down under
the feet of your normal shot. Then hit the T button on your keyboard
to bring up the opacity. Decrease that according to your situation. Finally set the blending mode to Multiply,
then add a Gaussian blur effect to it and increase the blurriness again
according to what looks natural. As a final touch I’m going to select
all the layers in my composition right click and choose pre-compose
to group them all together. On this pre-comp I’m going to add
the Warp Stabilizer effect. Just let After Effects do its thing and once
it’s done set the smoothness to 1%, And by doing this your whole zooming
thing will go a lot smoother. [Music] And that is the whole process
of the zooming effect. Now, we honestly did not figure out
exactly how they did it. Looking at the music video, it seems like they added a piece
of the floor to where he stood. Anyways we couldn’t find
any behind the scenes, there was one Instagram photo which clearly gave away
that it was a green screen. But other than that, I think that the way we did it is a way that
you could mimic the effect pretty easy. Anyways, let’s continue because there’re
two more effects we wanna recreate! Apart of where Drake is making these turns
where he holds his fingers like this, that is also shot in front
of the green screen, so we’re just doing it in the
same setup right here. Very important is now that you’re going
to shoot this from a tripod. You can either let the camera run,
if you like so, or take pictures like
they’ve probably done. It’s also in that stop-motion feeling. Every time that Lorenzo
is going to hold up his hand we’re going to make sure that his hand is going to align with something
on your screen. And that every time that he makes a turn
we’re going to make sure that his finger again aligns with that same
marking on your display. We’re gonna use the same background, so you can already put that
into your composition. All of the rest is very easy, you can
even do this inside Premiere Pro. Like before, import your JPEG sequence
and put it to the top of your composition. Mask on the inside of the green screen,
apply the key light effect to it and remove the green. Then duplicate that layer,
move it up to the side, duplicate it again, move it, etcetera. This way, the clip is looping
for as long as you want. Finally, since this is a medium shot of Lorenzo,
you wanna scale up the background a bit. We’re gonna add a Gaussian blur
effect to it as well and increase the blurriness
for a natural depth of field. [Music] And that’s it! I know, I’m going fast, right? But that is because I need to catch
a flight in about 4 hours, so… I’m gonna leave, take care, guys,
see you all in ten days. Yannick! Could you explain
the last effect? I’m taking the camera with me, though. -Did he just took the camera? -Don’t worry, we got a spare one. What else did he took? Jordy!? The slanted effect is pretty easy and
it mostly consists of practical effects. First, you take some shoes
and attach them to the ground. If you don’t wanna break your floor,
use a wooden platform like we did. Next are the objects. You have two different kind
of objects you can use. The first ones are the objects you can roll,
you can just push them across the floor. And objects that don’t roll, you can
just tape some fishing wire to it and drag them across the floor. And that way you don’t have to remove
the fishing wire in post. And finally, the camera. Just put it on a tripod, and the rest
is for post production. You can do this in Premiere Pro
as it’s again super easy. But let me show how
it’s done in After Effects. You have your clip in the timeline. With it selected, hit
the R key on your keyboard, which opens the Rotation property. Then look for the point
where you start slanting, and here you enable Animation
for the rotation. Go further in time and rotate the clip
to make it follow your movement. Finally right click on the first keyframe,
Keyframe Assistant, Easy Ease Out. For the last keyframe do the same
but now choose Easy Ease In. This will make the animation
start and stop smooth. As you’re seeing a border
because of the rotation, you have to scale up
the clip a little bit. [Music] And that was it, guys, I hope you liked it. What does Jordy usually say, ‘Keep Cool’? -Stay Creative! -Stay Creative, guys! -So, it’s 5 o’clock and we’re
going home, except Lorenzo. We taped him to this pallet. -See you tomorrow, Lorenzo! -Guys, guys! -Yannick, the door is over there, hahaha! Okay, for real now, we’re
just testing something. See if it works.


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