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清新日系人像調色教學#2 (Lightroom) – 女攝影師Cake’s Film

February 1, 2020

Hello! I am Rebecca a photographer with 10 years experience Last video is about photo taking skills After it is out, quite many friends show their interest in the coming new videos This video will show you how to adjust the photos to this refreshing color tone The tool I used is Lightroom If you are using Camera Raw, the skills in this video can be applied, too Everyone can take photo with their camera But only color tone can clearly express your own style When this video is published and all of you learn this skills, I hope people will still ask me to take photo for them 😛 Let’s get started In these photos, I guess you are most attracted by the blue color tone This is not the blue color you see in the sky It is more like the mint blue This color tone can be seen in photos
from Japanese photographers Very refreshing It is actually a bit complicated to tone this color To do this, I have made 4 adjustments I will show you step by step The first step is white balance Adjust the color temperature to a bit cooler to decrease yellow Decrease purple in the photo so it will look more greenish You can already see significant difference after that The next step is… You can see that my photos are bright, but not over exposed To retain more details, I will put my hands on these 4 sliders Lower highlights and whites Set the shadows to higher to show more details in dark If it is still not enough, you can adjust more in the tone curve below It is OK now Personally, I like to lower the saturation and increase the vibrance This makes the color tone milder The second step to adjust the blue color is the color correction In this session, the sliders will change the color of the whole photo Be cautious. Otherwise, the photo may be ruined My settings are quite aggressive I pull the green slider towards blue and blue slider towards green Now, half of the job is done Here comes the third step: HSL / Color This is much easier to use than the color correction I always use these sliders because it can adjust the hue, saturation and luminance of each color separately Since they won’t affect the other colors, you can feel at ease when adjusting them Drag the sliders of blue and aqua to find the color you like The last step is split toning It can be used to change the hue and saturation for highlights and shadows We need to add aqua color to it Now, I will add light aqua in the highlights The style of the photo changes obviously In my opinion, this step should be done at last Sometimes, after the 3 steps before, the color may already be the color you desired You can decide if this last step is neccessary Therefore, this final step is optional Finally, the photo seems a bit unclear I will set the contrast higher to make the image sharper and the model outstanding Also, the photo is more like film photo All adjustments are done at last Now you can save your presets and apply the presets to other photos Have you learnt the skills yet? Next video, I will reveal some little secret tips for portrait shooting Stay tuned If you like my videos, remember to subscribe my channel and follow my Instagram You will find much more inside them See you. Bye bye


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    就像是廚師教授烹調方式,不代表人人都能當Gordon Ramsay,每個人眼睛的感受力不同,同樣的調色方式也會有不同的結果。

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