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⭐️ how i edit my photos ⭐️

August 6, 2019

Hello! My hair looks so stupid today, ignore it Hello Hi, and welcome to my bed Today I’m going to be doing a video that you guys have been asking for for a very long time. Which is, how I edit my Instagram photos. The only problem with this question is basically every single one of my photos is edited completely differently. I don’t really have like a certain filter that I use or like a specific regimen I use, it just kind of depends on the photo. I think that’s pretty normal for everyone I figured since so many people wanted to know anyways I might as well just bring you along with the editing process of a photo, just to kind of show you guys a little things that I do and there are a few things that I know that I do but differently than most people and maybe you can pick it up. I don’t know. Oh! I need my notes. That’s my wallet, why did I grab my wallet? This is my phone and these are my notes I wrote all the process down. I have an iPhone X. I know real bougie It’s honestly not that great. I don’t know why people act like it’s like a marvel of technology I don’t like how good the front-facing camera is because you can see literally all of my pores. Is that necessary? No. It’s never necessary to see all of my pores. Let’s go ahead and get into it. Oh. Enter… Phone the app that I use for all of my photo editing is After Light I always use After Light I have always used After Light for a very long time. It’s like a dollar or two dollars or something I know that most people use VSCO, but I just I just use After Light I don’t know why. Here’s the app, some good photos on there already. Je téléphone à la police. I think that today we’re going to edit a photo that I’ve already edited in the past before just to kind of show you guys what the photo looked like before editing and just kind of show you an average process of editing a photo, nothing like particularly special. Gotta scroll through all these screenshots. Here is the photo we’re going to be using today. I really love this photo of myself I am not afraid to say that maybe it’s a little self-obsessed, but I think I look cute. Fight me. This is actually a screenshot of a video that I took and you can tell that like the colors are pretty muted and gray, and I don’t like that. I basically go for the exact opposite of that. First thing I do is lighting, so I click onto this whole area. First, exposure. I really don’t like to overexpose photos I just don’t really think it looks that good. The second that you like can’t tell the texture of someone’s skin I just don’t think it looks good for me. So just like raise the exposure by a tiny bit, don’t over expose. Got a Snapchat, so popular. Next thing I do is I mess around with the highlights and shadows. Click on highlights, and I almost always turn the highlights down. What this does is basically takes the highlights from being really dimensional and kind of flattens them so that the whole image has a very similar brightness level. It basically just flattens the image out I really like when photos look old and look like they were taken on bad cameras It’s just a thing I like. Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam. Next thing I always do is raise the shadows this kind of mutes the shadows in a way. I really like that whole muted effect You know how on some editing apps they have that like fade tool? This is basically fading the photo but in a cleaner and more customizable way just in case I want to like make it have a little bit more contrast or not I don’t want to raise the shadows too much to where you can’t even tell like what my hair looks like or you can’t even tell what’s in the shadows, but I do like to raise them a bit Next is the biggest step, which is color. I mess around with color a ton, so much, with all of my photos I usually start out with highlights And I almost always add a bit of red into the highlights and you can already tell like how big of a difference that is? And I basically try to take away a lot of the yellow tones in photos. I just don’t really like that. Basically the mass majority of my editing process is just playing around with colors So I’ll go into mid-tones. Add like a little bit of red into the mid-tones I really like to add green into the shadows I think it looks really cool and vintage got a little bit of blue into the highlights I just mess around like there’s not really much of a process to this part This is the part that really depends on the photo. Another tool that you can use in order to kind of play around with the color is the temperature tool which I almost always turn down just a tiny bit I really like it when the shadows have a more green tone over like a reddish tone. Just keep messing around with the colors I’m sure that this photo is gonna look super different from the actual original photo Just cuz I mess around with the color so much. I don’t even know, I just don’t even know. But in general I will say I almost always put red in the highlights and blue green in the shadows That’s pretty basic for me. Next thing I almost always do is raise the saturation I honestly raise the saturation pretty high. I really like super vibrant photos after raising the saturation I usually go back and mess around with the color a little bit more just so that I make sure I don’t have like too yellowish orangish colors because saturation usually does raise that kind of like orange color a lot She’s really orange right now. I need to, I need to fix this. Big difference, pretty big difference I think I’m done messing around with the colors now. I think that this looks good I don’t know if it looks exactly like the other photo But I’m pretty satisfied with this. The very last step in my editing process is blurring. The first thing I do is add a tiny bit of grain. I don’t add too much grain right now I just add enough to where it lightens the shadows a bit and adds a little bit of texture And then I go on to the sharpening tool and I turn it down. So I like to make my photos just a tiny bit blurry There’s a helicopter, you good? Okay. I like how on disposable cameras, and like on instant cameras the photos are always just like a tiny bit blurry. and then I go back in and I add a little bit more grain on top of that so that instead of there j ust being like one layer of grain that’s all sharp and just like, blugh I like to kind of make it more dimensional by blurring some of the grain and leaving some of the grain unblurred and like sharp And that is basically it, that’s basically all I do. Here is the original and here’s the finished product. I decided to opt out from doing a what’s on my iPhone video, because I don’t have anything special on my iPhone I just have my social media apps, and then After Light, that’s it. I really hope you enjoyed this video if you have any tips that you want to bless the world with tell them in the comments below and maybe we can all get a little bit better at photo editing And if you have any questions at all about my editing process, still completely free to ask me below. With that. I’m going to go Thank you so much for watching this video. I’ll see you in a couple of days with a brand new video. God bless and good bye! Music: “The Other Side” by Conan Gray.


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