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3 Cheeky Ways To Make Your Photos More Dramatic In Lightroom

February 11, 2020

So you want your photos to stand out more,
whether it’s for your wallpaper, on Instagram or just to sell your bike a bit faster online. Here are 3 cheeky ways to make your photos
look more dramatic by editing in Lightroom. Now, you might know all of these or you might
even use some. But this is intended for newbies looking for
a way to find their style. And in my opinion the best way to learn is
to copy every trendy and every cliche edit out there and that will teach you how the
layout in Lightrooms and everything that is possible within it. So let’s get to it. Graduated filters are great things to use
on images especially one with lots of lines in them. You might have a great photo already but the
emphasis just isn’t quite where you want it to be. There are still just too many things drawing
your eye away from the subject but you don’t want to crop them out. Like this photo where I want the tail to be
the focus point but I don’t really want to crop more of the lines out or even the tire. So instead I’ll grab a graduated filter, pull
it up from the side that I want to put less emphasis on. Stop on a line so that it’s more natural and
unnoticeable and just decrease the exposure substantially. And then on the opposite side do the exact
opposite. Pull down your filter and raise the exposure. You may have to adjust the photos overall
exposure to get it to look good but fiddle until it starts to look dramatic. The point is to add more contrast to the image,
wherever separation of the halves is necessary or even when detail can be lost. You’ve probably seen this all over the place
where the water looks turquoise and you’ve wondered how an earth the water can possibly
look that beautiful? And the truth is that it usually doesn’t. But you possibly hate this look because it’s
too trendy and over done. But the point is to catch peoples eye, and
some say that the best way to do that is to be unique and use your own style, and that
is definitely true. But to the majority of people with an untrained
eye this cliche and trendy stuff will catch their eye a lot faster than your own style
even if it does require more talent. So grab their attention and then they might
learn to appreciate your style with future posts. But how do you do it? It’s easy. You’ll need a photo with a predominantly blue
tone whether it’s from the sky, water or even lights. Edit it like you usually would and then head
over to the best tab in Lightroom, the HSL tab, where dreams come true. Mute some colors under the saturation tab
that you don’t want in the photo and then head over to the hue section and drag that
blue slider ever so slightly to the left until you get that desired shade of turquoise that
you’ve been looking for. Don’t overboard with it but it definitely
makes your blues look a lot more appealing. Like in this photo where the original sky
now looks pretty bland in comparison to what it could look like. When the sun is out get that radial filter
out. Draw out a radial filter
Pick a decent shade of orange Increase the exposure
And make sure that the filter is inverted. It will take some fine tuning but place it
where the sun could possibly be creeping through. Like int his photo for example, the sun could
be peaking around a wall and shining through the leaves. Get the filter on the subject a bit. It will create a beautiful gradient on your
subject and it will also change the tone of the colors of your image because of that orange
hue. It works brilliantly on whites and greens
and can even emulate that look of golden hour. So if you’ve got any old photos that are just
missing something give these a try. Throw one on or try all three and see if that
can liven them up a bit. And if you know any friends that are interested
in photography, please share this video with them. And be gracious and give that like button
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