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【English Subtitle】Antarctica Was Hitler’s Secret Base?German Aliens Crushed U.S. Fighter 外星人德軍擊碎美軍戰機

March 25, 2020

Dear viewers, listeners with the Hello everyone Here is a surprise Universe I am a teacher Fu Fu Heling Greetings again here with you Well, today I want to say on the topic of Antarctica Also known as Antarctica The area of ​​Antarctica, it probably is As I just mentioned, 5.4 million Square miles The equivalent of 14 million square kilometers Then its area is about how much it we know In addition to this outside of our Asia So is North America South America That again is Africa Then it is the fifth largest Australia is the sixth bigger than Australia Then again is Oceania A total of seven continents It’s the size of it Australia Australia Australia 2 times United States 1.5 times bigger than the United States The United States with Mexico Probably should add up to the sum of the little freshman Of course, that Britain is 50 times bigger That’s the most northern half of the Antarctic Peninsula It has a most northern Antarctic Peninsula Is now the most northern Argentina That is, southern South America, Argentina Connected to that corner angle corner to corner Then the entire continent inside About 98% of the local The thickness is to be noted 1.9 km of ice cover So this area is quite large This is the latest good news here This is February 6 this year The northern end of the Antarctic Where is the extreme northern end of the South in it The northern end in this place The southern tip of Argentina with local contact In this place the red dot It’s how many degrees the temperature out of it Its temperature 18.3 ° Then we Taipei Weather A few days before it is even lower than 18.3 degrees Some of it is even higher than the temperature in Taipei This is from 1961 to History history So this table inside US NASA satellites to do it We look to the right of the chart It is this side of the bottom line Red represents the higher the temperature the more Blue represents the lower the temperature the more So it is representative of the Antarctic Northern cusp is the highest temperature Look highest temperature 18.3 degrees occurred here Then along the edge of its coast Along its coast In particular, the following We see Ross Ice Shelf south below Ross ice shelf below the red dots That is a red ice shelf I refer to is the finger This probably refers to just above Basically this place United States is now looking at it I wait first film Ross Ice Shelf is to give priority to this triangle Walk around the triangle from the south From inside look at the ecological Antarctic Then of course There are a lot of red dots on it along the way But not many But we see red it says On the mainland or an increase in thickness of the ice shelf And over the edge of loss It says there is an increase in melting But it increases the thickness of the Also to be far greater than the edge loss The reason that it is still investigating Well now we take a look The Ross Ice Shelf just below It has two ice shelf or ice shelf Here is also a Ross ice shelf above Two Ice Shelf So just above the Antarctic Peninsula There is a little big Larsen Ice Shelf So the focus now will be placed The Larsen Ice Shelf it At present, most of the melting piece by piece Again is the Ross ice shelf Piece by piece in melted Before the current TV We have seen Larsen Ice Shelf Well, today we might focus on Ross Ice Shelf So I want to tell you this picture The area of ​​ice that have written above it The scarlet letter ice 44.5 million years ago began to freeze Until 34 million years ago The ice slowly began Extinction event starts The concentration of carbon dioxide and up to 760ppm That ppm is parts per million Inside every one million parts per 760 grams of carbon dioxide So basically we from now At present, our specification is 350ppm We hope it will not exceed 350ppm So basically now has more than 400ppm But we still hope that it will fall But in that year 34 million years ago was 760ppm So why So it began to melt the ice melt But refinancing does Will not see borders Okay this picture Do a main speaker on this place Now that we first look at a First film Ross ice shelf is United States to use several years Millions use group DATA The Ross Ice Shelf entire shot down This is an See this is an isolated island cold A continent This from McMurdo McMurdo is the place Now this place is McMurdo From this place it McMurdo Station From this place we go down So McMurdo station Is on the beachfront runway Note the waterfront Now go down go down south It has a landing airport That a piece of the black Scientists then slowly slowly Scientists around the world In this case Cooler To take us this Ice sheet above the key places Ice sheet Ice sheet Now down to see no The ice shelf is now down That icy place What we see Ross ice shelf So we now use telemetry technology American scientists have spent many years The use of the data It took some video of Ross Ice Shelf Then each pixel Pixel The resolution is 15 meters The resolution is 15 meters Very, very high This is the history we see Antarctic Ross Ice Shelf near that piece You see most clearly is that the ice Note that this is black ice Note that black ice Well, this few people over here From 1820 no one No one has been after 1820 That this which we can see a lot of No ice place Also see where there is ice And this is very much ice A mysterious zone You see now left coast This coast this ice sheet Extends directly to coast Well, this is an extreme place Seven states have the highest mountain inside Driest coldest windiest But also the brightest places here Here are a Mackay The Glacier Ice Then slowly down from glacier We take this place You can see the ice shelf extends Then see the ice Basically from 1999 to 2001 All in all data sets there Then combine the use of 2D with 3D Turned into a 3D image That Cape Roberts Cape Roberts is a They are a point This is their previous Expedition stationed a point That we now walk slowly from the inside Go up along the inland ice Actually see its diversification See mountains plains Meanwhile Marble Point The Marble Point They had a base Marble Point left The base is just over the angle at that Just no ice cover to This is from a 1907 base Then slowly out of view The most prominent of which is that it has glaciers Did not see this glacier The glacier is quite large quite glacier Basically this is called the Ferrar Glacier Glacier You’ve been watching Ferrar F-E-R-R-A-R Has been extended down You can see the glacier Here there is a large area This is the wind blowing the valley Have cleared away the snow valley So if he did not see snow That in reality it is moving glaciers So glacier is moving ice As time went It slowly slowly deform When thousands of years of snow Plot of land on the side of the time It formed the ice The last snow ice compression Density high enough to form ice glaciers Then with increasing thickness of the ice glaciers It slowly down the stream flowing down to see no Right next to the left to the right by the left downstream After flow Then scattered on flat land Finally, the ice sheet has been extended in It is the coastline of the southern coastline Under the effect that they found it Antarctica is a turning point in the whole glacier It has the world’s 33 million cubic kilometers of ice Then this place it accounted for 90% You see now is from bottom to top Ross Ice Shelf from bottom to top slowly slowly Mt.Lister has been up up Glacier obvious signs Is its flowing lines, etc. Few people can experience the glacier Then this movie you can see the glacier Black is the land White is the glacier You see the whole glacier down Note that you see the blue blue water The strong wind blue The water is blue Why did I just say black This is a blue water Blue water it The ice absorb a small amount of red light Inside the small particles of snow But this blue ice You see all the blue Because blue ice Ice crystals formed by the larger particles So show blue So it absorbs red light after But obviously reflected in blue You see the whole are blue ice Cape Chocolate Chocolate angle Well slowly down … The film is to have 4 minutes and 50 seconds You see this is to say represents ice OK good down directly from the This movie just show up Ross Sea this one That is, I just below the figure now I walk around it whole From the whole of the south below Has been going up Up to the top right side up and then down McMurdo station on the whole in this place Well we are talking about a I just say that figure right Everyone to read It is ice-free All is not thawed But 1513 This Pililisi a map Since 1820 Antarctic by Russian soldiers found Russian navy found That there is such a map in 1513 I give you see We all know This is the 1513 Turkish admiral Called the Pililisi He hold the hands of such a map It is said that this map This is the 2nd century AD Map Alexander era Later this map to where To Alexander the Great King Alexander Collection in the Library of Alexandria The library was later a fire burned This figure was put out Later removed spread to Turkey 1513 results Turkey will get by this This is a cowhide in animals Or above a painting FIG sheepskin Then we noticed My main point is the following sentence I now place this figure shows Is Antarctica Queen Maud Land Notes that this place is called New Swabia If we want To pull out a lot of this behind Wonderful story I now put this picture together with it Do you see it I put this figure stand in that place Now this ancient Turkish map Is the Queen Maud area above I have stacked on top of OK Have been stacked on top is this FIG. Its location is like this And it is very clear coastline This 1513 How there is such a thing happen then Even in the year 2000, when Greece Greece also did not melt when it’s ah It is indicated says This is not before the Greeks At that time no ice melt But I talked about above The ice is melting is not more than 40 years ago That is not to say that has not been represented in the melting ice Ice has not frozen That is Antarctica No icing is, shaded time Drawn map of this coastline This piece of land, including the Queen So that’s who painted it we do not know So this is the Antarctic The first point of mystery The first point of the Antarctic mystery Okay, let’s talk about The second paragraph just talking about 1820 There are so a map I speak now 1820 to 1958 This is Russia’s Vostok There are so two people There were two Russian generals in 1820 soldier They were riding the Vostok Queen landed this piece of land where the red I just said that that place So after it landed OK it even if Russia Log in Log in He did not do a lot of other things Here is one of his landing craft Like a sailboat Then a good start to Germany This is a German boat In front of a … a can Two planes can take off from above It left the boom Can be hung above the plane Crane to a suitable location Here is the way the plane took off The ship is called Schwabenland Schwabenland ship The ship Schwabenland In 1939 1938-39 years Germany was third Antarctic expedition It is also above two seaplane Called Passat Called Boreas This two seaplane Have left No. 17 December 1938 Sailed from Hamburg secret Having carried the 82 individuals There are two seaplane Seaplane Germany followed the fleet of whalers Together to stop This position with 69 degrees west longitude 4 ° We know that we at 60 degrees or less We called the Antarctic Circle Beyond 60 degrees is not the Antarctic Circle So he only did part To around 69 degrees The ship then called the Swabian No. So in 1939 February 6 Because it is the first time in 69 degrees Not to the Arctic Circle The second will reach the Arctic Circle Meanwhile on April 11 of that year Once again, then spent more than a month Back to Germany Then it is this place Called the Queen Maud Land Called the Queen Maud Land Then also known as New Swabia This picture was 1938 So it took the whole of Germany captain You see through this leather jacket Basically it should be military Have not seen wearing a cap Basically all soldiers In 1938 to 1939 time This picture was taken in 1938 The second of his success From the Antarctic back into the Antarctic Then come back so near took a photo Note that this is 1939 Well then come back after this time After 1939 Then the captain It is through this air force commander Because there are two Air Force aircraft above With Hitler’s Germany report Left this picture Green Green is the leftmost Marshal Then the middle dressed in black This is the commander of the Navy Is amplified above me this picture Then he reported with Hitler Then the whole of his Air Force Aerial photographs of 35 million square kilometers of area The entire Antarctic Search again Is not the whole Antarctic Most of the Antarctic should be Well this first phase completed Made two expeditions The second stage it This whole thing is given to Admiral Karl Doenitz, called U-boat command Note that this is not the first time the boat U-boat submarine is their Their Submarine These two pictures is to see Hitler At that time Admiral The second phase featured presentations do time He shook hands with the middle Is that Admiral Karl Doenitz this person Well this time it These two is the U-boat He said the admiral This is the Admiral talk He told Admiral He said that my ship found on Earth True Paradise Paradise Paradise real paradise In particular, he spoke these words The data are in good So then what Hitler special reward on top of this All officers And this admiral told him he said, Translated into English is what we have done We reached the top of another world We went to another point on the world This is Hitler Cadres on board with them every handshake Well then the following They found this to Statistics show that time may They may have found the following to the Antarctic ice Is not likely to have such a lake Temperature is only 18 degrees, we do not know But there is this legend And then according to this scientist Scientific research in Germany Because he went throughout scientists Stream thousands of years the whole underground Cut out a lot of underground ice road Look below the black That is, it rocks Below that is the Ocean The bottom of the blue ice ocean Sea level is then slowly sea level Then think all are on the horizon ice Here there is water ice Notes that there is water ice below Lake Vostok is the right information research This information is out of Lake Vostok I put the two together This means that the sea water below Then the top end of the ice water Ice air So thousands of years of warm To cut out about Ice Road underground Is not that time Germans have discovered And said that the ice track of it underground submarine Because it is two U-boat to go Submarine can be by the shore From the coast of the Antarctic edge Slowly slowly find this channel And then this is a natural haven And is a Best Nothing frozen Submarine base Is not German have been found From all the information just Display is not that he had discovered Then in 1939 The German set up a Base211 Well, this is just a piece tug Above is the two planes Nazis in 1939 May be back later in April April to the end of the year Set up a Base211 Then continue the important special equipment The important research unit What is most important A large number of scientists to this place Where to Went to the Queen Maud Land Empress Mao to this place Through go from this place This place just looked in our Just north of the first movie just The film we see is just south Ross Ice Shelf Now this place is just north of this place A large number of scientists to this place From there ashore So this place does speak particularly There is a known Fimbul Ice Shelf There is a Fimbul Ice Shelf Ice Shelf That is my That place the scarlet letter The Scarlet Letter that place This is probably after the Queen Maud Land coast About 200 km long 100 km wide this place This place is one of six major Antarctic ice shelf The ice shelf yet 1938 and 1939 The German expedition found It was not that they take advantage of this ice shelf Fen Buer ice shelf From here, into their base Build their Base211 At the same time the most northerly red top Is that Fimbul Ice Shelf position Of course, this is of course ice shelf Extending out of the ice Extending away slowly put coastline This will form an ice shelf So just Just below the Ross Ice Shelf Ice Shelf Then the above is the Larsen Ice Shelf The angle on So are ice shelf They are 1939, 1938 It has been found to the ice shelf Then U-boat over there to establish a Base211 this base So a large number of scientists And a large number of engineers In 1942 this place into a large number of This place into a large number of Do not know This number is then spread out They scientist All dressed in black wool coat Wearing a hat because cold Then take advantage of all the ship All the northern tip of the Antarctic into the ground Empress Mao That this good later after World War II After the war the United States will recruit engineers in Germany To the United States to work They have a post-war results A list of American Scientists The results found a look A lot of people are not on the list Including submarines have not seen one hundred I do not know where to go I do not know where to go So this thing the United States on fire So by the end of 1946 The United States also aware The disappearance of so many scientists Thousands of scientists And one hundred submarine submarine So this is the cause Late 1946 Richard E.Byrd That is, Admiral Richard Beuve Famous action is called Highjump Then the action I have said many times I am simply passing For eight months Time 1946 US Secretary of the Navy James Forrester This man is quite famous I used to say when he talked about his UFO This man is very famous He later because the United States Majestic Sir One of noble plan of 12 people Later, the man jumped off to die Suicide death Then that person is the Secretary of the Navy at the time Then he asked him to take command of a team This is a very famous This is very famous Admiral Byrd He brought a large naval force Simply part He surface from everyone on the web I am following a URL See on the web is that he go on a safari With the expedition adventure But his main purpose It is said that more than 4,000 people 13 ships 33 aircraft I hit the back of the Antarctic expedition a question mark Or destroy Nazis in Antarctica Mysterious Base211 It is our guess that we guess His December 1946 No. 31 To reach the Ross Sea I was just talking about Bottom place Then half the area of ​​the United States He put the entire Antarctic Half of the airborne reconnaissance At the same time find out new mountains And the eastern coastline of Antarctica The entire walk again The entire walk again This was the These photos of his aircraft carrier Aircraft on the aircraft carrier photo This was in 1946, when he His own I see him with a periscope above See the following is the sea aerial Sailing his boat in the water a few traces February 26, 1947 There was a war We pay attention to see These people see some very strange aircraft look up I do not know what it is December 31, 1946 They arrived in the Ross Sea At the same time the size of half of the area of ​​the United States Antarctica do air search Then saw something It has a pilot I am following these words Is this John Sireson John Shilson This is a pilot he had spoken words He said They flew vertically He said he saw a thing Fly directly out of the water up Perpendicular to the vertical fly Fly to where the ship flew above Then the speed of it To fly up between eye blink I do not know what they looked He said I did not have time to blind an eye He said I could not even have time to blink too late Go up on the fly Then this is the time that the ship left The right of it because I did not put this movie Because the first time is too long This film is the second Russian So although it is translated into English But because of copyright issues It can be said that Free Download But then I went and can not find it So I put this video This picture is I used to stay This picture is I used to stay
Photos I put it this paragraph Photos I put it this paragraph This particular picture to cut it out Then he said that they have two boats Another two boats The pilot At that time he was the top number in Casabrandt He said he saw He said there is a very mysterious light to break out From the UFO play out Then put the aircraft knocked out They landed in front of the ship This is in front of him drowning Boat hit the water in front of them Then followed it He said he number Casabrandt See things Is to see what photos He said I did not understand I did not understand I do not understand this objects He said the ship This object between our boat What moment do this action Simply because the fast response, however He said this kind of thing seems See this laser He said that after playing out a radiation Ray This is what he saw black middle I do not know what When he saw it emits a light That the plane fell into the water He said the boat fell into the water That boat sinking Then the ship sank after it The man fell in the water To save them by boat Get them up This is the time to save the situation Laser light that is left to play out I do not know is a schematic Or when coming out of a documentary Then they save this The crew come up with Throughout the whole 20 minutes 20 minutes Then they said They say that this UFO Nazi Germans do I do not know hit a question mark They later have a review report Then there are stresses Review Report These five twelve thousand three hundred forty-five These five things That appeared in the review report which Well then we have seen this picture This is the map That this time it This photo is the movie When the German scientist Most Americans have been Redstone Arsenal in Alabama State The start of construction of the V2 rocket V2 rocket Von Brown is among the youngest of time He has two pictures One is behind a back That the flat hair cut very high He looked back when I did this photo Next to that is wearing a black jacket I think their secret police head The head of the SS Then this is they are doing experiments V2 They took a picture So this After the 20-minute war is over The Admiral Byrd In the Mount Olympus of No. Expeditionary Force Command Accepted a A visit of INS So part of the content appears in Chilean newspaper on Wednesday, March 5, 1947 The newspaper We can be found on the Internet this section In this period it inside Wiki I was down from the top Copy He said that this action discussed at the meeting He learned a lesson Admiral Byrd warned today He is meeting with the reporter warned The United States should take protective measures Prevent from polar regions Hostile aircraft invaded the country He did not say he was Planes UFO At that time I did not say so in red The admiral simply say He does not want to scare anyone But the harsh reality is If a new war May be subject to United States Aircraft a pole or two-pole attack He is a very diodes or diode Antarctic Is his ability to quickly From pole to pole and back again So called a pole or two-pole The Planes of attack He Planes Then I added the most important is that the main s It is not an airplane It has a lot of aircraft This is a discussion he will be inside The Admiral Byrd In 1955 and 1956, He also participated in a project This is his last one plan Called the deep freeze plan I had this deep freeze plan The last time I talked about the US president To do this business space A vision of time President Eisenhower is to In 1955 to 1957 to 58 years The establishment of a International Geophysical Year International Geophysical Year The United States has a publication called International Geophysical Year This magazine in 1957 and 1958 All in 12 months In the introduction to the United States to participate in this Sounding rocket program Then the Bird Just participating in the project At the same time reach the South Pole again The establishment of a US base of McMurdo This is what we just saw the first movie McMurdo base inside The airport Is the base This movie is just that some say So I did that movie Why to first place He is also a last visit to the South Pole So marked the United States in Antarctica Will establish a permanent Military forces begin This is not what I say This is a wiki talk Byrd at the South Pole just spent a week February 3rd,1956 Return to the U.S Note that the following So in 1957, I’m sorry Heart attack died in November I wrote at the age of 68 years old scarlet letter Okay, this section What I call the second paragraph Finally this photo Admiral commemorate the great This is majestic in 1955, the British Bo This photo was in national geographic inside Made a detailed report is a color photograph Then this article There was a monthly publication called The Gleaner Called Gleaner Pick on the ground that the issue of ear Gleaner Now gone Is a very good one magazine This magazine cover This is a picture with the theme of so I left word that is very important to see Antarctic Treaty signed by 12 countries in 1959 Then signed by 38 countries Express what to say First Antarctica without any military activity Must not have any nuclear test explosions As well as any act of radiation radiation As well as a Antarctica does not belong to any one country It is for peaceful purposes Because in this 1959 Before 1960 1961 The world has a We see the Internet road Have a map This is Norway that British States map He said the United States found a lot of countries Signed such an association set He said that no country has the power But we will be able to use the Antarctic It’s in there, then speak out Well followed the 1964 I put a He said that since a lot like this ship Explore the science to do this four weeks in Antarctica Discussion above a thing out We see This picture was USNS US Navy photo Eltanin photo What this picture Eltanin what it Arctic Circle saw no 60-degree Arctic Circle That is the yellow circle inside That is, Ross ice shelf I just turn it in Ross In the south of the Ross Ice Shelf has a point At that point the top In this place it The United States made a navy probe 1850 tons of navy Nor is it just that there is a navy ship Icebreaker ship is called the Eltanin But the US Navy in 1957 It is a sign Navy ship In 1962 it was decommissioned a It is classified as a Navy research vessel Marine research vessel Is also the first world’s first Specializes in the research vessel Antarctic expedition It shines a photo 3904 meters on the seabed Well, this picture is displayed inside There is a mast of a pole Like radio antenna notice Is not like a radio antenna Set 3904 meters above sea bottom position I do not know what is it Do not know 29 August 1964 US Navy icebreaker Shine a thing Then this photo After shooting like Tower The picture Later in New Zealand The researchers of UFO It took this photograph Copy Sent to a space of a famous American Is an engineer called Honeywell Aerospace Then ask him to look at Then he said the results of this place He receives a possible conclusion He said the mysterious underwater Tower Is a measure of the earth quake Activity sensor signal transfer device May establish that the alien They aid in the installation Deepest undersea place signaled Then he did not know what to do use This is a story occurred in 1964 It is also very good again for a magical 1983 to 1997 US Air Force called execution Antarctic rescue mission with flight So does this rescue mission January 2, 2015 Earthfiles Earthfiles is a A famous American Devoted to UFO with that The story of a strange site Then the editor of this site Receive an Served for 20 years in March 1997 A retired naval officer A letter from a Navy engineer He said he went to 1997 in 1983 In this VXE-6 squadron of service The purpose of the service Cargo is carried in Antarctica And rescue personnel transport He had a fantastic experience with the extraordinary He is the number of hours flown more than 4000 hours He stressed that there The air sampling camp In one place the air to collect camp This position He said they used navigation Navigation and electrical failure As with all electronic equipment Here all fail It’s unknown for what reason But this place Then they talk with the United States CIA This place you can not go But because they can not rescue mission He must go into that place So he jotted down this story This is the story that The actual board of the newspaper on this article So it’s not my empty mouth to say This is actually a feature to have a witness So this photo This is 1983 to 1997 photos Then he retired after The US government also sent him a thank-like Thank him in the Antarctic See any blue word In the Antarctic Service Top right is called the Davis station why Because he was from Africa Some save a lot of refugees Then I just talked to Ross ice shelf bottom left Ross ice shelf bottom left Place the red dot of most southern Then flew to New Zealand And then by plane from New Zealand airport Then back to the United States or elsewhere His task in this Then the middle His right from Davis station Be sure to go through this ridge Antarctic ridge … He must go through this mountain After this mountain to be able to reach the following Then after the mountain where it Because of this route He must go through the top of the The central point of McMurdo That is the Antarctic Pole There’s a hole next to pole See no HOLE He saw a very strange hole This hole unfathomable I do not know what Then after this ridge when See a lot of silver Frisbee In this place Frisbee And this place has a glacier I just tell you not ice So why should I just put that film This glacier is in the photo just inside It has appeared but did not get At the edge of the ice He saw a lot of Silver disks OK so the first paragraph Videos We must take a careful look at And then this first mission The second task it He was the last group of scientists This scientist Missing scientists He scientist to this place A cross on the far left This place pork on a skewer Scientists sent here after they are gone Two weeks later they came back to pick up And then to McMurdo base Then from here What fly back down to fly back to New Zealand The scientist came back two weeks later Face simply scared shaking hands And pale What words do not say He did not know what So he took this time With saucers seen down As part of his mandate This is a point that is the implementation of his mandate Do you see it From davis see no And then take these scientists From scientists to the Then fly back below And then from there flew to New Zealand This is his road map Then he points in the middle two forks See a lot of strange things Even now he still bear a grudge So he put this matter Exposure in the United States Earthfiles above this magazine The top radio station to remind you He has this to say strange experience Well this strange things are finished That this is related to the map Because he said So Mary to a place they He received a 10-week disappearance of several scientists Simultaneously Then they look Like a very frightened OK Okay, now I came alive again In addition Dier Bu Videos So Dier Bu Videos It basically tells you In the ice shed Some features it appears This means that these two ice shelf It is now called the Pine Island Glacier Talked about Pine Island Glacier The Pine island These two did not see the glacier Is a before and after Two black is black See a broken line That this fault line Slowly growing slowly growing Become wider And generating a second pole saw no The second crack wave came out Near the front of the Ross ice shelf Then this is the The following is from that South America following the pull over Then this ice shelf has two two This is Pine island Pine Island Glacier … He is afraid of melting Because this place melted Sea levels will rise up The water where it melted Will enter into this ice shelf below Then all flow to the sea inside Then the sea slowly accumulate it slowly Sea levels will rise So their task Ice Ice bridge called the Bridge Project Implement this ice bridge project in 2012 They studied three glaciers in Glacier three Three glaciers look inside How this kind of situation They took the NASA has commandeered a DC8 This is the DC8 aircraft Then DC8 aircraft in the ice above Now the ice above Fly over 500 meters Then slowly see no record of the following Many many pieces of ice cubes Some have cracks Has a melting Then write down the ice And then sent to major US Space Center NASA Space Center to analyze this data Then there is a chief scientist named Kelly A female scientist She describes this ice shelf Ice is thinning gradually And it flows The following flow rate is accelerating It eventually you see what we see That is, two black Then the crack This crack into a two This substantially crack It will cause a lot of bad things And next to it is another A glacier Glacier ice is not ice That this change represents the source of the Antarctic The impact of sea level rise will Then now is that it’s snowing Continuous snow The snow accumulation will result in a balance But this balance while if more than 80% More than 80% of the time You will find that Antarctica This will be It is landslides The glacier ice will collapse After the collapse of the ice This is at least the size of a Manhattan Manhattan Island in New York is so big This process is then simultaneously inside Once the glacier break it Then the new front break Much farther than 40 years Also see no forward It simply go out into the upstream go forward Slowly slowly up from the shore They want to track this stuff He said that if your nails It is the coastline That your nails a little bit of that white Usually we have to cut those nails Split out right does not matter However, if the nail and then extend outside That fingers are broken how to do that It is very serious So in 2000, when They Larsen Ice Shelf in the Antarctic Peninsula Larsen Larsen A with B They saw an ice shelf Larsen A Larsen B The ice shelf did not see It has melted away This was in 2000, when So they do not want It is seen that nails In front of white gone Nails also gone the blue So he now In this Pine island island Matsushima hope that similar things will not happen So they American Implement this Ice bridge in 2016 Took note of the crack They studied the crack Hope we will not continue to crack down He hopes the snow Cracks at a certain degree After the above snow covered … It is good to make up make up good So under this situation if You see the cracks Has been extended stretches into Then split After the split becomes like this child does not see A whole will not see the whole not seen So in order to protect this The front end of the ice shelf above Front and rear glacier From then generate this phenomenon She does not wish to continue to crack down right thing There are cracks on the dangerous So they and the aircraft DC8 see this crack The Pine Island Glacier is currently in front of the ice Representatives are saying There is a financial phenomenon still pending Currently you see it now continues to go in depth See a body of water Then see if there is no such cracks So this time Ice bridge Ice bridge plan Hope this data Detection entire Antarctic ice sheet The entire Antarctic ice sheet Detection of the Antarctic ice sheet is over This data provides reference As what sea level Hope it will not continue to rise bad This is our movie Dier Bu Well talked about this movie Because time is very limited Not much time Not much time We probably talk about this I will give you see a picture For everyone to see a picture This is the South Pole Points with West Antarctica East Antarctica West Antarctica below I give you last see a map Removed after the entire ice The movie looked too late The following is the entire Antarctic Is like It is indicated says Just 1513 Antarctica Map showing up The area is not shown in this picture If so representatives are saying This is our scientists Last displayed We represent a number of years ago Is there a higher wisdom To access it over the Antarctic This matter is left to think we go the length of the Thank you for watching again later

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