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10 Advanced Snapseed Effects You Need To Try

November 18, 2019

Do you have one of these? If you don’t, you may be a caveman who was frozen in a massive block of ice, and only just thawed out… Well, if that’s the case,
then welcome to 2019. We have these amazing
things called smartphones. They help us do amazing
things with our photography and there’s one app in
particular, that is my go-to, that will give you an
amazing result every time. It’s called Snapseed. In this video, you’re going
to learn 10 advanced effects, that go beyond just
basic color correction. So, if you haven’t already,
download Snapseed, it’s free. The first cool effect you’ll wanna try is called perspective. And if you’re like me, and
you’re so obsessed with symmetry, that if your photo is even
one millimeter out of line, it must be destroyed! Then
you’re gonna like this. So tap that perspective option, and we simply drag our thumbs to change the perspective up and down, as well as left and right. If you make tiny planets like me, this will help get your planet
looking as round as possible, because sometimes they just
don’t turn out perfectly round. So an up-and-down perspective shift is going to help make your
photo more symmetrical. There’s also an option to
rotate your perspective, and you can squeeze the photo
vertically or horizontally. Finally, there’s free-scale,
and this allows you to drag any individual corner
closer, or further away. Now check this out, with this photo, I thought I had it pretty good already, but when I shifted that perspective, I realized how asymmetrical
the photo was to begin with. Whereas, now it’s perfectly symmetrical. Stanley Kubrick will be happy. The next feature you’ll want
to try is the expand option. If you framed or edited your
photo and you cut out too much from the outside, you
can now expand your photo and the algorithm predicts
what pixels would be there in the missing space, and adds them in, so with tiny planets, this will easily give you
more sky around your planet. Next is something I use
with every single photo, and this is the healing function. Sometimes you have unwanted
shadows and tripods in your shot that just
don’t need to be there. This is an easy way to paint them out. You simply select the healing function, paint out the unwanted
detail in your shot, and voila, it’s gone. I always like to go over
my shots with a microscope and get rid of every last
pixel that shouldn’t be there. Damn you white pixel in
the top right corner, how could you ruin my shot? Heal!!!! This is also good for lens flares, removing annoying people
that got into your shot. The healing function will
be one of your best friends within Snapseed. Next is the selective tool, and this allows us to
isolate individual areas of our photo, and work
on those independently. so say we have an areas of
color, like the ocean here, and I wanna saturate that
without affecting other things, I simply just tap on the area, and then I have the option
to change brightness, saturation, contrast, and structure. You simply pinch the screen to
make the area you’re working on smaller or bigger. Once you’re happy with one adjustment, it’s easy to copy and paste the same thing all over your image. I also use the selective tool with almost every shot I
take to brighten my face. With a tiny planet
photo, like I have here, because my head is so small,
it’s hard to see the details on my face, which is why zooming in and isolating that small
little area will help me bring up the brightness and, therefore, the visibility when viewing
this photo in full screen. And I think you’ll agree
that looks way better. There is actually an easier way to do this for standard portraits. Cheese! So this time I’m going to
select the portrait option, and, in the settings, in the middle, we’re going to choose face spotlight. Now we simply drag the slider
all the way to the right and you can see my face
is instantly lit-up, like there’s a proper
light in front of it. And there actually is, by the way, but it makes the light
brighter and more consistent across the entire face. The next cool effect in
that portrait option, is eye clarity. And again, we just slide the
slider all the way to the right and we have instantly clearer eyes. I think this one is actually quite clever because when people can
see your eyes clearly, they trust you, and they
can connect with you. By the way, any of these to
the extreme is a bad idea. I noticed under the portrait menu, they also have skin smoothing. Let’s try it out! Oh, don’t I look beautiful, aw, it’s like I just put
on my first application of make-up for the day. Don’t be that guy. The next extremely cool effect
is called head pose. Look at that (laughing) my head is moving from
side to side, up and down. That’s pretty incredible. The algorithm’s got this really good. If you move your head and
leave it, it looks like that’s how the shot was originally taken. Mr. Ben, are you impressed
with this effect? Yes, Mr. Ben, I am impressed. Mr. Ben, do you love me? No, I don’t, you are a butthole. Hey! Okay, do you want another funny one? Alright, let’s do it. So in the same menu, head pose, we’re going to hit the
settings, down at the bottom. Let’s choose smile, and drag
it all the way to the right and see what happens. Oh, look at that, I just
got a whole lot happier. And look at the other
way, I’m smiley frowning. Look at that, that is actually quite cool. They’ve got this right
but it’s extremely creepy. But if you use this just
10% or 15%, it looks legit, like you’re smiling 10% more. Before, after, before,
after, before, after. Underneath smile, there’s also
an option for focal length. So, if we drag that to the right, suddenly my head shape
becomes a bit different. I look like a mutant. Well, really what this is, is it’s simulating the
look of difference lenses. If I wanted it to look like
I was shot on a 18mm lens, and it was a bit closer to me, this is what my face would look like. Not the most flattering
look, but I can imagine with landscapes and photos
where there aren’t people in them, this would actually
be quite a helpful effect. The final cool Snapseed
effect you’ll want to try is called lens blur, and this
essentially simulates shooting with a shallow depth of field, so we can blur out the background, and keep the sharpness
right around my face. You can change the blur strength, you can change the transition of the blur. So I’m gonna make it a bit more
in line with my head there. It’s almost simulating the
portrait mode for iPhone, so if you don’t have a dual
lens iPhone like this, you can still get a
shallow depth of field shot by simulating it with Snapseed. Alright, well that’s it,
there are ten awesome effects in Snapseed
that you need to get out and try A.S.A.P. I truly love Snapseed and
I use it every single day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a free app. The things you can do with it
make it a really good option for editing your photos on mobile. Just makes life easier, right? Who doesn’t want life to be easy? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? ♪Who let the dogs♪ Hit that subscribe button
and ring the little bell for more awesome photo and video tutorials coming out every single week. Also, by the way, if you
want to see the true power of Snapseed, head over
to my Instagram profile, and check out my photos
because every single photo you see on my account
was edited in Snapseed, so there you go. I grew my account to 27.
Something K followers through making tiny
planets with a 360 camera and editing them in Snapseed. Alright, well I’m feeling
extremely happy today, so I’m going to go out
and do some happy things. Bye.


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