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그림 그리기, 푸들과 수능 찹쌀떡(채색) -How to draw a poodle holding a basket of rice cakes with iPad, coloring-

November 18, 2019

Today, we’re going to paint a poodle holding a basket of glutinous rice cakes. Hello, I’m a cartoonist, Kwon Tae Sung. Let’s start [Colour Work Video] 2 following the first one. Make a basket layer and paint the basket in one color. Then, I also make layers of candy bar and paint them. The layers of glutinous rice cake and leaves are also painted separately. It’s very easy to remove layers like this when you’re doing additional coloring or adjusting the color. Draw the outline of the poodle along the pencil and fill it with color with a pint.The initial colouring uses a regular [pencil] brush. Now I’m going to paint the whole body of a poodle in one color. Draw the outline of the poodle along the pencil and fill it with color with a pint. When the poodle’s body is finished, make a layer separately and paint the eyes white. We’re going to paint the poodle’s fur from now on, and it’s the most time-consuming task. I’m going to color it with different colors. Choose a brush to make the brush smaller and paint it as if it were drawn along the direction of the hair. When I draw a poodle in black and white on the iPad, I already draw some of the direction of the hair, and color it based on that line. I have to move my hands a lot, but the more color I add, the clearer the direction of the curly hair or hair. It takes a lot of time to draw hair like this, but it’s fun because I can do it mechanically instead of using my hair like I did in a sketch. You don’t have to use a brush to draw hairs, but it’s okay if it’s just a regular brush. If you draw your hair with pencil brushes, no matter how small your brush size may be, your hair will look stiff later on. Now I’m going to draw some bright hair. As you know, most puppies have glossy fur. So even a dark, black-haired dog can reflect light and polish it in spots. You can’t paint it exactly the same as it really is, but it’s very realistic to describe the shiny part of the hair. Each monitor has a slightly different color or brightness, so it’s better to have a reference monitor that can finally check the color when you’re coloring. If you have several layers of fur, it’s very convenient when you’re color-correcting on the reference monitor after you’ve colored them in a sintik, etc You can adjust the color in the image-adjustment section of the top menu of Photoshop. I’m going to put white on the nose. I’ll paint my dog’s eyes and nose. It’s a bit darker than the fur color. From the top of the dog’s eyes. The upper part of the dog’s eyes is already painted during line work, so the lower part of the eye becomes darker. Apply the nose in the same way. The area around the nose or eyes is either dark or dark-skinned, so it adds a little dark color. When the eyes and nose are finished, a layer is built on top of the fur layer to represent the reflection of the eye. Use a white pencil brush to paint the eye reflector. Your dog’s eyes are much brighter, aren’t they? The poodle you’re drawing doesn’t have a beard, but if you have a black or white beard, you can draw a beard in a layer that paints a reflection. Now use an airbrush to add gray to the shadow line. When the shadow part is finished, we now paint the basket and glutinous rice cake that the dog is biting. The painting is being completed. When glutinous rice cakes, chips, and leaves are finished, they are colored in baskets. The color of the basket is more than just a few colors. Lastly, I’m going to color the writing of the (CSAT) success. When you look at the picture as a whole and fill in the gaps, the picture is complete. The sketchbook app will sign for you. The painting is done. Was it helpful? Then, please press [subscribe] and [like] and comment. We’ll come back with another video. Thank you!

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