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奥行きを出した写真スライドショー / After Effects CC2020 使い方講座

February 12, 2020

Hello Konnichiwa In this video, even just photos are shown three-dimensionally and create depth I will show you how to Click here for this step This time the basics of the after effect You can make it by using This is better than just showing the photos Because you can incorporate moving images that are different from people Why not make it here and post it to sns Let’s take a look at the main part Acquisition First, make a new composition Name it slide show This time, I want to like to subscribe Leave the scale for 30 seconds Then let’s insert the photo into this And from the effects & presets for this photo Apply tint / color cast tint Then the photo turns black and white Changing this black and white color like a duo tone design I can make it sepia this time It’s old sepia This time while making a photo slide like this Various after-effect functions I will introduce Then duplicate this photo layer Make another photo from the top photo And with the photo layer above this selected Switch to the pen tool and trace around this person with a pen let’s go Surrounding a person with this pen tool This is the key technique in this video Come on, uncle who licks Chupa Chups I was able to cut out with the pen tool Now the only layer above is Uncle Chupachapus It is now displayed And use the photo below as a background Let’s move the background with this uncle When you expand this uncle, the uncle underneath You need to be careful to move it So first of all, this old lady After opening the scale menu Raise the scale value to make it better than the background Let’s make it bigger Then, after expanding the background with the scale Move the background slightly to the left so that the uncle in the background is hidden Keep it Then here the keyframes on both scales Let’s turn on animation Then I want to show this photo for 10 seconds this time Leave about 10 seconds plus 2 seconds Then, first of all, the enlargement of the photograph of the old man After switching to the anchor point tool Place the anchor point in the middle of this uncle You And I’m going to raise the value a bit at this scale Because it is expanded around this anchor point Anchor point at the face when you want to see the face I think it is good to arrange Then, following the background below, this gradually increases the numerical value of the scale. I will lower it Let’s lower the scale so that the old man in the background does not protrude This will bring the old man closer to the camera Because the background is away from the camera, this alone adds a three-dimensional effect Can The keyframe animation that I just made is Easy Ease for key frame assist after selecting both Or f9 to smooth out the movement let’s go And open the speed graph And when the key frame handle comes out I will pull this so that the speed will be faster at the beginning Let’s add some characters here So using the text tool Let’s write something on top of this This is also one of the most famous quotes in Japan Write a message that you want to get stronger You Then put this text on the background It is knowledge that can be used when selling photos, When you make space to insert text It is convenient like this And add this text to the background color I want to merge them, so I ’ll set the color to space gray You And I will set the color mode setting to burn color color burn And the text reflects the background You can show it a little differently Then, this text will be displayed in the fog To go So create a new plane on this And name the plane fractal noise Search for fractal noise from effects & presets Apply this When the noise is applied, first increase the contrast value Let’s make black and white clear And animation of text display at brightness brightness Can be added So I want the text display to start at 2 seconds for example If so, here is the keyframe switch of brightness And turn on the brightness until the screen goes black. Lower the value of Then move to about 6 seconds Now increase the brightness value so that the screen becomes white Let’s Then this is due to fractal noise The screen is getting brighter Then move to the character with this I will use a track mat By the way, if you can’t find this menu Right-click or press f4 Can be displayed And specify the luminance mat from this track mat The character is bright Because it will be displayed, the screen will be displayed according to the white part Will be So it reflects the fractal noise You will be able to display slowly I want to move this character a little After turning on the key frame at the scale, Keep this letter gradually larger Set the center at the anchor point I will not forget Now, just this will make a nice movement Then let it rain here and add a little more movement to the whole screen To go So here we create a new solid layer Name it rainfall Then from effects & presets look for cc rainfall and apply this This time it is rainfall because the photo is rain, but if you want to make it snow, cc snowfall And using cc particle systems2 Or use fractal noise to fill the entire screen You may be able to give fog Then composite original in this
That If you uncheck the composite with the original image The original image, the white plane, disappears You can see the rain Then first decide the strength of the wind at the wind This time, the direction of the rain is the same as the photo I will increase this number If you think it’s too much rain, lower the drops value to reduce the amount of rain I will continue Setsuko it drops or not drops So this way to show photos in three dimensions Is completed Finally switch from this first slide to the second slide Create a transition and finish So that the first and second sheets are easy to understand After making the color of these layers unified to red The photo used for the second slide is Let’s insert it at the bottom Display the second slide 10 seconds after this time So start at 10 seconds And all the layers used in the first slide The movement ends in 12 seconds, so press alt] here Cut the layer And to make it a little easier to understand, here is the duplicated layer here For bg
And uncle’s layer leave as man Let’s make a transition now Select three of the text uncle background Press p to show position And just 10 seconds just the position of the key frame Switch on Then bring the indicator to 12 seconds Move these three layers together to the left of the screen This simply slides to the left at a constant speed, Select all the keyframes to move smoothly for now I’m going to set EasyEasy And open the speed graph, the first keyframe of this graph Drag the handle with Let’s increase the speed in the second half Then at first slide slowly Will accelerate in the second half I want to increase this speed a little more Move the keyframes a bit faster And since the layers are divided The keyframe interval for each layer is I will shift each This way, when transitioning Because it moves to the next scene with the feeling of flipping It can look a bit more advanced than a normal slide It looks good Then finally switch the motion blur on this layer Press and add blur to match the movement Let’s go Then the switch will increase the impact And in the same way as this Opening and ending when you make the second and third Useful videos and attractive slide shows Please try it by all means Expression method using puppet pin tool etc. Detailed instructions somewhere on my youtube channel If you want to know more, You may look at it That’s it for this video Thank you for watching this far Become a hero who gains skills and challenges a new world Someday we can meet


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