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你的圖我來修#1 效果超級不同? | 女攝影師Cake’s Film

February 21, 2020

Hello! I am Rebecca a photographer with 10 years experience Recently, I posted an Instagram story to seek your photos, for my post-production There are so many photos received Thanks for your participation! This time, I choose this photo It is really a difficult decision The photos received are very good If your photos are not chosen, don’t be disappointed This series of video will be continued I will keep those photos Maybe you will be the next lucky one If you want to join this event remember to follow my Instagram and stay close to the updates In this video, you will see my flow of photo adjustments Let’s get started Start the Lightroom to adjust the color tone You can also do it in smartphone Lightroom Firstly, make it brighter Usually, photos taken at night will have the same problem The street lights will make the image yellowish We can use color temp and color tint to set the correct white balance There is a very convenient tool for you That is the white balance eyedropper Use it and click on a location with neutral color The color temperature will be recovered instantly After that, only a few slightly adjustments are needed Easy, right? As this is a JPG file the detail adjustment is not as flexible as RAW file Slightly adjust the hightlights and shadows Then, increase the vibrance Lower the saturation Under the tone curve, drag the black color lower so that the image won’t look so grey Where it should be black, be black Also, drag the white color lower Only mid-tone needs to be dragged higher Just like this shape For the color correction, the adjustments are shown in the previous video The steps are similar If you want to know the usage of each part or more detail explanation You may watch that video In the HSL / Color, red is worthy of adjusting Since I want the subject skin and lip color to look nice, I will set saturation of red higher Besides, there is a orange color Drag it lower to whiten the skin Lastly, adjust the exposure and contract Color adjustment done Save the image Start the Photoshop to retouch the face I will mainly adjust the shape of the face Very often, to adjust subject fatter or slimmer, Liquify will be used If you are familar with Photoshop, you probably always use it Slight push toward the face to make the face looks more delicate I won’t overdo it Make sure it looks natural Due to the shadows, the eye bags are a bit obvious We can use the clone stamp tool to use the nearby skin with similar color to replace the eye bags Furthermore, you can use this to remove other skin flaws such as pimples or wrinkles To play safe, I suggest copy a layer first It will be convenient for adjusting the opacity of the layer Or if the result is not good, you can delete the layer and try again Previous steps will not be affected Finally, use the crop tool to slightly rotate the photo The adjustment is completed If you like my videos, please subscribe my channel and follow my Instagram You will find more photos and news there See you. Bye bye


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    1:16 可唔可以解釋下, 中間調位置是什麼? 圖片的哪個位置?

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    加油啊 在你这里学到好多野啊

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    Love this series

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    好開心呀!多謝Rebecca!張相好靚好有feel!! 😍

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    Love this!! 🙂 Thank you!

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    一看到就马上点进来了!平时都不会留言可是真的喜欢你的视频所以想留言让你知道 嘿嘿 我是来自马来西亚的粉丝

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    Cls 好強勁,學到好多嘢

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    學到野 🙂 多謝分享

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    好喜歡你d片,解釋得好好,我係Lightroom 新手,想問一下電腦版係咪冇得好似手機版咁,可以按住圖片來比較執前執後嘅效果,之類嘅按鈕?謝謝

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    可能係唔專業ge疑問,但系呢張相係想突出人物,陰影應該降低突出主題,加上有些似火車窗ge情景,唔系應該feel warm乜,修圖後系咪太青呢

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    i hope you upload video every week,, from INA

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    this was so helpful, thanks for sharing with us 🙂

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    太好了, 最近就是遇上同樣的問題…..剛好有教學片段解決了我的疑問, 謝謝妳啊! 要繼續多分享, 支持妳!

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    特別係 好光 同 好暗的相 謝謝!

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    It's very great skill, Terima kasih. I from indonesia.

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