October 3, 2019

Do you want to know how you can create a professional YouTube banner within 1 minute? Then you really have to watch this video. I will show you how you create a YouTube banner for free without technical knowledge, online, and totally free. I am going to show you how you can create a professional YouTube banner within 5 minutes with a free program named “Fotojet,”.
So you click on it and you can register for a free trial. you can log in, but you can also start immediately. You go to “Design”, and then you go to for example “YouTube Channel Art”. You can also create something for Twitter, you can also make a YouTube thumbnail but right now we will do YouTube Channel Art, a YouTube Banner. You can for example use a free template, so you drag it on here. Then you can for example change the text,
for example “YouTube Banner” I will do this in a different font, [uh] for example this one. You can make it bigger.
“Making a YouTube Banner 2016”. Let’s do a different font.
You can also remove this. And you can very easily create something fun with it.
[uh] You can also just add pictures, so you can upload those from your computer. Let’s say that you want an image, YouTube logo. Then you go to “Add Photo,” “Computer”.
You drag it here And then you can click for example text, and then we use this one, you can [uh] make the font bigger, you can make it smaller. Well, you can actually do anything with it, it is actually quite the same program as Pixlr. That is also a good program, I’ve made a different video about that so if you click on the top right I will show you how, with another free program Pixlr [uh], you can create a [uh] YouTube banner, but this is actually also a [uh] very useful program. Do you want to save it, then you go to “Save”.
Do you want to save it then you actually have to register for free or log in but you can also, very simple, do Control+Alt+4, at least on a Mac, then you just do this and save it this way. So you can choose from fun different templates, you can add Clip Art So certain forms, You can add fun icons. Flowers. And you can also add other figures, like balloons. So this is actually the way to easily make a YouTube banner within 1 minute or to create a YouTube thumbnail. At the end of this video I will show two other programs with which you can also very easily make a YouTube banner. Do you still have YouTube questions after watching this video? React down below and I will answer your question. Was this video useful? Give us a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel and watch one of the other three videos. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video!

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