💻🖼️Como quitar fondo a una imagen con photoshop CS6|How to remove the background

September 24, 2019

Hi, everybody, today I’m going to teach you how to make a cut like this Very very detailed, but very easy and fast Welcome to “Click” creative space The first thing we are going to do is to enter photoshop and open a photograph It is necessary that I tell you from now on that the background of this photograph does not have many details or colors. And that’s why we can make this cut … if you have an image with sharper details Many colors in the background … I recommend you to see my other video of how to remove the background with photoshop using the pen tool Clarified this … the second thing we will do is select the brush tool And we are going to put a measure between 50 and 60, we select this one that is more clear. And we go here where it says “Edit in quick mask mode” We click And we started to color the whole image including the hair Can you imagine cropping this image with the pen tool? It would take us forever It would take us a lot of time to select this girl’s curls Let’s paint everything Now that we have selected the whole image, click here again Now we see that the whole external part is selected Then we go to “Selection” and then “Invert” and select us the image we want Let’s quickly go to tool “loop” And we go here where it says “Perfect Selection Edge” Let’s select “over black” … if we have another selected. And what we are going to do now is paint all this part of outside If our pen is too small we can increase the size We just have to be careful not to paint the girl so much Let’s paint where the empty spaces are Something like that We will give you in “OK” and we have already selected more details Of the hair and the girl Now let’s press “CTRL and J” And we see that we already have a new layer on the initial layer If we hide the original layer, we see that we already have a fully cropped image And with details in the hair for example, if we did with another tool we would take hours And then, if we wanted to put a background to the new image … it would look more or less like this We have a very detailed cut … and we can easily make a change of background. And this cut helps us to rescue more details, as in this case the girl had the rebel hair. Si te gustó este video click en “LIKE” Subscribe here And do not forget to follow me in my social media If you want to see these videos click here

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