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14 NEW FEATURES for Better Editing in Premiere Pro (CC 2019)

November 4, 2019

– Premiere Pro and After
Effects 2019 are already here. These are big news. Are you excited? I am. You should be. Let’s have an overview of new
features for video editors. (upbeat electronic music) Hey, my name is Piotr Toczynski. You can call me Peter. Cut To The Point channel is all about mastering film editing, about streamlining the editing process so you know what’s the point of every cut you make in the story you want to tell. This is first out of five
videos about the new release of Premiere Pro and After
Effects for video editors. Now to be perfectly clear, I won’t mention all new
updates for After Effects, only these that affect video editors. We start off with an overview video and then we’ll dive into
the most important features that are introduced in 2019 release. You will see the link to the next video at the end of this one. Okay, let’s get started. I haven’t tested myself, but Adobe brags about implementing hardware-based
encoding and decoding for H.264 and H.265 codecs. I’m not a tech expert here, but this basically should
mean better performance and faster rendering for these codecs. They also say that
Lumetri Color performance will be better as well. I hope these improvement
will be noticeable for us, though I didn’t have many problems with using Lumetri Color myself, even though I have
five-years-old Windows machine. This is a major improvement for both Premiere Pro and After Effects. They call it Selective Color grading tool, which basically are curves that will make a color grading process
much faster and easier. The innovation here is the
second axis that shows you precisely what you’re going to accomplish. There are five curves overall, though the first one was
already in Lumetri Color before, but with a different
visual representation. Thanks to them, changing,
for example, saturation in shadows area in the shot
will be a piece of cake. I am very excited about that new feature, so in the second video we’ll
take a closer look at it. Small, almost tiny
update for team projects. You can now group your collaborators, which makes the invitation process faster and more efficient. You can, for example, invite
the whole editing team in your production house with
a single click of a button. You can now feed your
motion graphic templates directly from a spreadsheet. It gives you a lot of new possibilities and potentially can save a lot of time. You can simply drag and drop spreadsheet to the Essential Graphics panel and circle between different
rows of the database to change the content of the graphics. Really powerful. It’s one of these core
features of new release, so we’ll take a closer look
at it in the third video. Does it sound like a big
time saver to you as well? Let me know in the comments section. I do reply to every comment, so let’s have a discussion there. There are two updated sliders
in Essential Sound panel, Reduce Noise and Reduce Reverb. Technically only the second one is completely new to this tool. They’re supposed to be intelligent filters that work very well despite the fact that they seem to be
extremely easy to use. We’ll take a closer look at
them in the fourth video, so keep watching. Now about new update that
confused me a little bit. They say in their release documents that you can now use
shortcut for timecode entry. However, when I search for timecode in keyboard shortcuts panel,
there’s not such an option. I’m guessing that’s because I’m working on pre-release version, but I may have misunderstood
something as well. Feel free to clarify this
in the comments section. If I figure out what’s going on, I will post a comment as well. You can now enable
Display Color Management if you go to General Preferences. It’s just a checkbox
that you need to click. Unfortunately, I cannot check it on my own because it requires GPU acceleration and due to the fact that I
have five-years-old computer, my graphics card doesn’t support it. That’s the shame, but it’s
there and you can automatically adjust the color space
for different displays, including P3, Rec. 709
and Rec. 2020 displays. This is a really big deal
because many people would say that Premiere Pro and After Effects should have this feature for a long time. I don’t have experience
editing VR footage, so I’ll only mention for those of who do that you can now add spatial markers, which will definitely help
to mark a specific point in a space that needs to
be changed or modified. This is quite a nice feature. I would like to have it in a
regular video as well, why not? Something like on
where you could add marker information to the
specific place of a frame. The other new feature for VR
editors is the theater mode and if I understand it correctly, you can now screen the
results of your work within Adobe Immersive Environment to collaborate with other
members of your team. And if I misunderstood it, I am sorry. Please do all of us a
favor and leave a comment explaining how it really works
so we can all check it out. As far as format support is concerned, Premiere Pro will support the footage from ARRI ALEXA LF, Sony VENICE version 2, as well as HEIF/HEIC capture
formats used by iPhones. If you go to Edit, there is a new feature called Consolidate Duplicates that will help you clean up the project. It’s next to the Remove Unused option, which proved to be useful in the past. Now about some After Effects updates. This is the feature that was so needed in Motion Graphics Templates workflow, the ability to use it
with different fonts. This way you can really tailor it for your needs and for your brand. Greatly appreciated. Grouping parameters will allow
building more complicated motion graphics templates that will be still easy to use by
editor in Premiere Pro. A small improvement that
makes so much sense. Organization and grouping
features are always welcome. This came from After
Effects to Premiere Pro. You can now create protected regions from the work area in your composition, which means that when
you’ll change its duration, these regions will be untouched. They will be also automatically
implemented in Premiere Pro after you export the project
as Motion Graphic Template. The best part is you’re
not only restricted to the beginning and end of an animation. You can protect regions
in the middle as well, which is completely new to this tool. Another minor update, but the one can be actually really useful. You can now filter Adobe Stock assets based on fps and duration. This way you can drill down the results so they really match
what you’re looking for. Also it’s worth remembering
that you can find Motion Graphic Templates on Adobe Stock directly in Essential Graphics Panel. This feature is available for a while now, but I thought it’s worth mentioning again. Once again this is the
first out of five videos about the new release for video editors, so keep watching to find out more and please comment down below which one of those features is your favorite. There are a lot of
links in the description you may want to check out, including the link to
Premiere Pro product page. Please subscribe if you’re
serious about video editing and hit that bell icon so you
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of bonuses after you join. It was Peter, until the next time, shoot and edit like there is no tomorrow.


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