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10 Amazing Photoshop Shortcuts

November 9, 2019

hello guys welcome to my channel art
house and in this tutorial I am going to show you 10 shortcuts of Photoshop so
let’s start first of all please on your subtitles so you can understand my video
more easily the first thing is duplicate normally in beginning, we duplicate the layer like select layer> right-click>duplicate layer>okay its a very lengthy process you just need to hold CTRL+ALT then DRAG & you will be able
duplicate your layer but if you want to duplicate your layer in an Aline then hold SHIFT+ALT & DRAG and you can also use ctrl J to duplicate
your layer but if you want to duplicate your layer in alignment then you have to hold
SHIFT+ALT & DRAG the next one is “Fill color in your selection” so, first of all, I will create a selection & to select (this is one more shortcut) click
on the thumbnail and now take another layer now press SHIFT F5, here is your two
colors Pink & Green this is this is foreground color click OKEY but if you want to Swap Green color in
your selection, then press” X” and now you can Fill Green this is how to Swap colour and
the shortcut is it ” X ” simple how to select a layer
click one thumb knows how to Deselect layer CTRL D it’s very simple all the
shortcuts are very simple next is how to select all the layer in one time then
hold ” CTRL+ALT+A ” and you can see you have selected all the layers the next is move your file in the left and right means if you are working on your file and you are in zoom in & you want to move
your File in left and right then what you need to do is hold ” CTRL & SCROLL UP & DOWN and you can the next is, move your file up and down, ” HOLD SHIFT & SCROLL UP & DOWN” and you
can move your file up and down next is FREE HANDTOOL you can move your File
easily “HOLD SPACE DRAG WITH LEFT KEY” the last is LAYER STYLE you no need to go like
right-click and search blending option & then a window will open
of blending option you just need to go on LAYER & DUBBLE CLICK & you will get your LAYER STYLE dialog box so these are the SHORTCUTS of Photoshop
in this video, I will make more videos of shortcuts of Photoshop or illustrator or
other designing software thank you for watching my video and watch more Designing VIDEOS, please
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  • Reply Saba Ali September 23, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    Goog one, really necessary

    Please upload more shortcut vedios

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    Too Good
    more shortcut videos of Photoshop
    Illustrator Too

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    Thank you Art House

  • Reply Ravi October 17, 2019 at 12:37 pm

    Very helpful, Thank You

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