� Как улучшить качество фото за 1 минуту (Adobe Photoshop)

November 9, 2019

Hello, friends! With you again Larisa Levinskaya. And today will be short I hope useful video for you on how you can improve quality in 1 minute Your photos using Adobe Photoshop. I created a survey this week on your VK page. And by a majority vote was determined This is the most relevant topic. I hope this video will be interesting also to subscribers of my YouTube channel. So let’s go! I open the program Adobe Photoshop. If you have never worked in Adobe Photoshop. Or you don’t know which version to download. Download any version of the program. Because those tools which I’m going to do today in the lesson, they are in any, even the oldest version of Adobe Photoshop. These are basic tools. if you also have problems with this, You can use Adobe Photoshop online. I opened the program Adobe Photoshop In the menu, select “File”, “Open”. I prepared such a photo in advance terrible quality and now we’ll work with her. Only a few. Two to three algorithms Of course, when you watch this video for the first time, You will find it very difficult. But it’s enough just to write yourself this algorithm, continue to apply and reach automatism Do not hesitate to do it as I do. This is something green… Not of the best quality. Let’s try to lighten a little photo first. Because it was shot in a rather gloomy room with poor lighting. I go to “Tools”, “Image” I’m choosing Correction, I select “Curves”. You see, there is such a diagonal in the form of a graph. If I want to lighten a photo, then i should grab about from the center around the middle and drag this diagonal up to the left. You see, it brightens up, right? If on the contrary I want to darken the photo, increase the contrast then i lower sector pull right down. Now you understand the principle. I don’t have to do this, so I I’m doing a cancellation now. By the way, you can use hotkeys. All photoshoppers use them. Instead, choose a long path simply from the keyboard. CTRL + M And you have the same menu. using hotkeys. So, I brighten. That’s enough for me. I click OK and now I want to remove this excessive greenness. Make your complexion more normal on the picture. Look, I choose Channel. And there are different options. If I have too much green, I add red color. I choose the red channel. And again, in the upper right sector moving, also look how… See? Already a person acquires more or less normal natural color. I think that this will be enough. so that more natural parameters were in the photo. I click OK. In my opinion, you also like this photo more. What else I strongly advise you to do. Let’s try to increase the clarity of the picture. That is, the number of pixels per inch of the photograph. Go to the “Image”, select “Image Size”. See, I now have a resolution of 180 pixels. So-so, average. And in the “Fit To” menu I choose instead of “Original Size” “Automatic resolution selection.” I click OK. And now you see, you get 532 instead of 180. How much clearer the picture will be. But again, I draw your attention Depending on the power of your computer or laptop You already make the choice yourself but for social networks it’s enough with such permission 6000 pixels maximum height or width In this case, I have the maximum width. We set 6000 pixels. I choose OK. I agree. It will persist faster. But you see, the picture has noticeably changed. Let me save her as. I select “File”, “Save As.” I put in the name “-1”. Save. Let’s now compare what we had and what we had after such simple manipulations in Adobe Photoshop. Here is a photo BEFORE. This photo is AFTER. Despite the fact that the size, of course, became larger. And the perception of the picture is completely different. I hope today’s video was helpful. Like, subscribe to the channel! With you was Larisa Levinskaya. See you soon!

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