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10 Worst Work Fails Compilation Judged by COWORKERS | The 10s

August 5, 2019

– Easy.
Oh my God. Oh my God. – I would definitely call
my mom after I did this. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) We’re doing an episode
of the 10s that revolves around people having a worse
workday than you. – Ha, ha.
– You can try. – Good luck.
Just kidding, we love our jobs. – I feel like coffee’s gonna
be spilled on some sort of laptop. I feel like that has
to be in here. – (FBE) We curated ten images
and videos from around the web that reflect some pretty
bad workdays and at the end,
we have a couple really recent ones that went viral.
– It’s interesting. We’ve never done 10s
with the staff before. – Yeah, this is gonna be fun. – Stephen and I
have a really good working relationship.
Since we’ve started, we’ve always done everything
that has been my firsts here with Stephen.
– I like to show her the ropes. – (FBE) So after each image
or video, I want you both to come up with a score
from one to ten. One being it’s a pretty
easy workday or ten being the worst
day ever and both of you need
to come up with the number together,
so you have to decide on one number.
– Oh. – That’s gonna be
the tough part. – Yeah. – (FBE) Here’s your
first image. – Potentially worse day
for the homeowner. – I would get a mustache
and leave the country, basically. – If I was the bus driver,
I would cry. – I’d probably bury myself
under the rubble and just perish. – I really hope no kids
were on that bus when it happened.
– Or on that couch. – That’s not a bad workday,
that’s just a [bleep] disaster. – So this is a bad day
for someone who’s working from home. – (FBE) What would you
give this one on a scale of one to ten
of worst day ever? – I’m gonna say this is
pretty bad, up there in the eights, nines.
– Okay. – What do you think?
– Could I bring you down to seven? – You can bring me down
to seven. – Can we do over ten?
I’m going with ten. – Yeah, full ten. – So maybe down to a seven
with the expectation that it’ll get worse.
– Yeah, seven. – Let’s give him the benefit
of the doubt when totally hating on this bus driver.
– Six maybe? – Yeah, let’s start it out
at a six. We might get some better stuff.
Yeah. – I don’t know what else
you’re gonna show me. If this is the first thing
you’re showing me, I’m sure there’s worse,
so I think we should do seven.
– I’m gonna say eight. – So seven.
– So seven. – (FBE) All right, here’s
another example. – Oh, Jesus.
What? – Is that a tow truck?
– I don’t even know. – Is it one of those
tow trucks that carries 40 cars on its back?
– To me, it looks like a ferry with people who put
their car on. – Wait.
– What is even happening here? – He’s calling his mom. – Oh, this is one of those
ferries that takes the cars across
and then he failed. – Oh my–
wait. – I love his reaction.
What if he was taking lunch and he just came back
and all of a sudden, he’s like–
– [Bleep]. – These cars are in the water.
You will not believe what just happened. – (FBE) What would you
rate this one? – I don’t know.
This would also be high, I would think.
– Nine and a half? – Yeah, nine and a half
is a good one. – Maybe five.
– Okay. – I’m gonna give it a five.
– Five is good. – I think we need to go
higher than the bus driver for this one.
– Yeah, at least a seven. – Yeah, let’s do a seven. – If he was in the water
with the car, I would probably give
this a ten. – Six.
– Six. – Six.
– This is a six. – I’m saying a five,
but this is in the context of all these photos,
not my life. – Oh yeah.
If this was my life, it would be a ten.
– Right. – What?
– How does that happen? – What?
– That doesn’t even look like a real leg. – What if it’s just pants
and there’s not a person? What if this is just
a fun prank? – I could see this guy
is fixing a pipe underneath the house. – They’re definitely doing
something they shouldn’t be. That’s all I can say. – Did you fall in,
’cause you were drinking on the job?
In which case, that could have been
a semi good day. I would love a job
where I could drink. – It’s a two.
It’s still a tough day. – Two, okay. – This can’t be good.
It has to be a seven. – A seven. – I don’t know what’s
down there, so I’d give it a three.
– A four in case it’s sewage.
– That’s fair. – Yeah.
– The sewage factor will bump us
to a four. – He’s in there for
a reason. – He might actually
get praised for this. – Right.
– And he’ll have a good story under his belt
and it’s just some mud on the face.
– Yeah, maybe a four. – Like a four.
– Sure. – I don’t know.
– Okay, wait. We should save the ten.
– I would do it for fun. No, this is low for me.
This is a four. So let’s average to–
– So added and divided by two, give me the average,
’cause I can’t do math. Six and a half?
Seven. Six?
– Seven, seven. – Seven again. – That sucks.
They’re eggs. – Oh, I thought they were
ping pong balls. – This is why we don’t
let the intern drive the forklift.
– Literally. – Yeah.
– He probably wants to die. – Well that’s food waste.
– That just sucks. – This reminds me of–
I was a waitress in college and this feels like something
that would have happened. I mean, we didn’t have
that many eggs. – What the hell?
– I like the way he’s sitting. Get a flamethrower
and it’s scrambled eggs. – That’s disgusting.
I worry about you, Stephen. – Me too. – (FBE) What score
would you give this one? – I’ll go back to the two.
– Two, yeah. – Yeah, I’ll do a seven.
It’s not as bad as the eight we gave. – I feel like a five
or a six. – Yeah, I would say a six.
– Yeah. – Eggs are not fun.
– Eggs are so gross. – This is low for me.
– It is low for me too. I think we can agree
that this is four. – Four.
– Four, ’cause he’s gonna have to clean it up. – I would give it a six.
– Five or six. – Yeah. – Oh, did the toner explode?
Walk away. – I’d literally quit my job.
– Just be like, this room is condemned now.
I’m sorry. – Is that ink? – This doesn’t look like
that bad. It looks like art.
– This is sort of like a Brave Little Toaster
horror parody. – That ink just gets everywhere.
It’s like glitter. You’re covered. – Could you imagine
if someone was trying to copy their butt
and they were just too heavy, it just went poof. – (FBE) What’s the score
on this one? – Four.
– I would say three. – Okay, three.
– It’s not that bad. – Three. – Nine.
– Yeah, I was gonna say nine, too.
Nine. – No one got killed,
but… – To me, this is a five.
Maybe a three. – I’m fine with it.
This is a three. – Three. – I would go eight.
– Okay. It’s interesting in retrospect
that we rate this higher than a school bus
crashing into a house. – See, I feel like I’d
give this one a five. – You’re kidding.
– ‘Cause I feel like it’s not necessarily one person’s
fault. – Right, okay.
That’s true. – Ha.
– Aw, that’s just funny. – Oh yeah, that would
stay up for months. – Yeah. – What did this guy
do to piss everyone off. – Right.
Classic office humor is what we have here. – Kyle’s old coworkers,
he showed us a photo, actually did this to
his desk. – I’m sure they had fun
doing it or else they wouldn’t have done it.
– It was worth the reaction. Yeah, I think we should
do that Kyle’s desk this time. – Okay. – I could see Kyle
doing something like this to one of us one day. – How cute. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – I’d thank the person.
I’d have a good day. – A one.
– Yeah, yeah. – Zero.
– A one. – Low two.
– Yeah, give it a two. – I would give this a two.
– Two. – I would definitely
give this a one if that’s the lowest. – (FBE) Let’s check out
the next one. It’s a video from 1999.
– I was four. – I’m so excited. – Look how he’s typing.
– Is he typing? – Oh no.
Don’t do it, dude. – Okay, it just froze.
We’ve all been there. – Okay.
– Whoa. – Look at the– – Oh my God.
Oh my God. – He gave it back?
– He was just like, “Here.” – I feel like this was
a buildup of a really [bleep] day. – Someone had to have
run over his dog or something to be
that pissed off. – (FBE) What would you
rate this one? – A five maybe?
– Yeah, a five. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause I feel bad for the guy. – I would say ten
for the guy that threw the laptop.
– The guy on the left also gets a full on ten. – Seven.
– Six. – Six. – This is a one,
’cause I think it’s fake. – Yeah.
But if someone threw a computer at me,
that’d be a three. – To me, it’s pretty high.
What do you think? – Yeah, I think a six
or a seven. – Oh yeah.
That’s medium. – I don’t know.
– I think it’s an eight, so we can settle
on a seven. – I’ll settle on a seven.
– Okay. – (FBE) Okay, now a couple
of us that work at FBE as filmmakers can relate
to this next one. – Wait, what?
– No we can not. – He’s got scars
on his back now, but those are battle scars.
He can be proud. – Whoever got this photo
was having a great day. – They’re like, “Ooh,
it’s not me.” – Insurance is gonna
cover that. – I feel like when you’ve
done anything on set, ’cause I did a few times
in college, you just kind of expect
horrible, weird things to happen to you. – That bird could pick him up,
bring him up into the air, throw him down
and then come back and eat him. – (FBE) So, what would you
rate this one? – I would throw it somewhere
between six and eight. – I would rate it a six.
– Yeah, so six. – I’d put this in the six range.
Well, maybe even a four. – I was thinking a three.
– Okay, we can go three. – Yeah. – A one.
– Yeah. This is a dope day later.
When you can just show your friends the picture,
that’s sick. – He probably had
a couple scratches. – Yeah. – That probably didn’t
kill him, I hope. – He’s fine.
He’s fine. – So a three?
– Yeah. – Okay.
– It’s a three. – I think I’m gonna
give this an eight. That is so scary.
Just imagine an eagle just flying in and trying
to take you away. That doesn’t even happen.
Who even caught this? Who was the person
with the camera who caught this? – I think eight.
I’m comfortable eight. – “Bloodworth said, ‘People
just peed in bottles'” – “‘because they lived in
fear over being disciplined over ‘idle time'” – ‘”And losing their jobs
just because they needed the loo.'” – This is a weirdly common
problem in the first world. – You can die from not
peeing, yeah. – Oh no, is this
the Amazon stuff? – I think it’s terrible,
but at the same time, who hasn’t peed in a bottle? – I have bad days,
but my bad days are nothing compared to any of these.
– My bad days are petty. – That is some
[bleep] up [bleep], dude. This before workers’
labor rights? This is recent? – That’s terrible that someone
who owns a huge company has created such a terrible
workplace environment when they themselves
are grossing in so much money that they can’t take the time
to invest back in their company to make sure that the workers
are getting the facilities that are comfortable
and necessary. – Go an eight or nine?
– Yeah, go a nine. – That’s a nine or a ten.
– Really? Okay, a nine.
– Okay, let’s go nine. – Five.
– Let’s go with that. – Oh God. – I’m gonna say nine
or ten. What do you think?
– No, ten. – Ten, okay.
– Ten, peeing in bottles makes you worry about
losing your job? What are we, savages?
Ten. – Yeah, I’m saying eight
based on what we’ve done other things.
Also, ’cause it’s every day. – True.
– It’s not like, “I had one horrible day.
People didn’t let me go to the bathroom.”
It’s like, “No, the only way I could feed my family
was to make myself physically ill every day
for a year.” – (FBE) Here’s your final one.
This is a video. – Viral video.
“A Chines company…” – “Made their employees
crawl on public roads.” Why? – January 2019?
“The company took this step to punish employees
who had failed to achieve their targets.” – No way.
That’s a real thing? – Look how bad
the air quality is there. – “The police criticized
the act and the punishment was stopped immediately.”
– Well thank God for that. – I’m trying not to swear,
but screw that person. – Imagine getting all dressed
up in the morning, being like, “My outfit’s
so cute.” and then they make you
crawl on the street. – See, I’m glad we held
off on the ten. – Yeah.
– I’m really feeling it for this one.
– I’m feeling the ten for this one, too. – I’d give it a ten.
– Yeah, I feel like the lasting psychological
impacts of this. – Yeah. – I think it’s a ten.
– A ten? – Yeah, a ten. – This is like,
you earned that. – Yeah.
– Which is messed up. – That sucks.
– Yeah, we’ll say nine. – For sure. – Is there anything
above ten? – ‘Cause I don’t think ten
suffices. This has to be a 20.
This is really disturbing. I really can’t believe
this is real. – I’d rather pee in a bottle.
– I very rarely have nothing to say. – My complaints feel
so petty compared to all of this.
– Yeah. The worst thing that happened
to me today was that I was double
booked for something. – Coworkers are great,
my employees are great, I get food when I want food,
I get water when I want water and no one ever tells me
I can’t use the bathroom, so party. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Staff Reacts. – Don’t forget to Subscribe.
We have new shows every day. – If you like this episode,
hit that Like button. – Hi guys, Caprice here,
your React producer. Thank you so much
for watching this episode of Staff Reacts.
Make sure to go check out our Instagram.
We have all kinds of behind the scenes footage
and some information about auditions.
Just watch us come say hi.


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    That laptop video should be on a "Try not to laugh" challenge. The part where the coworker plops the laptop back down on the dude's desk was gold. XD
    That one from China, though…that's effed up. :/

  • Reply acwilliams88 March 29, 2019 at 3:30 am

    I just want them to rate the video based on the video not what to expect for the future videos. Because I feel like they are rating low with the expectation of seeing something worse. Just give a score of the current video don’t worry about the other ones.

  • Reply Katharina G March 29, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    These ratings are so dumb. Someone dropping eggs gets a higher rating than a shit ton of cars sinking in a river?!?!?!

  • Reply Arvind March 29, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Do these people know what happens when a military or a cop have bad day on a work? They don’t have any idea about bad work day.

  • Reply cross6defy chromatus March 30, 2019 at 1:39 am

    The staff should compete in a staring contest, while every 10ish secs they have to stuff a sour candy in their mouths without eating it

  • Reply Life of Talise March 31, 2019 at 6:43 am

    Rachel F works there I didn’t know that I remember her from teens react

  • Reply ShariSez1 March 31, 2019 at 9:14 pm

    Boycott Amazon.

  • Reply CT yang April 1, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    Leah on screen makes my heart nervous °:¬|

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