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3 Easy Ways to Keyword Your Photos in Lightroom

October 24, 2019

welcome everyone I’m Laura Shoe in this
short video I’m gonna show you three easy ways to
add keywords your photos here in Lightroom now if you spent a lot of time searching
through folders looking for photos that’s a sign that it’s time to add
keywords to your photos keywords are words or phrases that you ad to your photos that you can then search
for your photos based on and in fact there’s probably at least
six ways to add keywords in Lightroom but I’m gonna focus on what I consider to be the
top three the first way would be to add keywords to your photos
as you’re importing them into Lightroom so I’m gonna go into the
Import dialog I have a memory card selected here so as
I’m adding these photos here in the applied during import
section I can type keywords into the box here now the important
thing to understand about adding keywords here in import is that
the keywords will be applied to every single photo you’re importing
so this would not be the place to add keywords to subset photos but if all these
photos are from the Oregon coast I could go ahead and type in Oregon
coast and I can add another keyword by putting
a comma and I could type ocean that I’ll hit enter now in fact on
this particular memory card if I scroll down you’ll see that I have photos from a
different location so I’m gonna choose here not to add
these keywords at import I’ll hit the delete key and I’ll cancel
out of the Import dialog you can also add keywords to all of your
photos or subsets have your photos here in the
library module in Lightroom you can select a photo
and then over here in the key word in panel type in the keyword soul type in tulip
an then I’ll hit Enter or Return you can also keyword
multiple photos at once all of these photos in the grid are from
Victoria so I’m gonna select all I’ll do
control or command a for all and then I’ll click in the keywording panel Add a comma and type in Victoria now noticed that tulip here has an
asterisk after it what that means is that I have
the keyword tool up on some of these photos but not all of
these photos and in fact I just have it on this one I’m gonna hit enter and now I’ve got
Victoria on all my photos if I select any
individual photo you’ll see the keyword Victoria here if
I wanna select a few photos next to each other I’ll click
on the first shift click on the last and then I would
type in a keyword for photos that are not next to each
other I would click on the first and then hold the control or command key
down as i click in other ones I’m gonna go ahead and type
in the keyword reflection here and hit enter because in fact only this
photo is a reflection and not these other two
I’ll select those that I wanted to leave the key word from I’ll come into the box and delete reflection I’ll hit enter now in order
to type into this big box this drop down here
needs to say enter keywords you can also click in
this small box here to do the exact same thing the last way
I wanna show you to add keywords is to use the painter tool here I’m gonna
click on it and I am going to paint keywords so that’s the
right choice here in all type in my keyword I’ll type in Butchart Gardens and they’ll hit enter or return and now noticed that my
mouse is the paint can so with the paint can I’m going to tag my photos so I’ll click on any photos that are from butchard gardens to apply the key word to it if I accidentally
click on one that shouldn’t get the key word I can
hold the alt or the Option key down and my mouse becomes the eraser tool I
can click to remove the keyword now this paint can is
gonna follow you around until you put it away and you’re gonna
accidentally click on photos that you don’t mean to so
when you’re done using the paint can to assign keywords click back in the dock here to put it
away let me get it one more time to just point
out that you can add multiple keywords at once here so if I wanna add Bouchard gardens and
spring together I can do that now as I click be assigning those two keywords I’ll dock the painter can to put it away again so those are the
three easiest ways to add keywords now what you’ve assigned keywords course
you gonna wanna know how to find your photos based on keywords so look for my video on searching for
your photos it covers searching based on keywords and a lot of other information about
your photos finally to find out a lot more about keywording and managing
your keywords as well everything you need to know
about organizing and managing your photos and developing your photos check out my
Lightroom Fundamentals and Beyond series which is available on DVD and by
download from my website at while you’re on my
website check out my blog for lots more free Lightroom tutorials and tips finally subscribe to my YouTube channel
to hear about new videos I’m Laura Shoe, thanks for watching

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    Great, especially explaining paint can feature!

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