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December 14, 2019

Special audio features Spell your music in an instant ichibe from adobe community evangelist This channel is to share various premierepro information This is a special feature of audio This is a feature I have always recommended It ’s more about sounding audition than premierepro. I want you to use it because it is a function that can be done with a single touch. Edit music to the length you want And you can remix instantly This is a special feature There are several clips on the timeline About 30 seconds long A child is walking along the row of cherry trees Let ’s say that this kind of editing is 30 seconds. Place music files here Music is longer than 30-second video To adjust this, grab the end of the clip and drag However This ends the sound suddenly I’m going to cheat by applying audio transitions Ideally The real end of the original music I want to make use of the sound of end The remix function of this time is the best Right click with this music clip selected Select Edit Clip with adobe audition Then audition starts and it looks like this audition has two modes Waveform and multitrack Switch to multitrack Save as Now in multitrack mode Place a loaded music clip on the timeline This song is almost 1 minute long This is shortened by automatic adjustment Essential Sound Panel>Music Duration Remix Enter 30 for the target time to be 30 seconds Do you understand Pay attention to where the waves are This is a mark of the part where the sound is divided and combined When you play this I do n’t know where it ’s joined Remix without any sense of incongruity This is a great feature I used to split and join myself It has been remixed automatically and naturally I entered 30 but it’s 34 seconds For example, enter 29 Now it ’s 30 seconds. There seems to be some deviation, but you can adjust it. This time I will export this File export multitrack mixdown Either the entire session or the selected clip can be used Give it a name, decide where to save it, and press ok Then switch to premierepro Read with premierepro It’s a good time to line up on the timeline When playing It feels good I can’t see the break in the sound even when I play the whole Great I often use this audition function Ideally I would be happy to have this feature in premierepro I’m glad that will happen in the future I’ll talk about music material There is a site called motionelements Music / video / cg / aftereffects and premierepro
Template sales Subscription-based unlimited downloads have recently begun Unlimited use for 2150 yen per month There are many music subscription services Here are all the videos / cg / aftereffects / premierepro It is unlimited Please try it by all means Download music from the site just before and remix it with audition I think this is a very effective workflow Looking for questions / requests / bugs Write in the comments Thank you

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