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December 5, 2019

This video is brought to you by Audioblocks [Cinecom’s intro music] Hey guys, It’s Jordy here for
and you’re watching Creative Tuesday. I’ve recently been on a trip to Iceland
and shot over 400 clips there. And I was hoping to have
the edit done by today, but unfortunately, the project seems
to be a whole lot bigger than I thought. So, you guys are gonna have
to wait a little bit longer. But in the meantime I’ve got
some great tips for you today. 10 advanced Premiere Pro tips
that I’ve been constantly using during my Iceland editing project. And we’re gonna kick it off
with tip number 1! You’ve just made an animation on a clip
and now you’d like to time remap that. But unfortunately, that will
break your animation. So make a habit of it to always
create an adjustment layer, apply the Transform effect to it
and use that for all your animations. You can now change anything
you like from the clip below while retaining your animation. You could even swap the clip
with a different shot or move that adjustment layer
to a different spot. Another big advantage of doing this
is when you’ve masked out an object. If you would animate that layer directly,
the content within that mask would change, but not the mask itself. Sometimes that is what you want, but if you don’t want that,
use an adjustment layer! Tip number 2! You’ve got yourself a
white text onto a dark background clip and you’d like to fade it in. What we usually do is apply
a cross dissolve, but that doesn’t really create
a smooth fade in, as your white text reveals itself too quickly. Solution, animate the Opacity
from 0 to 100. But make sure to right click on the
first keyframe and choose Ease Out. Then expand the Opacity property
and pull on the lever of that keyframe to create an exponential curve, which will make your fade-in animation
look a whole lot better. Tip 3, you’d like to work
in a different aspect ratio. You could add an adjustment layer
on top of your edit and crop a piece off the top
and the bottom. But that leaves you with black bars,
which is annoying on ultra wide screens. So, you might wanna change your
sequence settings to a wider resolution. But then we’re having the problem that
when you’re gonna animate your clips using that adjustment layer technique, that you can’t really move your clips
up and down anymore. Solution: work in a normal 16:9 resolution. But on the top of my edit I’m going
to place a PNG image which has black bars in the same
aspect ratio that I want to finalize in. This does allow me to move
the clips up and down with the adjustment layer. Now, when my edit is done,
I create a new sequence in the correct resolution and
drag my main sequence in there. This is the sequence that we’ll use
to render out our video, giving a true widescreen experience. Tip 4! It’s not always so easy to find the
right sound effects to go with your edit. Now, Audioblocks is one library where
you can find such sound effects. They are sponsoring us today, but it’s
a library that I genuinely use myself. Definitely for sound effects. Basically you can pay
a single price per year which allows you to download unlimited
sound effects, ambients, music as well, loops and so much more. You can click the first link in the description
below for more information. Now, I was looking for a swoosh sound
effect, but couldn’t really find the right tone. So I just picked one out that came close. In Premiere Pro I would then
use the Rate Stretch tool to change the pitch of that swoosh and
make it fit with the speed of my transition. Tip 5! You’ve got yourself a nice
movement in your shot, but it goes pretty slow. So by doing some simple time remapping
you can speed up that movement. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really look quite
natural as it’s missing motion blur. So, add an adjustment layer
on the top of that clip and apply the Directional
Blur effect to it. Animate the Blur Length as
the camera movement speeds up and change the direction accordingly. [Music] Number 6, if you have a bunch
of clips in your Project Panel it could get annoying to see
which clip you’ve already used and which you didn’t. Sure, there’s this indicator, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could just
hide the clips from the Project Panel? Well, you can! Simply right-click on any clip
and choose Hide. Now, I would recommend setting
a short key for that so that you can hide and
unhide clips faster. If you would like to see
the hidden clips, you could also find that in the menu by
right-clicking in your Project Panel. Now, what about the clips that
contain multiple useable shots. For example, drone shots where you
let the camera roll the entire flight. Well, tip number 7: you can divide
those clips pretty easy. Open them up in your source monitor, set an IN and OUT point around
the action that you wanna use and then drag that clip back
to your Project Panel. You can do this multiple times
and take different actions from it, leaving you with multiple clips
in your Project window. Then, after you’ve used one of those
actions in your edit, you can simply hide it
like we’ve seen before. Tip number 8, you’ve just came
across a very nice shot, but it appears later in one of your clips. The thumbnail of that clip doesn’t
show that particular action. So what I can simply do is add an
IN point to the clip from that action. Premiere Pro will then update
the thumbnail from your IN point. And I actually do this very often
when I come across clips that I don’t need immediately, but I also don’t wanna miss
that shot later down my edit. Tip number 9! If you like a sun flare or light
leak to appear on just the right spot, you can create one yourself very easy. Make a new Color Solid
and choose something like orange. Put that on top of your edit
and create a mask on it that fits right around the elements
of your shot. Finally, make sure to feather
that mask as well, and change the Blending Mode to Screen. You can then go further and animate
the opacity or even the mask path to organically move your lens flare. [Music] Tip number 10, when making
a transition between two clips, it can still be pretty harsh even though
you’ve made a smooth animation. Usually that is because of the difference
in color or exposure. So, what I usually do is use Lumetri on
your first clip to animate the exposure. You don’t wanna go completely dark,
but just let it fade a little bit. And you could do the same thing
with the temperature control. If your next shot is warm sunset, then maybe animate the temperature
going to orange a little bit. This small touch will make your
transition go a ton smoother. And those were my 10 advanced
Premiere Pro tips, which are helping me a lot
during my Iceland project. I hope that you’ve learned
some new insights, thank you so much for watching, thank
you Audioblocks for the support, definitely make sure
to check out their library. And like always: Stay Creative! Creative Tuesday is done and we’re
already preparing for Cine Battle! Every Wednesday I fight against Yannick
through a filmmaking challenge, and you guys can vote
by the end of the video who wins the challenge! Now, I’m very excited because I have
no idea what we’re gonna do today. But I’m ready!


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